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Charlotte's Get Away

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All about where Charlotte goes after her little fight with Gerard.

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Gerard gave up on his chase, knowing all too well how bad he screwed up. How could he be so stupid? It was as if he was drunk again! He knew how Charlotte felt when it came to his health, he should've known she would act ten times more serious, her being pregnant and all. Gerard slowly made his way back to the house, kicking a small pebble, all the way. To think, he was actually thinking of doing the same thing to her, made his heart ache. All he could do was hope she wouldn't go through with it, just like him.

The cool winter breeze welcomed Gerard home. All of his friends cars were gone, Emma's skates were no longer on the front porch, and he was sure Mikey and the guys would've taken care of the grill before they left. Gerard turned the knob of the front door and collapsed onto the living room couch. He just sat there rubbing his face, pondering the world around him. At last, his hands finally fled from his face and fell to the couch. He turned onto his side and stared at the blank T.V., just for the heck of it. He finally realized what he was doing and got off the couch. He climbed the stairs up to his room and climbed out of the small window, inside.

He slipped, slightly, on the ice covered roof. He quickly caught hold of the window ledge and walked cautiously. The gray sky looked beautiful against the sun's orange beams, if only Charlotte could be there with him. Sometimes, they would set up a picnic on the roof and just look out at the view that surrounded them. Gerard would feed her a bite of a sandwich, then Charlotte would drop a grape into his mouth, like he was a god. Then, as the sun went down Gerard would slowly pull his head closer to Charlotte's and then....

Why was he torturing himself? Did he deserve it, after all he put Charlotte through? Maybe, he did. Either way, Gerard shook his head to try to get Charlotte out of it, no matter how silly it sounded to him. After Gerard's head stopped hurting, he walked over to the very center of the house, right next to the chimney and sat down. He looked out at the neighboring houses, one of which was Charlie's, but he didn't give it a second thought after his eyes passed it. Gerard continued observing the area, it was quiet and peaceful, their neighborhood. Nobody yelled, the cops were hardly ever around, sometimes he forgot he was even in Jersey.

Gerard pulled his knees up to his body and rested his chin on them. He looked down at his knees. He knew she would come back, it was just another one of their silly fights, she had to get over it, she always did. But, why did it always take her so damn long? did she know what kind of hell she put him through? She probably did, Charlotte always knew what was going on his head. Charlotte always knew where he would move, what he would say, when he would breathe. And he liked it that way, unless it was one of these times. Gerard could only do that half of the time, usually. It would make him feel unworthy, at times, not being able to know Charlotte as much as she knew him. But she still loved him, he would always know that. He couldn't help but think where she was, though, just to test how well he knew her.


Charlotte could hear him calling her name, she really couldn't care less, though. This was all routine for them, Gerard would push her over the edge, Charlotte would get fed up with it, and she would have to teach him a lesson. This was the eighth lesson he had to learn in their entire relationship. She had to let a truck and a little compact car pass, first. She knew he would ran as fast as he could, when she got to that stop sign. So, Charlotte got ready, never letting her foot leave the gas and her hands wrapped around the wheel tightly. She quickly checked her rear view mirror, just to see how far he was from her. Not too far, and not close enough for him to catch up with her.

The cars passed and Charlotte hit the gas. She heard him calling her again, this time he said he was sorry. It took him long enough. At least he said it this time, instead of telling her she was acting ridiculous. Oh well, bonus points for him, then. Charlotte turned her attention back to the road, she was going where she always went when she was getting away from Gerard. About ten minutes later, she arrived at a small, two story house in the middle of Belleville. Charlotte stepped into the chilly New Jersey air, the sun looked like it would be ready to set soon. How she loved to watch it lower itself below the land. Charlotte went up the porch steps and rang the door bell. Only moments later, a kind looking woman answered the door.

"Charlotte, honey! How are you!" Before she knew it, Charlotte was enveloped in a hug by her mother-in-law.

"I'm great, Donna! What about you?" Charlotte pulled apart from the hug, but still held onto both of Donna's hands.

"Well I'm....what's wrong?" Charlotte's expression didn't change at all, Donna always had a way with these kinds of things.

"Nothing, really I just wanted to stop by, say hi," Donna gave Charlotte a 'I know you're lying so just tell me the truth and I'll make you dinner' look.

"Come in, dear, tell me all about it," Charlotte sighed and walked into the familiar home. She had just been there weeks before for a Thanksgiving feast Donna, herself, had prepared. They walked through the living room and into the kitchen. Donna gestured for Charlotte to take a seat in the center of the room.

"Okay, so spill it," Donna said straight forwardly, Charlotte loved that about her. "You never come around here unless you need to get away from Gerard, don't get me wrong, honey, you know I love you like a daughter, but it's kind of depressing how you only come to me for details about the bad things."

"Well, Donna," Charlotte smiled. "This time its kind of both."

"What do you mean?" Donna turned her head to the side , just like her son's would always do.

"Donna," Charlotte looked to the other side of the room. Should she really tell Donna without Gerard? Ah, hell with it! "You're gonna be a grandmother....again!!" Charlotte threw her hands in the air an dDonna started screaming all of her happiness out.

"Oh, my gawd!" Donna stood up from the chair she was sitting in and Charlotte did the same. It was an exact repeat of earlier that afternoon, but with Gerard's mom. "Wait, then why are you here? Does Gerard know?" Donna's tone was hushed and serious, as if she knew someone was eavesdropping on them.

"Yes, he does. We found out yesterday, actually," Donna's gaze gestured her to continue. "We told Mikey, Frank and everybody then they all came over, that's when Gerard decided to grill-"

"My son tried to barbecue? In this weather?" Donna's eyes looked like they were about to pop right out of the socket.

"That's what everybody said! He almost didn't do it but Mikey said he was just being chicken-"

"Oh, Mikey! He always did like toying with Gerard, it would always work, too."

"Yeah, it worked this time, too. So Gerard started grilling and Mikey took off his coat, then Gerard took off his shirt and then I got scared and Gerard was...." Donna held up her hand to signal Charlotte to stop.

"And Gerard was being stubborn, like he always does, and now you're here. I understand, honey, it's okay," Donna put her arms around Charlotte, comfortingly. Donna was the best. "You're welcome to stay the night, if you want."

"Oh, no it's okay. This fight was kind of stupid, I should go back in a couple of hours."

"From what I can tell you're right, but Gerard's probably just stressed, with the baby and what not," Charlotte nodded and looked down at the tiled kitchen floor.

"I suppose you're right Donna, you always have a plan for everything!" Charlotte hugged her mother-in-law.

"Well, thanks you, dear, I was just about to watch The Wizard of Oz, would you like to join me?" Charlotte smiled and walked into the living room, her head clear of any thoughts of Gerard at all.
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