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There's a piece of me and it's burning in your heart

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Finally progressing. Pete has to go back to States, but someone is staying behind. XD

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I run out the kitchen exit door, I just had to get away from everything, it was just too much at the moment.
My vision blurred as I tried to make my way down to the playground floor, I sat down in a swing, the place was obviously empty and I was glad.
I looked down at my hands and they were shaking.
Why would Pete do something like that? Jesus...why did I have to go and react like he was actually dumping me instead of wanting me in his life...actually now that I knew he really wanted this, even when he had no idea I was carrying his child, our little baby...I caressed my stomach and cried even harder. I was going to accept Pete's proposal...that meant I'd be away from my family almost permanently now. It was worth to take this shot, better than not knowing what could have been if we didn't break things up.

"So...are you feeling any better now? After making me look like a fool up there?" I was startled by Pete's voice. I turned around, his face was serious but I knew he was worried about me.
"I'm so sorry Pete..." I motioned for him to sit by my side, and he did. I tried to gather all my thoughts, the time had come.
"I got an e-mail today...from my doctor...saying she had trying to contact me at home and had found that I was out of the the email she ..."I broke into a new fit of tears.
"Hey baby calm down...its okay, breathe and take your time then tell me what's it." he held my face in his hands, caressing my cheeks.
"I'm...we are going to have a baby...I'm pregnant..."I cried harder when I looked at him, his face expressionless. I bowed my head down, sobbing.
"Say it again...please..."he whispered pulling my head up slowly.
"Pete...I want to have it...I can understand if you are not interes.." he cut me off "Just say it again...I want to have this moment forever in my memory and you are ruining it with your incoherent mumbling..." a ghost of a smile showed on his lips and I looked up sobbing a bit.
" are going to be a father..." I was engulfed in a tender hug. He held me and kissed my check. It seemed like hours before we pulled back and he had his eyes misty, it was a very 'Awwwww' moment.

"I swear to you that for the sake of this kid, I'll leave behind all of my demons and all the things that keep me from being a better person..."he told me in my ear, I sighed and caressed his back soothingly.
" answer is yes." i said in a whisper. "What do you..." he pulled back looked at me as he sat awkwardly in the swing.
He got up slowly and took my hand helping me to get up, he then proceeded on getting on his knees, all the while our eyes meeting, he put his hands on my stomach then leaned in to brush a kiss in it, I felt like crying again. This was so cliché, but it was the man I loved and he was showing how much this meant to him, and of course it was Pete...the king of cliché! Haha
He then got up and held me close swinging us a little side to side, like we were dancing to a slow song.
He reached up for my face and leaned in kissing me tenderly.
"We should go back in..."he said after a while.
"I don't know if I want to tell them..."I started and he nodded.
"It's up to you...I would understand if you don't want to share to the whole family..." we made our way up to the apartment.

Abby took us home after I gathered my family, I mean my close family, my mom, my grandma and Abby In case you are wondering my dad had retreated to his office by then. My mom said he had been caught tearing that his 'baby girl' had been proposed to, as my mom said, I suspect the alcohol had something to do with it.
"Omg! I can't even believe I'm going to be a great grandmother!" my grandma gushed from the front sit as Pete and I sat in the back sit, my head resting in his shoulders.
"Can you believe I'm going to be an aunt? This is so crazy!" Abby had a huge smile on her face.
At first all of them had been shocked when I told them, I mean...Pete had to actually say it for me, I was shaking so bad as they stared at me. My grandma had asked if he had proposed just because he felt is was the right thing to do...and Pete had told her that he didn't even know about it at the time, and then she cracked a smile and got up to give me a hug, then came Abby beaming as well. My mom had shaken her head.
"Your grandma was right. Why didn't you say anything then?" she had said then finally she had smiled and hugged me.

When we arrived 'home' Pete said goodnight and pulled me to his bedroom, I looked at him started.
"Are you crazy? My grandma!!" he had kissed me lightly.
"She told me that it'd be okay since we are engaged, but I told her that we'd be in our best behaviors. I wanted you to be with me when I told my mom." He the pulled his shirt off going towards the bed he picked his cell phone and dialed my hands were shaking again.
"Your mom Is going to freak out..." I whispered.
"She won't! She is going to love it, I bet she is going to cry!" he laughed.
"Just like I did?" I smirked. He looked at me as he put the device to his ear.

'hey mom!!' it's me Pete!' he kept looking at me, and I could see that his mother was giving an earful for not calling everyday.
'I have news...yeah mom can you let this for some other time? So you don't want to hear what I have to say?' I chuckled at his annoyance.
'Mom...Gosh...I'm gonna be a dad!!!' he shouted into the phone, seeing his mother wouldn't shut up. When he returned the device to his ear he grinned, she was quite, finally.
'Want me to repeat?' he said the laughed at something she said, he held the phone speaker. "She is speechless..." he told me putting it back to his ear.
'Yes, mom I'm here, just...yes she is okay! We are happy! I proposed to her today...MOM!! It's not like knew I'd be proposing...I know...I haven't asked her that...wait.'
"How far along are we?" I laughed by the way he put this.
"We are 43 days along..." he looked at me wide eyed.
"You mean..." I nodded, I had been startled too, I thought it was the safest night we ever had and to our surprise, it wasn't.
'uh...we are 43 days along! We were not irresponsible! We were safe that night I don't know what happened!! Now stop analyzing my sex life, it's fucking weird...yeah we will call you tomorrow...bye...'
he sighed and plopped by my side in the bed, his arms on my shoulders pulling me to him.

"So we made it on our first night?" he chuckled.
"We were so safe that day...I don't understand how this happened!" I sighed.
"It's okay! We should just sleep and tomorrow we can discuss everything..."he kissed my lips and I leaned into his kisses that progressed into making out.
I sat in his lap when there was a knock on the door.
"Alexandra and Peter!!! I'm coming in!!" said my grandma, we smirked as I moved to get up.
The door opened and she came in raising one eyebrow suspiciously.
"I came here to know your mother's reaction..."
"She yelled at me!! She said I had kept her from everything, that she wasn't there when I proposed and that she wasn't there when we found out we are having a baby...then she cried." We laughed.
"Aww I can fell her pain on this one! I'm sure she will get past if you don't mind Pete, I'd like to take my little girl here upstairs for a little 'heart to heart'" grandma took my hand and pulled me to my feet.
"Goodnight, hun! See ya tomorrow." I kissed his cheek and left with grandma.

Grandma and I went to my room and talked for hours, she knew I was still lost about everything that was happening so she thought that maybe if I talked to someone it'd help. And it did.
She told me stories about her first pregnancy and how scared she was, but she is sure Pete is going to be much more hand's on than my grandfather (bless his soul) ever was. She asked me how things would work with the marriage arrangements...and how'd please both families. I didn't have that answer at the moment so we decided to call it a night and talk things over in the morning.

It's been 3 days, and now we started to find some answers to everyone's close family would have to sacrifice and fly in to our wedding. Pete had assured me that I could come here whenever he had sometime off and that we could fly a relative to help me with the baby if it got to be too much for me.
We have been having tons of fun, and Pete demanded to take with us a bunch of condensed milk cans to make brigadeiro whenever he felt like it, grandma was starting to feel sad because our time was almost up and everyday she'd make us something different, whenever it was a cake, or a different dish.
Pete had even told me he had a hard time zipping his pants this morning, I was not really surprised.

I on the other hand, had bought lots of cute dresses to use as my pregnancy progressed. I was starting to get excited about it. Today Pete and I would be going to the Consulate to see what would happen with my visa, we had scheduled a meeting a day before and I hope things run smoothly.

Since Abby had to take the car to work and we had some spare time, I decided to go by bus. Poor Pete didn't know what he was getting himself into.
The bus ride was long and then I got a little nauseous, Pete held my cold and sweaty hand. It was the first time ever and I didn't like it, on bit.
"Let's stop somewhere to get you something to drink baby!" he was beyond worried, I noticed an old lady looking at me and I smiled and told her in Portuguese it was my first pregnancy symptoms she smiled and told me I'd be fine but that it was best if we stopped and got some water for me, all the while Pete kept looking at me.
"Let's go." I got up and when finally my feet touched solid ground I couldn't take it anymore, I just hunched over and slipped my guts on the floor, Pete held my hair back and his other hand soothed my back.
Some people asked him if I was okay and I swear I would've laughed if I could as he tried to answer in Portuguese.
When I finally looked up there was a little crowd gathered around to see the show. I was mortified as Pete handed me a bottle of water, after swallowing almost all of it a girl about my age asked me if I was okay and if I wanted her to call the ambulance or something I just shook my head and explained she smiled and congratulated us. After the awkward moments, I felt a little better so we could proceed to our destination.

I was glad I didn't make a fool out of myself in front of the Consul.
Pete had explained our dilemma and told that our only problem was that my visa had expired and I wouldn't be able to go if I didn't get another one.
The consul was very nice and looked like a teddy bear. We had explained how we were now expecting and were arranging our marriage, since we had come here just so he could meet my parents, okay so he'd never know it wasn't exactly all planed but it wouldn't hurt us.
"I'm not going to lie son...I goggled you, and I have enough material and even pictures of you two on the internet to believe your story but I can't just have this new visa done overnight. You'll have to understand...but I can give you miss a tourist visa and then before you guys get married you are going to email me the documents so I can get started a permanent visa for you. But this one I'm offering you is only done in 15 days... so you'll have to wait here for it." My world fell, and the only thing I could feel was Pete squeezing my hand. This was fucked up, dude!!!
Well I guess you just can't get everything you want, huh?

It had been about a week now that Pete was gone, I'd been sad and only seemed to sleep. My morning sickness had gotten worse and my grandma was doing everything in her power to help me.
"I'm not going to tell you that dinner is served for the third time, Alexa!!" I heard Abby from the doorway as I lay down on the bed staring at the ceiling.
In the past week I've been reminiscing my relationship with Pete, everything from the first moment he came over to talk to me to last kiss we shared in the airport.
Right now I was thinking of every detail about our 3º date, the one when we had dinned by moonlight in the balcony, but Abby had interrupted.
Gah I love her.

Pete had been calling me every night, asking about the baby, myself and even about grandma.
He had been working hard in the new cd and I was excited to hear anything from it. Maybe I could bribe Patrick with an invite to be the baby's godfather!
But Patrick doesn't believe in God! Oh hell! Anyways, Pete was excitedly telling me that his mom was knitting a pair of socks for the baby, and that he had designed a clandestine baby jumper, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
"What!! I'll send you the picture when it's ready! It's the cutest thing ever because it has a hood!" That made crack up even harder, and then I started crying all of sudden.
"Baby? Ohh mood swings already?" he sighed.
"I wish I could be next to you right now..."he whispered and I cried harder, felt someone taking the phone from me and I just let them as I lay there crying pulling my hand over my eyes. I could hear grandma talking to Pete about how I was doing and stuff then I heard the click of the phone and a movement at the foot of the bed as she sat down, grabbing my sock clad feet she started to rub it.
"You know...we will have to find an activity for you while this freaking visa doesn't come...being depressed and sad during the pregnancy is not good."
And that's when I found myself in the pool every morning learning breathing exercises from my grandma, I was even surprised how much this had helped me through the day, it was what I needed.

The day had finally come and this time I'd be heading to California because Pete wanted me to stay with him for a while before heading back to Chicago and as he said "...if you go home first my mom is going to strap you to the bed and take care of you all day! I saw how crazed about this she is."
I had laughed at the thought but I missed his so much I accepted his invite.
California had a better weather than Brazil, it was hot but moderated and I was glad. That was my first thought when I landed here, Pete had given me the studio address where the boys would be all day, and he said he hoped I'd come by so we could head to the flat, he as staying together.

I gave the cabbie the piece of paper so I didn't know my way around Calif.
Suddenly I feel someone shaking me and I was startled, Pete was smiling at me as I slept cuddling with my handbag and a teddy bear Abby had giving me, it was actually a stuffed little monkey holding a banana to his mouth, ah anyways he helped me to sit up then held his hand out for me to get out of the car.
"I can get your stuff...can you help me put these in the truck here please?" he had asked Joe that had come with him to get me apparently.
I was still a little sleepy but when held me I finally understood why I had been so sad over these past days...I couldn't live without this man in my life.
We held each other for a while then we broke apart when Joe closed the car truck. Pete handed the cabbie the money and we entered the building after giving Joe a hug. "We missed you girl! This guy here was already driving us insane with his pissy mood." We laughed and Pete pouted.
"Aw, I was in a really bad mood as well. My sister seemed to be ready to slap me out of it." This time Pete apparently found that it was funny.
He hugged my shoulder as we made our way to the elevator.

The afternoon was just awesome, watching them lay tracks and just talk about music was amazing. I was starting to believe that Patrick someday would become so much more than a fall out boy. That guy just had amazing tunes pouring out of his ass, I even watched as the producer would look at him as he suggested something and would just blush _i bet he was thinking 'I'd never come up with something like this...'
Pete on the other hand kept writing in a little piece of paper, and then would go to his bass, that let me tell you it's hot, but I guess you already know that.

They were finished for the day around 7 o'clock and I had found out that Patrick would be staying with us in the flat.
"I hope you don't mind that I'm going to be there..." he said as we arrived in the place. It was nice and spacious; the furniture looked brand new and a little manly but this was obviously a bachelor pad.
"Of course not!! I'm the guest here, I'm the one imposing on you...I swear I'll stay quiet and cook for you two." I laughed when they cheered.
"Oh greatness!! By the way Pete said that'd be bringing something that he was sure I'd like...where's it?" Patrick asked eyeing me.
"Oh it's in my stuff...Where's Pete?" I asked just as he was coming from some other room with the bag that held his precious condensed milk.
"Weee I found it!!! Patrick this is it!! What I was telling you about...can you make us some brigadeiro later??" he said excitedly as he put the bag on the counter and started to get them out.
"wow... we have 15 cans!" he said like he wasn't the one that wanted to bring 20 cans, but I had to intervene.
"yes, but this is not something to eat along with every meal, Pete...and it has to last fro my pregnancy too, okay?? I guess I'll need it. Actually I brought some stuff that I know I'll go nuts if I don't have around here..." Patrick looked up at me and widened his eyes...oh oh.
" didn't..." Pete came over to Patrick and put an arm over his shoulder.
"You mother fucker how long you wanted to keep this from me?" Patrick shoved at him playfully. I finally breathed then, I thought Patrick would be mad or something, he hugged Pete then came towards me and gave me a bear hug as I giggled.
"This kid is gonna be awesome!! And if it goes after it's mom in the looks department I'm sure it's gonna be a stunner!!!" I laughed and winked at him.
"oh and if goes after the father?" Pete dared to ask.
"It's gonna be a little ugly troll." Patrick and I fell into a fit of laughter; Pete's face was just hilarious like he wasn't expecting that kind of reply. At all.

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