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Someone's got the fever creeping inside...

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Dad doesn't like Pete! But Alex's Grandma is enchanted. Something about wild animals mating. XD

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The tension was almost unbearable, everything was in slow motion as my father let go of Pete's handshake in a mid-shake, and shook his head. Pete looked at me wide-eyed, I looked at my dad who was shaking his head.
"This is not what I want for my daughter, this trash looking excuse for a human being! Is this just to aggravate me? You came here to challenge me...
I want you to dismiss this one and send him back straight from the trash can he come from..." my dad had his finger pointed at my face as he yelled at me.

My mom looked mortified and Abby held me back because she knew how bad things could get, seeing my father and I had been in a physical fight before.
"This is exactly want I wanted, to piss you off, to make you hurt me like you are doing right now. That's why I'm here...actually no! I came here because my excuse- of- a- human- being boyfriend wanted to be decent enough to meet my parents and ask for consent on dating me..." tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn't look at Pete, not right now, but I felt his hand on my waist.

"That's funny he decided to ask for consent after what? 6 months? I'm aware that you've been living with him, Alexandra! I've heard your mother and your sister talking about it behind my back. This is not exactly the kind of guy that I'd expect to even acknowledge the meaning of the word decency!" he shouted, his face was red and I knew that everything would just get worse if we kept this up.
"Edmond this is not a matter of being decent! The guy wanted to meet us! He is busy, he has a career I'm sure this is the first free time he has and decided to come and meet us! He is trying! What if he has some's in his body!" it was the first time I ever saw my mom stepping up to my father.
Finally I looked at Pete and he had a confused expression on his face, yeah my parents were speaking in Portuguese, so he was completely lost.
I held his hand and looked up at my dad "I really tried dad. This was my last attempt on making you see that no matter how bad you treat me, I'm always looking for your approval in everything I do. But you end up fucking things up again. This was the last time, and I don't give a fuck about what you think about my boyfriend, I'm not here asking for your permission I'm here so you could meet the man I'm love with." With that I got my purse form the table and left hand in hand with Pete as my father ordered me to come back.

"OMG! I didn't know things would turn out like this! Oh hell!" Pete was stunned, and I was sure he was even a little lost on what happened.
"I'm so sorry, Pete. I don't ever want to see him again, you know! I'm tired of always being hurt by him." I cried as we made our way to the car, waiting for Abby to come.
He hugged me as we stopped as I cried in his shoulder. Abby came hurriedly towards us.
"Wow, You pissed him off, he is throwing things left and right in his office right now!" she opened the passenger door as we climbed in, Pete and I in the back sit. "I don't understand why he just flipped seeing my tattoos! That's crazy! It was like he had seen the seen the devil!" he chuckled and shook his head.
"Oh my dad refused to let one old boyfriend of mine even come up to the apartment because he had his labret pierced. It was crazy! But this was just insane! Even for my dad!!" Abby said looking at me through the review mirror.
"I'm so sorry baby, maybe meeting them was not the best thing to do..."he whispered to me.
"We could never guess he'd notice your tattoos that fast! I mean...god! You even have a sleeved shirt on!" Abby chuckled from the front.
"You know what? I think I know someone who will welcome you like a member of the family! Guess who? Grandma!" I smiled, yeah visiting Grandma would be cool, she always had some nice things to say, not to mention her cooking was off the chain!

We got there and Grandma was watching her favorite soap-opera. At first I think she didn't recognize me, but when I smiled, she basically run towards me and hugged me like never before, she was very special to me.
"Grandma! I missed you so much!" she was looking at me so adoringly.
"Oh I missed you just the same, my dear! Abby would show me pictures from time to time and I kept them in my bedside table." That's when she noticed Pete awkwardly holding my waist in the side. She gave him a warm smile and thrust her hand forward for him to shake. The most awesome thing was that Grandma was an English teacher in her time.
"Nice meeting you, son! I guess you are the gentleman that stole my granddaughter's heart, right?" she took him in a light hug.
"Oh, kind of! I mean...she is just so adorable...what's there not to love!" he chuckled and looked at me, holding me again.
"Well, I'd have to agree with you on that! By the way, are any of you hungry? I have some lasagna in the fridge, just have to heat it" she went to the kitchen and we followed her, Abby was nowhere in site, seeing that she lived with grandma she must be in her room.
"Oh I'm kind of hungry!" Pete said following my lead and sitting in the booth in the kitchen. "Why don't you guys go set the dinner room table so we can have a nice chat over dinner?" she was getting the plates and cutlery to set the table.
Pete and I went to the other room, it was nice it had some big glass windows and on the other side it was all tinted glass and wood. I've always loved Grandma's house, it was so homey and sophisticated.
"This house is very nice" said Pete looking out of the window.
"You know you should be helping me here you know..." I joked and kissed his neck as I set up the side where he stood.
"Yeah, just got a little sidetracked here." He pulled me to him by my elbows, looking at me with intensity he bent his head a little and whispered.
"I love you and no matter what happened I want you to know that it just made me fall in love even more with you, it was so hot to see you fight for 'us'." He kissed my lips lightly.
"Oh I'm sorry to interrupt but dinner is ready!" Grandma came holding the huge dish, with a very yummy looking lasagna begging to be devoured.

We sat around the table; our plates empty for sometime now. I had never seen Pete eating with so much enthusiasm!
"So you think your father is going to try to come and apologize for his behavior?" Grandma asked, she had been clearly distressed by his antics.
"I'm so sorry Peter, I raised my son better than that, just seems like he got all of his father's bed traits!" she took my hand and sighed.
"I'll talk to him, try to make him think this over! He is just looking out for know he has always been protective of you and Abby, this is not news." It was now my turn to sigh.
"Ah I don't even want to think about it anymore..." I looked at Pete and he was now looking outside the window.
"Grandma, would you mind if we come stay here?" I asked and Pete looked at me, I thought he'd snap his neck or something.
"Oh my God! Yes! You know you are always welcomed here, my dear! And your boyfriend too." She smiled at us, then she held up a finger.
"But this is still my little granddaughter so Peter, if you don't mind I'll have to find you a separate bedroom, okay?" he nodded and kissed my cheek loudly.
"No problem ma'am!" we laughed at how eager he sounded.

Abby had come downstairs to tell us that it was past midnight and she was about to go out...if we wanted to go with her or something.
"Come on baby, it'll be fun!" he nudged me as we sat in the living room.
"But what am I going to wear??" I tried, not really excited about going out.
"Well, I'm sure your sister has something you could barrow. And you have a bunch of new clothes in the car! I'm going to get the shopping bags because I already know what I'm wearing." He got up and Abby handed him the car keys.
"You are such a girl, Pete 'I already know what I'll be wearing' GOD!!!" all three women laughed at his expense and he blushed and showed us his tongue making his way to the garage.
"Alexandra my dear if you let that one escape I'll want him for myself!" said my grandma, starling me, Abby laughed and nodded her head. "Definitely a keeper, see the way he looks at her. Oh my! He is like head over heels with you." Abby let in her two cents.

I went upstairs when Pete came with the bags; I took a quick shower while Pete was using the bathroom downstairs. I checked myself in the mirror one last time before going downstairs; Pete sat talking to my grandmother. Both had their feet propped in the little center table, talking quietly, Pete had a smirk on my face when I approached, he took my hand in his and pulled me to his lap.
"She was telling me about you as a child. So you never told me you always dreamed of being a hairdresser!" I laughed.
"Oh Grandma! I leave you alone with him for a little while and you spill all of my darkest secrets!" I pouted, Pete kissed my cheek cutely.
Abby came downstairs again just in time.
"Come on Super-Glue lets go and have some fun." She gave Grandma a kiss on the cheek as we headed out promising to come back 'later' with our stuff.

It was already 3am, I had seen most of my friends and couldn't be happier.
Pete had been introduced and I was glad most of them could speak English, even if it was just a little.
I had a glass of tequila in my right hand as I danced with my friend Katia.
We had been best friends since forever. We danced to some techno crap and we were making up some silly choreography. We had been doing it for a while; when finally a song with actually lyrics came on, finally mainstream crap music! I was glad!
Gah I loved the PCD! Ha-ha they had the most stupid and sexy songs ever!
My dress was a little too short and I guess I was showing more than I should, or would if I was sober.

I danced my way to Pete and danced for him, his leg was crossed and he had a smirk on his face, his elbow resting on the table as he supported his head with the palm of his hand.
When the song was over, he was sitting up, in his sit; he got up and come towards me squeezing my ass as I put my hands around his neck.
"Let's go to the hotel, like right now." He said huskily in my ear, my hand traveled down to his back, inside his shirt I moved around until I found his stomach, lightly caressing the little space between the belt buckle and his underwear. He shivered, and I knew we had to get the hell out of the club.

I got my purse looking back towards Katia, I waved and motioned for the club exit she nodded and waved.
In silence me and Pete finally hailed a cab after he let go of me, it seemed that he couldn't take his hands off me lately, what made me remember that actually last night nothing had happened. So that kinda explained his behavior.

Inside the cab he kept on caressing my tights, as we kissed, my legs involuntary parted a bit and he took that as the sign that I was granting him the access he wanted. I gasped at his boldness and tried to control myself, seeing that we were still in the cab. My hand lay in his lap, massaging him through his pants unashamedly, we were in heat and I couldn't wait to get to the hotel.
I guess I was bolder than I thought when under the influence of alcohol, as my hand shakily slide down the zipper of his pants, my hand making it's way in. I grabbed his goods and he bit my lip as I started stroking him trying to be so obvious to the driver of what I was doing.
"Shit, Don't Wanna waste any time, huh?" he breathed in my ear, my hand teasing him like never before.
"Why waste time?" I bit his ear tips and speed my caress on him, making him sweat a bit.

Suddenly the cab stopped in a halt and I come out of my daze, me and Pete were basically having sex in there, and I was sure the cabbie had noticed because he had a full on dirty smirk on his face. I took my hand out of Peter's pants immediately, my face flushed and I reached for my purse pulling out the money and paying for the drive. Pete had adjusted as much as possible and we tried to make our way to our room unnoticed, it was already 4:02am, as it read in the elevator digital clock, the next thing I noticed was that my back was pressed in the cold steel door as I felt my feet leaving the floor and my legs being wrapped around his waist, his erection was pressed up against me.
We kissed like two crazy love started freaks, he grinding into me, both panting hard.
Suddenly the elevator dinged and we started to run towards our room, trying to find the key into my purse but Pete wouldn't let me for a second.
"The faster I find the key, the faster we have privacy to do what you want."
That seemed to halt his eagerness for a bit.
When we finally entered through the door, the only thing I had time for was, to throw my purse in the couch. Pete pinned me against the wall, his free arm pulling my dress up, in an alarming urgency, but I guess I was too out of it to notice that he was ripping my new dress to get it off. I moaned as again he pinned me in the wall, now I only wore my underwear, my necklace and heels that now were wrapped around his tiny ass for support.
"Are you having monkey fever?" I laughed obnoxiously loud, thinking my joke was oh so good.
"I don't know what it is, shut up and let me fuck you already..." yeah, that sounded appealing.
I was also stricken with an unknown desire and practically ripped his dress shirt apart not caring if the buttons were flying everywhere, I bent my head to kiss his neck and collar bone getting the reaction I had hoped for, he moaned.
He had a firm grip on my ass as he moved us form the door to the bed. Even tho the room was cold we were sweaty and out of breath.

I was thrown in the bed and Pete smirked at me opening his pants and pulling out his belt, he held it up and came towards me, folding it, kneeled in the bed smiling mischievously, as we stared at each other. I felt a sting in my butt when I noticed he had struck me with the freaking belt. Outraged, I took it from his hand and held it up as he tried to reach for it, I shook my head.
"No way buddy!" I said frowning; I threw the belt to the other side of the room as he come up to me and kissed me. Last thing I remember, I had my face buried in a pillow, he was breathing and moaning on my ear as we got a little kinky, not THAT kinky as you may think. Just a little too kinky for my standards! He pulled me up to him, his hands covering my breasts squeezing it as he did his thing. I'm sure if there was a single soul awake in that hotel, they'd think we were a couple of wild animals mating. This sex thing was crazy.
In the morning I woke up, Pete's back stared at me and I blinked when I noticed that he looked like he had been struck by a wild cat. His back was a little red with scratch marks and such, the top of his shoulder blades were a little bruised, what seemed to be a bite.
I gasped and pulled up the sheets to hide my face and tried to remember what had happened the previous night, in details of course.

A/N: So this chapter was a little challenge,I'm trying to not drag this too much, but i thought It'd be nice having some interction with some of her family, since Pete's family liked Alexa.

I promise next chapter she will get the results of the test!
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