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Justin Timberlake finally goes on vacation. One that he truly deserves too. Only when he gets to Alaska, home of the beautiful snow, does he realize that Rachel-the girl he despises, is there too. ...

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Finally. Thought Justin as he bent down to pick up the last of his clothes and tried to fit them all into his suitcase. A vacation. He hadn't had that for almost 2 years now. Touring and with the new album out, it's been complete chaos. He couldn't wait to get out into the Alaskan mountains and start snowboarding again. Just then Matt Andrews, Justin's manager came in the room.
"Hurry popstar, you're gonna be late. Matt said, helping Justin carry his suitcase.
"Thanks Matt. Are you sure you don't mind? I'm gonna be away for a month."
Matt chuckled.
"As long as you come back for that grammy award ceremony, I won't mind at all." Matt sighed. "I do need a vacation myself."
As they lugged the suitcase to the car waiting outside, 5 photographers with black bags and running shoes came to greet them.
"Mr. Timberlake, any comments?"
"On what?" Justin asked, shaking his head. He really hated those papparazi.
"Well, on the breakup from your former girlfriend Cameron Diaz." Another photographer replied.
"Yeah actually, I do." Justin said, looking directly at the guy.
All the cameras were aimed at him now.
"There's a war going on in Iraq." Justin shot back, as a million flashes went off.
Then he pushed threw the crowd with some help from the security and was able to get to the car without any accidents. Once saftly inside, Justin looked out the window. Boy, he sure wasn't going to miss any of that. The car slowly pulled out of the parking lot.
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