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Baby blues...

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Peter's point of view. Moving to grandma's house. I hear someone is also proposing in this chapter. or was this sounds of babies crying?

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Pete's POV

So the last few days have been crazy, since Alexa and I made up, I've been thinking, and the fact that I had been close to lose her scared me. That's when I started to freak out and think of something to keep her with me.
At first I had thought of hiring her to work with me whether on Decaydance or on the C. Industries, but I knew better then mixing work and pleasure, even tho I was sure that she'd would never take advantage of being my girlfriend, I just didn't want people talking about it...
Then my other option was well...I wanted to propose to her...I am in love with her. At this point in my life I started to believe that I might have found the one woman that would complete me. I don't really think that marriage is really forever but I think that as long as I'm happy with her, it should be special, so I wanted to have this forever with her, even if our forever lasts about 4/5 years.
So I had looked up on the internet and booked us a flight and a hotel room in a hotel, we were heading to Brazil! My plans were bring her home, so she would see her family and then take her back and propose.
Our first two days here had been amazing, making love, being together, going sight seeing, enjoying the beach and the restaurants. It was like a honeymoon.
But last night I had meet her parents, her sister Abby and her Grandma, her father had almost kicked me out of his house, apparently he was disgusted by my tattoos, her had even tried to intervene but Alexa had gotten pissed and we left to her Grandma's who was such a sweet old lady, she even spoke in English, what had been great, actually her sister did speak in English as well, so invited me and Alex for a night out in town. Alexa looked stunning in a little summer dress, it was not indecent but left little to the imagination, I was starting to feel a little of jealousy creeping as I watched two guys observing her...actually they were gawking at her as she danced with a friend, that I guessed was called Katia. They both were dancing and I knew Alexa was shy and that the only attention she wanted was mine, I could tell by the way she would glance at me and shake her moneymaker, making me hot.
At one point she was dancing for me, hand in my knees as the other held her drink, she had been drinking the whole night and I was guilty because I had been drinking heavily too.

Next thing I know she was trying to open the hotel room door with the keycard, and being the tease that I am wouldn't leave her alone. She shooed me and finally got it right, I knew something was going very fast and going in direction we've never been before. I don't know what had come over me when I whipped her ass with my belt, it just seemed cool and incredibly naughty at the time, she looked a little mad I had done this and that started a very rough round of sex. I vaguely remember turning her on her knees and banging away, she had been great too; she had been playful and very sexy.

She had even let me spank her a bit. How naughty can we get...oh but we I lay here thinking of all theses last night events I can feel my back, shoulder blades and nipples hurting like a mother fucker, even my poor Petey was a little sensible, he had loved the attention her lips had given him last night but the play had been a little too much for him, I guess.
Trying to turn on my back, I found it impossible seeing she was lying right up against it, I looked at her over my shoulder and before I coul d even notice her I chuckled as I spotted a huge purple bruise, by the look of it, it had been a 'love-bite', when I finally got around to look at her I noticed she was awake and had half her face covered by the sheets. Turning around as much as I could I pulled down the sheets a bit and she had a embarrassed smile on her face. "Morning sunshine!" she said huskily and I frowned, her voice was hoarse, probably it was another consequence of our previous night activities.
"Good morning baby girl! How was your sleep?" I reached up to comb her hair with my fingers, our faces close together, as we lay in our respective pillows.
"Oh, it was very good, even tho I had a hard time finding a position to sleep.
I think we went too far yesterday, Pete! Your back is very, very bruised..." she pointed out tracing the little nail-scratch marks.
"We just expressed our wide side baby! I think every couple now and then should try something they would never do on regular basis ...Now we have stories and bruises..." I peaked her lips lightly.

"Oh I'll love to share this with lots of people...specially my grandmother...she will even do the 'raise the roof' thing, I bet." She said sarcastically and I laughed making her crack a smile.
"Seriously, even tho this scratches hurt like hell, I'm beyond excited just thinking about the things we did..." she was blushing and I pulled the sheets out of the way to lay half on top of her, I gasped noticing the purple bruises she had in her neck and breasts, making me feel guilty because I knew I had done that to her delicate skin. I looked at her again, and I decided right then that today, was the day.

alexa's POV

So after a good 3 minutes of awkward conversation now Pete seemed to be lost, even if apparently he was staring at me.
We had gotten past the initial shock of what lust + alcohol was able to do, now I wonder what was going through his head.
"What's it, love?" I caressed his face and he seemed to pop back to real world.
"Nothing just thinking of us...I don't know...gah I'm tired of thinking let's go to the beach!!" he suddenly got up in all his naked glory and I blushed.
"No way in hell I'm being seeing in a bikini while looking like this!" I shook my head with all my might.
"Baby, it's not like we are the first couple EVER to go a little over board!" he made his way to the balcony and pouted.
"Aww you are lucky! It's raining!" he opened just a tad of the blinds.
"Oh I'm SO-O-O devastated!" I said sarcastically bringing the back of my forehead. He chuckled at me and made his way to the bathroom.
I laughed and moved on the bed; while he showered I could sleep a bit more.

The afternoon was full of events; we checked out of the hotel and took our stuff over to grandma's house. Pete pouted when I showed him where he'd be staying, it was a room in the back of the kitchen, it was spacious and it had a queen sized bed, he'd survive.
We forgot about putting our things away when grandma mentioned food, and we both run towards the kitchen ready to taste whatever she had made for lunch.
"Oh your kids are really that hungry?" she laughed as she placed a dish of fresh macaroni on the table; it had white sauce and looked yummy!
I swear that if we stayed here for a month I'm sure no one would recognize Pete, he'd probably get a little chubby by the way he was eating every little bit of food I had helped into his plate.

After lunch grandma had some errands to run and we decided to lazy around and wait for Abby to come from work and maybe take us out. We watched some movies and Pete wanted popcorn, and I craved something sweet, so I decided to make something different for him also, some brigadeiro (hot fudge). ( /What's brigadeiro?? here's the Pic / )

When I came back with the hot pan of fudge and some granulated chocolate and butter Pete had looked at me frowning.
"What's this?" he had looked in the pan and made a face, I pushed his shoulder playfully.
"Stop looking like it's something disgusting...just because of that I won't give you any of it when I'm finished!" he shrugged and pulled out his tongue at me hitting play so we could finish the movie before my sudden desire for brigadeiro.
About twenty minutes later I noticed Pete looking at the little platter that was starting to get crowded. :( this XD

"What's that Pete! Stop looking at it!" I didn't even look at him.
"They smell so good..."he said still eyeing them like a little boy.
"If you behave maybe I could let you try one of them..." I trailed off and his eyes looked up at me and he grinned, coming to sit next to me.
"Can I?" he pointed to a chubby little fellow in the side of the plate.
"You had to go and choose that one! Figures! Yes, you can take that one..." I chuckled as he held it up and gave a little bite, carefully so the sprinkle that covered it wouldn't make a mess. He closed his eyes and I chuckled.
"So Pete...what's the verdict? Was it good enough for your tasting buds?"
He nodded, his eyes still closed, then he opened his eyes, grinning at me. Then he reached for the plate again and I slapped his hand away, he looked at me hurt.
"Aww baby don't be mean!!! I really liked it..." he said crawling towards me, making a pout face, he nuzzled my neck then my right ear.
"I promise I'll behave..." he licked my earlobe and I sighed then giggled shoving him away from me.
"You are such a sucker can eat them, eat as much as you feel like eating, I don't care! I was just playing with you..."

About an hour later Grandma came in with some grocery bags and Pete got up and went to help her, she looked at him and frowned.
"What's this in your face?" she asked motioning for the corners of his mouth.
"Pete ate like 25 brigadeiro's Grandma! And didn't even bother to get up to wash his face." I laughed from the couch.
Truth was I was not about to tell my grandma he had just stuffed his face with 6 units and then had tried to kiss me with that mouth, I had refused him, or at least I had tried. I swear!
"Oh really? Does this applies for you too? Because I can see that the corners of your mouth have chocolate as well..."she smirked then entered the kitchen. I quickly wiped my mouth and Pete came back from the kitchen with a silly grin in his face, then he sat in the couch, his tights brushing my head.
"She left you speechless..." he smirked and hit my head playfully.
" Ah, she is just too smart you know...I feel like a fool now!" he laughed at me.
"It's okay she was laughing at you in the kitchen saying you were never a good liar and that she loved seeing you squirm like you did..." then he leaned in and added " just like I love seeing you squirming too. I slapped his hand just for being a smart ass.

We sat outside, as grandma did some gardening and I helped her. Pete sat by the pool, his feet dangling in the water.
"Why don't you dive in, son! I bet you are not used to this hell-ish weather!" grandma said from over her shoulders.
"That's a good....I mean... Nah thanks...I uhm maybe later!" he stuttered as I glared at him.
"Why not? I mean...we are busy here...and you have nothing to do..."she looked at me, suspicious that I had something to do with the sudden change in his answer.
"I...Because it'll be a hassle to go in then get dry and then wait to get into the house...and I still have to unpack..." Pete definitely sucked at this!
"You two are hiding something?" she raised one eyebrow. I snorted, and Pete laughed.
"Of course not! What we would have to hide?" I shrugged.
"I dunno, maybe those purple marks on the back of your neck..."I gasped and my hand instinctively went to the bruise. It was grandma's turn to snort at me.
" You guys forget I've been your age! Actually I was a lot more outgoing then you, so you can imagine the situations I've been through with my parents!!" she laughed along with Pete as he nodded pulling his shirt up and making his way to the little shower head in the side of the pool.
Grandma looked at his back and then looked at me, mouth hanging open in something I'd call shock, but when she gave me the thumbs up and a wink, I was lost! Haha. She made her way back in the house saying her soap opera would start in a minute.

As I started at her back I didn't noticed Pete had finished his shower and had made his way towards me, next thing I know I'm being thrown into the pool by that bastard.
"Fuck Peter!! That was low!!" I yelled at him, trying to regain my composure.
He laughed hysterically. I glared at him and shoved his chest, and he stumbled a bit.
"How fun is that now?" I tried swimming out of the pool when I noticed Abby's car pulling in the garage, oops she had company.
"Oh shit!" I muttered, as I saw my mom exiting the car.
"What's ...oops, it's your mom!" he nervously stated.
"just stay in the pool, no matter what happens, I'll think of something..." I said looking up as it was starting to darken.
"Hey guys!! Mom came here to apologize to you, Peter!" Abby said as they approached.
"Hello! It's okay, really. Actually I was a little embarrassed for causing the argument but other than that I didn't even understood what was being said..." he chuckled along with me.
Abby translated and my mom smiled, the looked at me.
"I'd like to talk to you, I'll be inside" she went to towards the house and I sighed.
"Why in the hell you are in the pool fully dressed?" said Abby sitting in the stone bench.
"Ah, Pete just threw me in the pool a little before you got here..." I smiled as I made my way out of the pool, I noticed Pete was jumping out from the other side, as I made my way towards the back door, ready for whatever mom had to tell me...

After changing clothes and stuff, I mentally got ready for the subject my mom would possibly bring up.
"Your father wanted to me to apologize for yesterday, honey! He is aware that he overreacted, but he is sorry." Oh I knew it.
"He sent me here to invite everybody for a welcome dinner, for you and Pete! Tonight at 9:00. Don't worry everyone was already invited, you are being the last one so you can't say no." she smiled and come towards me, reaching for my hand she held it and brought it to her heart.
"I really don't know mom!" I sighed.
"We are not taking no for an answer...your grandma is doing the cooking, she spent the afternoon doing all the stuff." I was shocked!
"You guys are doing things behind my back..." there was nothing I could do now. I went to my room to get ready, and decided to finally open my laptop to check some stuff. I sighed, my e-mail box would explode anytime now, a email from my doctor Lucca,I wondered what she wanted; I raised one eyebrow as the subject was 'results'. I opened eagerly and I let out a shaky sigh as I read over her words.
"Dear Alexandra, I guess this will get you unprepared but I found out you are out of the country so I decided to let you know the results of the blood test.
Seems like we will be seeing each other much more frequently for the next 9 months, this e-mail has 2 attachments. One is how you should eat during this time of the pregnancy and the other is the actual exam.
You are now 43 days along, approximately, so differently from what you said during your consult, this happened a while ago.
When you are back please come see me right away!"

My whole body shook, I noticed I had tears running down my face, what a nightmare!

I heard a knock on my door and sighed. I wasn't ready for this family reunions thing, specially in my new found situation. If you remember the start of my story I wasn't too fond of some member of my family.
"I'll be right out!" I shouted in Portuguese thinking it was Abby.
"Alexandra it's me!!" I opened the door and was shocked to find my boyfriend looking hot and well dressed.
"Oh wow!!!" are you trying to impress somebody else?" I pulled him close hugging him for dear life. How was I going to spring this on him?
"Yes! Your father!" he laughed and I frowned.
"Pete...for God's sake...just forget him! We are not going there for him, we are going because It wouldn't be fair to grandma and momma if we didn't show up." My nervous was making me hot headed.
"hey calm down there tiger!! What's going on with you?" he caressed the side of my face slightly.
"it's nothing really, I just feel tired and really shitty!!" I pulled my face in his neck taking his scent in.
"When we get back I want to talk to you about something really important..."I trailed off I saw Abby coming our way.
"Are you guys ready?" I nodded and Pete squeezed my hand.

The so called family gathering was very much what I had expected, but to my surprise, I think my family wanted to finally meet my boyfriend. The poor guy that was stupid enough to fall for me. My cousins still dressed as sluts, I noticed as I watched them trying to make conversation with Pete with their broken English. I felt blood rising to my cheeks when I noticed Pete looking down the cleavage of one of them. I cringed 'I'm going to kick his fucking ass I thought bitterly but got side tracked when my mom reached for me.
"Your grandma said that she is worried about you..."she started and I rolled my eyes heavenward.
"Mom...she is always worried." She was actually talking about her mother, that freaking beast!
"Alexandra! She told me she is suspecting that you are pregnant!" she raised her voice and we got the attention of a few guests, one of them being Pete, that didn't understand a word and just stared and the other was my grandma(the good one) she came towards us and held my hand.
"I don't think this is the place to discuss this, my dear! I'm sure Alexa would gladly she this kind of information with us if she was." by the way my grandma was holding tightly on my hand, I knew she possible suspected I was guilty because she just knew me too well.

The table was busy as we all sat around the table, Pete sat by my side and we would smile at each other when our arms would brush.
Sometime during the male, Pete stopped mid forkful and got up.
"Abby help me here!" he said agitated.
"I'm aware that to you guys I'm just a stranger but to me was very important coming here and making sure that no matter what environment she is exactly what she is. I fell in love with this woman! It's been 6 months now and it seems just right to take this next step." I sat there shocked and Pete pulled my arm to him, making me stand up, my knees were very unsteady by then.
"uh...Will you marry me?" I looked at every face in the room, my mom had eyes wide and Abby translated what he said. I couldn't help but to look at my father he looked like he rather be dead that having Pete as a son-in -law, my hand instinctively went to my stomach and I let go of Pete's hands and run outside. I just needed a time to cry a bit....

A/N::: Oh well the end is near!

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