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Uncle Jiggy

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After the interview the guys tease Bob. Monica learns Gerard has a special night planned.

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The band came out the booth laughing and joking. Monica told Bert she would have to talk to him later, that Gerard was done with his interview. Bert understood and informed her that when they reached Salt Lake City, the day after tomorrow, he would talk to her in person. He was going to be in Utah to see his family. He alluded to the fact that there was something he had to tell her in person.
Monica tried to put the conversation out of her mind. Right now she just wanted to concentrate on being happy. She had told Gee about her past and he had assured her it was all going to be OK. All the guilt she had felt, that had weighed her down for so long was gone.
"Honey, I hope it didn't upset you when I mentioned your name. It's out there already so I just figured it was best to admit it." Gerard searched her face for the truth,
"I'm not upset at all." She gave him a quick kiss "I'm the luckiest woman in the world and I don't care who knows."
He loved her enthusiasm, her new outlook on life. They hurried to the van, the group was scheduled to do a signing for the fans and they wanted to get there as quickly as possible. They talked about the interview they had just done.
"So Bob, you like Gerard's hair I hear" Frank kidded, "This is the Gerard I've always known" he tried to imitate Bob's voice.
"Fuck off Frank" Bob said "I was just saying I liked it better than the blond"
Ray had to get in on the kidding "So, what about my hair? Don't you like mine too?"
"Fuck off Ray" Bob said, "Man, is it no wonder I don't talk much in interviews" he said to Monica.
She smiled "Don't let them get to you. They are just jealous that you know great hair when you see it"
Mikey touched Bob's shoulder, "So Bob you know my hair is different now too, any warm fuzzy feelings towards it"
"Fuck off Mikey" Bob said glaring at him.
Gerard was trying not to laugh, "Bob, man, thanks for the complement. Just cause I have the best hair in the group they are jealous. It take a real man to know fabulous hair when he sees it."
"Fuck off Gerard" Bob was tired of saying the same thing.
They arrived at the music store and were quickly ushered to their places. The line was long and the fans had been waiting for hours. Monica sat across the room in a chair provided for her and watched. The devotion the fans had for the group was heartwarming. The devotion the group had for the fans was equally heartwarming. They signed autographs and spent time talking to each fan.
When Jerry told them it was time to leave for the arena they convinced him to give them just a little more time. There were still some fans in line they hadn't gotten to. Monica guessed Jerry was used to the request because he agreed without comment.
On the way back to Magness Arena Monica fell asleep. The medicine she was taking made her sleepy. Gerard cradled her in his arms and she felt into a deep sleep one that was not troubled by nightmares.
"Wake up honey, we're here." He whispered in her ear. "Why don't you go take a short nap while I go to the sound check?' he suggested.
It sounded like a good idea to her. However once she got to her bunk and lay down she found she wasn't tired anymore. She looked across at Gerard's bunk. His sketchbook was at the foot of his bunk. She tried to tell herself not to but she couldn't help but move over to his bunk and skim through looking for the photo.
It was back in between the pages. Monica took it out and studied it once more. She wondered what was going on with Liv. Bert said she looked terrible. Were drugs taking a toll on her? Bert's words came back to her. The little girl looked like Gee. Monica closed her eyes and tried to imagine the child. God, how she wished she could have her own little girl who looked like Gee, who was Gee's. Was Liv's child Gee's?
Briefly she wondered what else Bert had to tell her. He sounded cryptic. It would be good to see him in Salt Lake City; she just hoped he didn't have bad news of some kind. Monica put the photo back and lay down on Gee's bunk. His scent made her feel safe and loved.
When Gerard kissed her awake she smiled up at him. "Hi handsome it's good to see you but you better watch out my boyfriend will be here any minute."
Gerard played along "Oh really, is he a tough guy?" He crawled in next to her and she snuggled up to him.
"Nope he's sensitive and romantic." She signed.
"Oh a wimp" he said with a smile.
Monica punched his arm, "Not a wimp."
"So are you gonna come see the concert are you too tired?" He was still very concerned about her health. He touched her forehead to make sure she wasn't running a fever.
She smiled at him, "I wouldn't miss it for the world. I will never get tired of watching you perform." She touched his cheek tenderly.
"Yea, that's good to hear cause performing is a big part of my life. Performing and loving you. That's my life." He looked deeply into her eyes, "It's all I want."
They kissed until they were both breathless, "Shit, I have to get back but I have a surprise for you. Tonight after the concert you and I are going to a hotel. Since we have a day off tomorrow, tonight is ours."
This bit of news was a welcome surprise, "A hotel?"
He kissed the tip of her nose, "Yep, a hotel. I got the night all planned out."
She giggled "So tell me Uncle Jiggy, just what is it I can look foreword too?"
Gerard laughed at her using the nickname the guys had given him. "Oh that's for Uncle Jiggy to know and you to find out."
"Can't wait," she said seductively. She ran her hand down his chest to the top of his jeans.
"Oh no you don't woman." He grabbed her hand and took it to his mouth softly kissing her palm, "you just hold that thought until tonight."
She kissed him, her tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip, "I'll hold anything you want tonight." She purred.
He moaned "Shit woman, keep that up and I won't be able to concentrate on the concert. Won't be able to think of anything but being with you, touching you, hearing you moan my name."
Monica smiled knowingly, "Sure you will, you got to build up your nervous energy so I can give you release."

Authors Note - I really didn't make up Uncle Jiggy! Check out the Australian interview the group did recently. They guys all have nick names.
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