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Sibling Rivalry

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The girls have a little chat about...pretty much everything! and sibling rivalry sparks between Mikey and Gerard. Can Charlotte stand the heat?

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"You sure Gerard can handle cooking steak in the snow?" Jamia took a seat at the bar after the girls couldn't scream any more.

"Oh, yeah! He did it about a week ago, but that was before the snow. Oh, whatever, I trust Gerard, Even if I didn't the guys are here!" Charlotte tossed her hands in the air and got a glass of water from the sink.

"So, Char...have you thought about any baby names?" Alicia smiled insanely at Charlotte and took a seat on the counter by the sink.

"And what about Gerard? Do you know if he has any ideas? Frank went wild! He really wanted his kids to have Italian names so they could have a little piece of their heritage. I actually had to ask him if he was trying to copy Mikey 'cause it sounded so deep," the girls laughed and sat in silence for a minute.

"Well, I really want to give it a family name, I just wish I knew the gender so I could stop calling my child 'it'," Charlotte laughed and so did her friends.

"Okay, so what do you want your kid to be? We won't tell anyone, promise!" Alicia showed her hands so Charlotte could see she wasn't crossing her fingers.

"I really couldn't care less about the gender, right now. I know it sounds old and used but I really just want my baby to be healthy, is all. And the experience of raising a little baby from the beginning just sounds great, I'm not saying I forgot about Emma, but...."

"No worries, we get it, don't we Jamia?" Alicia looked at Jamia who was resting her head on her crossed arms that were lying on the table.

"Yup," Jamia revealed one eye that glinted in the light of the hanging light in the middle of the room.

"Okay, thanks, it helps a lot to know someone understands," Charlotte took a seat next to Jamia.

"So, you said something about family names, which ones did you have in mind?" Jamia exposed her full face and gave Charlotte a comforting smile.

"Oh, well," Charlotte looked into space and thought. "Alright, so I like my mom's sister's name, Allaire, which is French for cheerful and for its middle name Anya, it's Russian for gracious," Alicia hugged herself.

"Awww, I just love babies, naming them, holding them, everything! I'm so glad you're gonna be able to experience it for yourself!" Alicia hugged Charlotte's head and Jamia laughed at the sight.

"So, that's the girl names what if it's a boy?" Charlotte pushed Alicia away and brushed herself off.

"Well, I kind of like Dameon and Logan," Alicia clapped her hands together.

"Gerard's gonna love those! Isn't Wolverine's real name Logan? He'll love it so much! And how can he not like Dameon, you know, unless he's afraid it'll jinx you guys and you're gonna have a little demon for a child?" Jamia nodded in agreement.

"Do you know if Gerard has any names?" Jamia spoke up.

"No, we haven't really talked about the baby. Our attention's really been focused on Emma, she's been feeling a little unnoticed lately," Jamia thrust her arms into the air and yawned.

"I bet that's not a problem anymore, with Charlie moving in and everything," Jamia and Alicia beamed when Charlotte bashfully nodded her head.

"Yeah, Gerard doesn't really like it, but yeah!" they laughed, but silence filled the room when Emma walked in. Nothing but their quiet giggles could be heard.

"Hey, Emma," Jamia and Alicia said simultaneously.

"Umm....hi?" Emma said uneasily. "What's up?"

"Nothin'. You wanna stick around and chat?" Jamia patted the seat next to her and Emma sat down.

"What are you guys talking 'bout?" Emma looked at everyone in the room, smiles came from everyone she saw.

"Just talking, you know how it is," Emma raised and eyebrow and never took her eyes off of her mother when she got up to get a drink of water.

"Right, I'm gonna go then," She kept her eyes on all three of them, if that's possible, when she exited the room.

"It's funny how she and Gerard are so much alike. Must be weird having two of him in the same house," Jamia stated.

"Yeah, it kind of is, but your kids all take after Frank, that must be hectic a lot of the times," Charlotte leaned against the counter, again.

"They really do, and that's what I love about them! Even when they annoy the hell out of me I still love 'em to death. It's weird actually, the more I chase them around the house the more I never want them to grow up and move out," the girls sighed and said "yeah" in unison.

"That just means we gotta soak up every minute of time we got left with them, then," Charlotte sighed and went up to get another glass of water.

"Yeah, but it'll be weird, just me and Mikey someday. Samantha will be leaving for college in six years, and she doesn't exactly like being seen in public with us anymore, no matter how famous Mikey or me get."

"Well, no matter what they're always gonna need us for one thing," her friends looked at her, curiously. "Money," she stated. The girls shaped their mouths into an "o" and nodded silently.

"Good point, no wonder you win all the arguments with Frank!" Alicia giggled.

"No, it's not my wits, it's the fact that Frank doesn't like going to bed alone," Jamia winked at them and the girls giggled quietly so as to not let the guys in the other room know what they're talking about.

"Really? Mikey would literally go months without me, just to prove a point," Alicia smiled.

"Ha ha! Mikey and Gerard are alike in so many ways, but this isn't one of them!" Charlotte smacked the counter. "He'll usually sleep on the couch for like, one night then, he'll go into my garden and cut me some roses, which pisses me off every time!"

"Hey, I've seen him do that a couple of times! Yeah, you get pissed, but you stand there dazed for a few minutes after he starts making out with you!" Laughter erupted in the room after Alicia's next comment. "You guys practically blinded Mikey, that one time!"

"Men, what are you gonna do?" Charlotte shrugged. Then, Gerard and Mikey came crashing through the kitchen door, four bags of grocery's in each of their hands.

"Hey, babe," Gerard gave Charlotte a quick kiss before setting the bags down on the counter, next to her.

"Hey, you ready to grill?" Mikey began to laugh, as he stored the food into the fridge. "Mikey, what is it?"

"Gerard's chickening out!" Mikey cackled.

"Am not! It's too fucking cold to grill! The fire won't ignite in this weather!" Mikey laughed even more.

"Sure, bro," Mikey patted Gerard's shoulder and continued putting food into the fridge. Gerard glared in response.

"Fine, you want me to grill? I'll fucking grill!" Gerard pushed Mikey out of the way and rummaged through the fridge. After about five minutes, Gerard had a load of meat in his hands and headed outside, everyone following.

"You two are out of your mind!" Frank's mouth was wide open, Gerard and Mikey were both taking off their coats in the frost.

"What's it look like?" Now that Mikey's jacket was off, he was working at his shirt, but Alicia held his hands down.

"Mikey, you two are insane, you'll freeze!" she smacked his ribs with the back of her hand and pained no attention to his moan.

"Gerard, stop it! I'm not letting my husband die because he's a moron!" Charlotte picked up his coat from the ground and placed it back on his shoulders, but he shook it off once more.

"You stop! Mikey, wants me to grill so I'm gonna grill!" Gerard started up the grill and watched as the fire lit up. Just then, Ray came through the side gate.

"Hey guys what's-" Ray looked past the crowd and saw the Way brothers, shirtless. "Dude, what the hell do you guys do when I'm not here?"

"Ray, stop them! My dad probably has frost bite in his brain!" Samantha pulled at his wrists and lead him to the odd sight.

"You guys, what the heck is going on? You're scaring your kids more than usual!" Ray gave Mikey a forceful bear hug and dragged him half way to the back door. "Oww, what the hell! He fucking bit me!"

"Mikey, baby, you need to calm down," Alicia wrapped her arms around her husband, who was shivering in the cold.

"Get off!" Mikey pushed her away and returned to where Gerard was still grilling, and Chrlotte was begging him to get back in the house.

"Gerard, please, this is so retarded you don't even know!" she was pulling at his arm, but he wouldn't budge at all.

"Go back inside, Charlotte," he said calmly. "It's too cold for you."

"Why? 'Cause I'm pregnant? Well guess what, Gerard, I'm too pregnant for a lot of things right now, one of which is putting up with my dim-witted husband!" Charlotte stormed out of the yard and back into the house.

It was silent in the yard, for a minute. Gerard looked down, at the grill and walked towards the house. He was stopped in his tracks by the sound of a car starting up, coming from the front of the house. Gerard ran towards the front yard. He could see her red Sky Roadster going down the street. He ran to her, his heart feeling like it was going to stop at any time, but he didn't give a shit, not when Charlotte was driving away from him.

"Charlotte!" he called. "Charlotte!" she came to a stop sign, she would have to wait for two cars to pass. He leapt at the opportunity and ran to his love, calling her name all the way.

"Charlotte, I'm sorry!" he was almost to her car, but the cars had already passed and Charlotte was speeding down the suburban street. There was no possible way he would be able to run fast enough to catch her.
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