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...and nothing in this world is gonna bring us down... Alexandra is back in Chicago.. It's Christmas Time y'all!!

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Living with two guys for a month was just awesome, especially since they'd be gone most of the day, anyways.
In this month I've been in Calif. I had made an appointment with a doctor indicated by Dr. Lucca.
She had been really nice to me and helped me to clear some of my doubts, she had asked for a bunch of exams so we could start the pre-natal care.
She had told me not to worry because it was just the beginning and I'd be well accompanied whether by Dr. Lucca or herself. I was glad I didn't have to worry about that since Pete had me as his dependant on his health insurance thing.
Back to the living arrangements the guys would be gone to studio all day, other times I'd be bored sometimes I'd go out for a walk and stuff.
Christmas was near and I starting to get in the mood.
One night the boys got home and I was blasting 'Nsync's home for Xmas'
"WTF is going on here??" I heard them yelling from the living room as I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, by the way they loved my cooking.
The sound was turned off and then I heard steps coming from the living room.
"Are you trying to get us a bad reputation? Some people can hear that coming from here and next thing we know it'll be on the papers that we listen to Nsync crap!!" I chuckled, seeing now that he was only joking.
"Oh really? Do you think I care?" I challenged him, he looked at me and bend his head to the side smirking.
"If I were you I would even try this with me little lady..."he came towards me slowly making his way to the other side of the counter where I stood, slicing a backed potato.
"Oh well but what if I just want to piss you off..."I licked my lips as his face came closer to mine.
"Oh! I see the lovey dovey couple is at it again..." Patrick said making his way towards the fridge and getting a can of my sprite 0.
"Perfect timing Patrick! Gosh!!" Pete just stormed off and Patrick shrugged.
"He has been a little pissy all day..." he said as he sipped on the can.
"I'm sure he is just stressed out or something...when I finish here I'll go see what his problem is..."I smiled at Patrick as I placed the potato slices in a dish. Then I got the milk whey and poured a bit on top then some cheese slices, then some oregano on top, just to give the final touch.
"This looks yummy." Patrick was watching as I put the dish in the oven so it could gild a bit.
"I hope it tastes yummy was well." I said cleaning my hands in a kitchen towel.
"Ah I'm gonna go check on right case I don't...please keep an eye on the potatoes please?" I grinned and left towards the room.
I knocked softly and entered finding Pete typing away in his laptop, I approached and sat by the foot of the bed. Times like these I forgot who he was, as he sat there shirtless wearing his boxers, it was funny.
"What's so funny, baby?" he asked not even looking up from the screen.
"Oh nothing, I was thinking that it's funny that sometimes now, I forget who you are..." he looked up then, raising an eyebrow.
"What you mean by that?" yeah, he was really busy, I could tell since he wasn't using his super brain to figure out what I said.
"It's weird. You get home after a day of work, while I cook dinner and then I come here and you are sitting in our bed, wearing reading glasses and in your underwear. Get the picture now?" I crawled over at him, sitting by his side, as he placed the laptop in the bedside table, opening his arms so I could rest in his chest.
"I understand now, sorry I was a bit distracted with some work stuff...we are actually signing one more artist...this is so much fun...I'll bring their stuff for you to hear sometime soon." he then kissed the top of my head and sighed.
"How's Jr." he asked and I slapped his chest slightly.
"It's a baby girl, I can just feel it!" I moved my hand down my stomach.
"Oh's gonna be a dude!!" he said playfully.
"You know what? I really don't care about the gender as long as it's healthy and has a cool name." we laughed.
"Have you thought about any name?" he asked, his hand now meeting mine as we 'caressed' the baby.
"I dunno, my son's name has been picked since I was in 7th grade!" I giggled.
"No way!! What's it?" he looked at me his face surprised.
"Oh I'm not telling you right now...I don't want to end up getting tired of the babies name...let's wait for a bit..." Pete kissed my ear, then give it a bite while I was talking when I was almost finished he has progressed on kissing my neck, the there was a knock on the door.
"Love birds the potatoes are ready!!" I laughed and Pete grunted, but didn't let me go, kissing me with passion then changing positions straddling my wait he held his weight with his hands, each resting in one side of my head, he kissed me deeply and I moaned in his mouth, things had been so crazy later that sometimes I was so tired that I could only give him a helping hand, not always giving exactly what he wanted.
"Are you willing tonight?" he asked huskily in my ear, biting it again.
"Tonight? Yes...I...god Peter!!!" he had left me all hot and bothered as he got up from the bed, I was left there frustrated.

"At 77days of pregnancy you definitely shouldn't be getting me this frustrated Peter!" I said coming to the kitchen. He sat along with Patrick and I blushed.
"I'm sorry..." I said quietly as I sat down opposite side from Patrick, as Pete sat in the head of the table.
"So...77 days...what do you think has changed the most?" Patrick asked while I helped some food in my plate.
"Uh...I don't know...I guess this will be a big baby because I can totally see my stomach is already changing...and my uhm...breast are different too." I said blushing.
"I could also help saying what has changed but I don't think Patrick wants to know about that..." I looked up from my plate and looked at Pete...what was wrong with him today? I got up and excused my self as I took my plate to eat in the balcony.

I was there for hours writing in the little journal thing I had started, I had forgotten it in the hammock outside this morning.
I wondered what had happened with Pete, maybe he was starting to get tired of me...or that I was always around. Maybe it was best if I went back to Chicago, since Mrs. Wentz had been trying to convince me to go back for a while, and I missed the Thompson's a lot so I could go visit, yeah I could definitely use a change of scenario.
I looked down at my stomach, and raised my shirt a bit, I was starting to show, I knew I was bound to get big, I 'd seen my mom's and grandma's pregnancy pictures, both had huge tummies and I was going to be huge as well.
"Can I disturb you a little?" I heard for behind me, I took a deep breath "Yeah, make yourself comfortable." I said softly when he came into view, showered and ready to sleep. "Not going out tonight?" I asked as he sat by my side.
"Nope...the deal with new band is ready, I told you they signed. I was just going out because it was needed baby, I swear I wished I could have been home with you all theses nights, but you know that in the mornings I'm busy with the band and at night it's the only spare time I get to tend to my other activities, tonight I'm free and I'm here and messing things up with you. I'm sorry baby." He looked up at me and I reached for his hand bringing it to my belly.
"Okay you are forgiven, but I want to ask you for one thing..."I looked at his hand caressing my belly, I loved that, he looked at me and nodded.
"Can I go back to Chicago?" he was stunned for sometime.
"Why?" he asked quietly.
"I love being here, having you all to myself every night, but I don't like to be alone here for the whole morning...I know there's nothing you can do about it but I would like to go to Chicago and stay with your parents if you are okay with that..." we were now looking at each other, he looks hurt by my request.
"Okay then...If you want Chicago...tomorrow I'll set things up, I'll try to get a flight for tomorrow afternoon." He said and got up, I got up as well and held this elbow.
"Pete, not like this, baby! This is not supposed to be like this, please! I want you to be cool with it, I don't want you to be mad at me..." Oh shit here I go, crying again. If you think this was too early to be this emotional...I guarantee that it's not since I've always been very emotional.
"How am I supposed to act like? I love coming home to you! I love it! It makes me go all warm and fuzzy when we wrap for the day and I know you'll be home, by the oven or just watching tv with your hair up in a bun, or in braids most likely wearing on one my shirts and that you will welcome me with arms open, even if I had the worst day even in the studio. I'm going to miss you now that I was used to this...but I won't be selfish because I know it must suck to stay here all day..." I put my finger to his mouth to shush him.
Then replaced my finger with my lips, kissing him tenderly, we made our way to our room holding hands, first making sure where Patrick was, and we found him asleep in the couch watching the History channel.
"Figures why he is asleep..." Pete chucked as he led me to our room, closing the door and making sure it was locked.
We sat in the bed and kissed again, taking things in a slower pace than we ever did before. This was like a farewell love making, since he'd be here for a month or so at least.

"You know, I was reading about pregnancy and it said that woman in their third month will always get a little extra horny from time to time. How's that going to work?" he asked as I kissed his chest, our love making had been sweet and tender. It had been awesome. grins
"I don't know...I don't even want to think about it..." I chuckled biting his nipple playfully.
"woah. Really? Well then don't call me desperate for loving when you start feeling those urges okay?" he patted my shoulder.
"aw I don't want to think about having those 'urges' baby. We just had this amazing sex and you want me to worry about what's next?" I closed my eyes, feeling his lips on my neck.
"okay then..." with that we went to sleep peacefully.

Christmas came around and we'd be celebrating at the Wentz house, everything have been going very smoothly I had even found myself a 'job', when I had come back to Chicago, one girl that was in belly dance classes with me had come looking for me, if I wanted to help her in her new business, she had opened recently a fashion glasses, and sun glasses stand in the mall. She would cover the glass in studs and things like that, they were starting to get noticed and she decided that she needed help so she came to ask if I was free and maybe could come and give her a hand, I had told her my situation and she said it was no problem and that by then she could find someone else to help her.

So now I had my own money, even tho dad and grandma kept on sending me money every month, the Wentz still didn't let me help to buy stuff even the groceries, just when I'd pull a stunt and arrive home full of grocery bags what would make Mrs Wentz go crazy, since I was carrying her precious grandchild! Now she would come with me to all my appointments, the last one my doctor made a calc on the possible due date.
"Your last menstrual day was august 14? Right?" I nodded " then by this calc here, you are going to be due approximately on May 21!" I had gasped, it was so close to my birthday!

We were now waiting for Pete to arrive, since his flight was delayed, it had been crazy now and he had been trying to come home for 5 days, he hadn't even spent the Thanksgiving with us, and to me it wasn't a big deal, since it wasn't something from my culture but Mrs. Wentz had been devastated.
Setting up the stuff around the table I was cleaning some of the house's silver wear as Mrs Wentz was busy dealing with the turkey.
"MOMMA!!! I'm HOOOOOMEEE!!!" was heard all over the house, my stomach quivered in excitement. He was finally home.
I gasped loudly and made my way towards the living room, where Pete now was taking off his huge coat, bags scattered around his feet. He saw me and his mother approaching close behind me, we locked eyes and shared a smile, then his eyes dropped to my belly, that now had a slight baby bump.
"Heeeeey" he smiled and came towards me, he picked me up in his arms, and twirled me, I held his face in my hand and we shared a sweet kiss.
"Awwww" I heard his mom gushing from behind me.
"I missed you so much!!! I love you so much...." I said in his ear.
Leaning in again we kissed again.
"Gawd I missed you like hell, baby girl!"
"Hey now...I want to hold my son too, you know?

After that Peter went to our room to put his many, many bags away while Mrs Wentz and I finished the stuff we had been doing.
Pete came downstairs showered and holding his camera.
"What are you doing? I look like crap." I covered my face with my hands, my shirt was wet and I had on some old sweats.
"You look sexy, mama! Just stop and go over there so I can take pictures to show our baby..." that actually made me smile. I stood by Mrs Wentz and we made the cheese smiles pictures. I was glad when Pete was finished.
"Man I'm kinda hungry!" I said as Pete came to stand by my side.
"Me too...I haven't had nothing to eat in a while..." he went over the fridge and picked ham and cheese.
"Can you make me a sandwich too?" he nodded and moved to the less crowded part side of the counter.
"Kids it's already 7 o'clock...we better hurry up now...go take your shower honey and I'll finish setting things up." I made my way upstairs, I was so tired that I wasn't even sure I'd come back down.

Dinner was served as Pete's siblings sat around the table, finally I was meeting them personally, I had talked to some of them on the phone but this was kinda awkward but I was managing just fine.
Suddenly, halfway through the dinner, Pete got up and went on in a speech about having the best year ever, and that his real present that Christmas was still in the making, then he reached for his pockets and pulled out a little black case, his mom gasped when he opened the box showing the cute little diamond shining, it was the cutest thing ever, it had a heart shape and it was in white gold. Pete knew I hate regular gold.
He made his way in the table towards me, and I was already in tears by then.
"Baby... your hand..." he slipped the ring in my finger and leaned his head down for a brief kiss. After that we sat around the living room, it was time to exchange gifts and I was excited, I love giving gifts.
"So...can I go first?" asked Mrs Wentz. Everyone nodded of course.
"First I have to give this out, for my husband." She handed him a cute huge frame with pictures of them, young, in their wedding, with their kids. It was so sweet. "I've been around this little girl too much." She motioned for me and handed me a huge pack, my eyes widened, she smiled and we hugged.
"Omg! I wasn't expecting that!" I opened the gift and it was a bunch of baby stuff, she had made them while I was in California, I was so touched I started to cry, then she handed me another bag.
"Now this is yours..." It was a beautiful belly dancing outfit. I was mesmerized by the beauty of it.
"I don't even have the body for it anymore..." I pouted she shook her head.
"This is just a temporary condition sweetheart..." we proceeded to hand out all the gifts, I had bought two presents for Pete, one was a little baby slippers written 'I love my Dad!' and the other was a frame much like Mrs Wentz gave to her husband, actually we had had the idea together and we decided it'd be much more worth than any other present.
The thing was, I had left some of the pictures slots empty for what was to come, our marriage, the baby...everything. He had a goofy smile on his face seeing one of the pictures,
"I loved it, Alexandra. It's amazing." He told me after most of the people had been gone to sleep. "It'd be stupid giving you clothes, cd's, dvd's. So I thought that something sentimental would do the trick." I said as he pulled my head close to his. "It's been one month are you handling those urges, I warned you about..." I blushed.
"I'm doing fine...most of the time I just ignore it and think of something else, others just taking a very cold shower." Our lips barely touching as I spoke.
"Too bad we have the house crowded." He whispered finally diving in to the kiss. We were sitting in the floor in front of the tv in the living room, just the lights from the xmas tree were on as we kissed passionately.
"I think I might need a cold shower tonight..." I moaned.
"Am I invited?" he breathed out.
"That would go against the concept of taking a cold shower, right?" he pulled me down on the floor coming against me, my hands going to the back of his head.
" heeeeey you guys!!! What are you guys dooooing?" said of of his brothers in a very annoying accent flipping on the lights, I felt my cheeks flush and Pete flipped him off and we got up.
"Jesus...don't need to have an attitude about it, I was just...sorry man." Pete was leading me to the basement, but then we remembered it was already packed in there, he sighed and it seemed he had an idea.
"ha, I bet we will have all the privacy in the world in here..." we entered the kitchen and I was being pulled towards the pantry.
"Pete...this is crazy..." I was saying before I was halted by his hungry lips. He had a way of making me forget, and I loved it.

A/N: we go again...i promise this is almost the end..possible the second from last chpter tears up
Anyways...i'd like to say that i have no idea how many siblins Pete
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