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What about meeting the parents?

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Oops!Alex thinks tattoos are a big 'no-no'. What happens when he shakes hand with Pete? _Fun at the the mall and finally meeting the parents_

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A/N: So..i'm excited for the results of Alex's exams!
XD What do you guys think?

It was Monday morning, the city buzzing with activity as people made their way to work, school and such things. I sat in the balcony waiting for Pete to finally wake up, he had decided to write some stuff and had been up until the sun came up. I had tried to lure him to bed, but he said he had to get some stuff out of his head.
I also had a LOT of stuff to get out of my head, first I had to think about what to say exactly to my parents, two. I had to think about what Pete said about his 'possible' proposal. Third: the next week I'd get my hands on the blood test I had taken and even tho I was trying to push it out of my mind, it still freaked me out.

Today I had planned to take him to some cool places, go sightseeing, shop a bit. I smirked as I thought that the money I had in my account in dollar would be worth double in here (our currency 'Real':1U$ = 2,14R$). I'd also call my sister to meet us up, so she could meet Pete and all to make things less awkward.
I took a shower and headed back to bed, it was around 9am, I was hungry but would have to wait for Peter to wake up since I felt a little weird to just order breakfast when he was the one paying for the room.

I woke up sometime later, Pete was slightly caressing my arm, trying to wake me up. My hair that had been wet before I slept was dry and made me wonder exactly what time it was.
"hey you, sunshine!" he said cheerfully. I noticed he was showered and his hair was wet.
"What time is it?" I sat up, still sleepy.
"Oh, It's 11am now...I was waiting for you, to see what we'll be doing today..."he put his hands in my cheek and nuzzled my neck.
"Ah, I wanted to go out and show you some cool places, we could also...go to the mall and I don't know...there's many possibilities..."I whispered as he started kissing my neck. "yeah...many..." his reply was husky and I shivered.
"No, no, no! You bad boy trying to distract me...I want to show you around...I'm on a mission!!" I jumped out of the bed, reaching for my luggage to get something to wear for the day.
"You are not nice, you are perverse!" he pouted coming towards me and pulling some clothes out of my suit case.
"I like this shirt, it matches these pants right here, it'll look know..." he said picking some pink checkered shirt that was cut above my midriff and would show some belly, the pants were plain except for the huge studded pink heart in the left back pocket.
"Yeah, I think it'll look cute..."I smiled at him as he sat back down on the bed.
"Oh now...I got to watch you changing...this is exciting..." he smirked as I pulled his shirt off; I had a cute yellow top on so he wasn't really getting what he expected. I moved around in my suitcase to get some underwear since I was wearing some of his boxers.
"Oh yeah!!! Now that's what I'm talking about!" he pretended to cheer me on. I looked at him giggled and then smiled at him seductively.
"Oh you want to see the show?" I said huskily walking over to him.
"Hell yeah!" he nodded cheekily.
"Okay!" I said brightly, then with an exaggerate sway of my hips I made it to the bathroom door, looked back at him and blew him a kiss.
"Alexandraaaaaa" I giggled as he moaned from the room. I knew Pete loved paybacks so I was in for a surprise.

We laughed our asses off as we sat in the food court at the mall, we had eaten on Subway, now we sat there picking on random people. We would just comment and laugh about how silly we were. We noticed a very young couple making out in the corner. I blushed at how heavy they were going at it.
"Omg! They don't look a day older than what, fifteen?" I said, I had been a very slow kid and was too shy to do this kind of thing in my age, being a little chubby didn't help at the time. But I was glad that I had no embarrassing records of that kind in my past.
"Like you never made out in a mall before!" he laughed scoffing me.
" I've never done this kind of thing..." I blushed and laughed when he looked at me wide eyed.
"I'm not ashamed to admit you were the 3º guy I've ever kissed, and the other two were in completely different situations..." I left out that I one of them I had been drunk, but sober enough to know that it was nowhere near what that couple was doing.
"Aww! This makes me feel all special, you know..." he smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I laughed as his lips brushed mine.
" Stop being silly! Ha-ha, I wonder what exactly was on that coke." I kissed him back and we were peaking our lips, smiling at each other.
"I bet they spiced it with something..."he bit my bottom lip and I pulled back grunting.
"Ouch! Come here I wanna have a chunk of your lips." I laughed, as he feigned fright. I leaned in and kissed him squarely in his lips, his hand reached for mine on the top the table and it was a sign that this kiss was not a joke. And it wasn't, as we pulled back he smiled at me, and leaned in to whisper in my ear.
"We should move to that little place in there..." he pointed to the wood benches where the rabid couple sat.
"I don't know...I'm not much into heavy pda..." I looked around a little to see if people were even paying attention to us.
"Ah, for real? I would never guess, remember that day at Patrick's party? You were the one sitting on my lap, in front of everybody in that pool chair!!" I blushed, it'd be lame if I excused myself by saying I was drunk, I had just barely sipped on his drink that day.
"What? Got nothing to say?" he smirked leaning up to kiss my cheek.
"Why don't we go around a bit, I want to check out some of the stores before my sister arrives." He rolled his eyes at me and got up.
"You love abrupt subject changes." He was clearly annoyed. I felt bad for him, I guess he just wanted me to live a little, I've heard I can be very uptight sometimes and I think he noticed.
"Aw, please don't be mad at me...I just..."right there standing in the middle of the food court he put his hand on the back of my head and unexpectedly he pulled me to him, kissing me and giving anyone a sight to see. When I finally kissed him back I could hear people whispering around us so I decided to pull back. I was crimson red, I was sure. Some people stared...I didn't have time to really look at people's reaction as I was pulled by Pete towards the wood benches. I sighed; he wanted me to become some bad girl or something.

At first we sat there, and all of a sudden we were back at laughing again.
"OMG! I was so embarrassed! I bet I looked like a fool!" I giggled, I sat with my legs crossed, my back pressed against the side of his chest as his arms rested on my lap.
"Nah, but you looked totally shocked. I guess this was a payback for teasing me this morning too." Oh I knew it!
"Hunf! You are such an asshole." I hit his hands as his finger made circles in my thighs.
"I'm! And that's exactly why you love me so fucking much..."he looked at me as we bumped noses. I giggled and we kissed. Some kisses later, now his fingers hooked on the little belt hoops on my pants, my hands caressing his chest, we kissed slowly just a little tongue action going one, we were teasing seeing who would give in...we never really got around that seeing that my cell phone startled us. On the visor it read 'Abigail'- my sister.
"My sister..." I looked at him, he kissed my neck and nodded.
"It's time!" I smiled before pushing the 'talk' button.

It was about 15 minutes later I had let go of Pete's hand as I saw my sister running towards me, her baggy pants almost falling down her legs, I did the same and we collided hugging each other, we were making a scene but I didn't care. I pulled back in what seemed about half an hour ago, we both had tears in our eyes. I looked at her.
"OMG! You look wonderful! Your hair!!!" She had now some side bangs and the tips were blonde. She had on a clandestine hoodie I had sent a while back, her baggy pants and converse on her feet, and off course her trademark heavy make up. She looked really good.
" Oh thanks!! You look fantastic too! And you've got a hickey on your neck." She pointed out and I blushed furiously. I hadn't told her exactly what was happening but her eyes widened and I knew she had seen Pete. He came behind me and put his arms around my shoulders kissing my cheek.
"Peter, meet my sister Abigail! And Abby, meet Pete!" I introduced them, even thought they had aim'ed before and talked on the phone.
They shook hands and then awkwardly hugged, my sister hated hugs from strangers, but I was glad she put some effort in this.
"So we finally meet!" she smiled and we moved out of the way walking towards the other side of the mall for a coffee.

This time Abigail was the one making us crack up with her crazy jokes, I missed this so much and I was so glad Pete didn't seem to be awkward around her, in fact they got along just fine, and I finally relaxed.

"So you are coming home tonight to introduce him to our parents?" she cracked her knuckles.
"That's the plan...but I'm not sure yet, I mean, it'd be very weird if mom and dad found out we've been in the city and that we were sleeping together in an hotel room before coming home..." I blushed and she laughed.
"Oh you think mom will be shocked that you had sex with your boyfriend? I've been together for what? 6 months now? I'm sure she is aware that you've been doing it...actually she even asked me the other day and I played the 'I don't know' card. But she was wondering." I gulped, living far from home and having all this new stuff going on while far from home was tough but being here it made me face the fact that I feared the most.
Being back home, meant that I'd lose all of the freedom and autonomy I had achieved while being away.
After a few hours, we actually got to go shopping a bit. I loved some of the summery dresses they had on the display, so I entered one store to try it on. Pete sat there talking to Abby that was making fun of the posh attendant.
I modeled the outfit and Pete whistled and I had blown him a kiss.
" Do you think it looks good?" I asked. He shrugged.
"It does, but I like what's underneath all that, the best!" I blushed wondering if only Abby had understood his attempt of making me blush, Abby made gagging noises and laughed.

Pete helped me with some of the bags as we headed to Abby's car. It was very nice and as I expected it was black, she had been working in a music studio for sometime, it paid well and she loved it.
We headed for my parent's apartment, I missed that place. I had grown up in modest apartment but about 5 years ago my parents had bought this fancy apartment in a fancier side of the city. My dad was an accountant and mom had a pet shop.
We arrived and decided to leave the shopping bags in the car since Abby would be taking us home later, Pete held my hand and I noticed that his palms were sweating and cold. "Nervous?" I asked, he looked at me and nodded,
"That would be an understatement!" he chuckled nervously.

Mom and dad sat in the living room watching TV. I couldn't contain myself as I shouted my mom's name like I used to a little while back. Her head wiped around and I swear she almost had an heart attack right there, my dad just smirked but after I hugged my mom I did the same with him, just not as warmly, see my dad and I wasn't in the best terms before I left.
"So who is this?" my mom asked in Portuguese as she looked at Pete.
He came forward as I beckoned him and he said hello in Portuguese like I had taught him. He kissed the back of my mom's hand like a true gentleman and shook my fathers hand, what was a bad move, seeing my dad had a clear shot of his many tattoos, seeing where exactly my dad was gazing I groaned.

Here we go.
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