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Pregnancy urges in a tour bus!

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Alexandra goes on tour with Peter and the guys. And Pete reveals something about their first meeting.

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A/N: sorry for typos and stuff, things have been hetic and well... i always get a little over excited writing and end up writting too much, anyways...I'm sorry for the little bit of smutt in this chapter but with this being a new step with them it'd be cool to show how the'd deal with it... much love!!!
Obs: in this chapter she is 6 months along, not 4 like i had written

/February 2007/

Everything was happening so fast, I was getting ready to the most important phases of the pregnancy, now it was evident that I was pregnant seeing I had now a visible belly, since I was now 6 months along.
Pete was anxious to find out the gender, but I didn't want to know yet, I was just fine calling it just 'baby'.

I was still working with my friend and now we had moved to a real store. The place had gotten so famous that my friend asked me to partner her in the business, and now I'm a business woman, and Pete was even doing a joint design with my friend/partner Linda, it was a deal with the C. industries and we were hoping for the best.

The guys cd would be coming out and I was so excited to know what their fans were thinking, even tho I had been disappointed when it leaked, I was so proud of their record that I couldn't care less. I barely saw Pete that month and it was very hard on me to be without him during the sleepless nights, the awful urged to pee and of course the one urge that he had warned me about...
"Pete...I'm so horny it's not even funny! I wish you were here, you know..." was on of our conversation one night, two weeks before he'd be home, before another tour.
"I told you, it'd happen...what do you think about coming to me in the next tour? It'll be awesome sharing a bunk with my soon to be wife..." he has teased, Mrs Wentz and I had been crazy running around trying to set up stuff for the wedding. I had rented a dress, it was almost a champagne color, I wouldn't dare walk the isle, with a baby bump and wearing a white dress. It's not right!!! Anyways so most of the wedding stuff was being arranged by Mrs Wentz and myself, my grandma would be coming earlier with stuff to do some stuff for the intimate party we'd throw for our families. I couldn't wait for her to arrive, another interesting news was that Sally _my ex-host mom_ was also expecting and that surprisingly was now 7 months, she had told me she had been embarrassed when found out she was pregnant because of her age so she kept things under wraps but she was already showing a lot more than I was.

"I'm definitely not letting Alex go on tour with you, Peter! Are you insane? You guys don't have time to sleep, to eat, they travel by bus most of the time, and do you think this is going to be healthy for her or for the baby? Where are you going to find healthy food being on the road?"
Mrs Wentz was on the phone when I arrived home, it was definitely not the first time they were arguing over this same old subject. Even tho I knew Mrs Wentz was right, I could stay with the, for a week in the least...I really missed my fiancée.
After she was finished with the call I decided to make myself noticed as I came back from upstairs before putting my stuff away.
"Hey dear! I was just on the phone with Peter! He just doesn't listen, he will pest me until I give in what he wants..." she shook her head and patted my shoulders, making me look at her. I breathed deeply " I really wanted to come to the tour, you know. Even if for a week...I don't think it'd be a huge problem finding at least some homemade food, I can always cook macaroni and eat some tomato salad. Yeah, since the end of the 3º month I have been eating tomato salad almost everyday, there are moments when I can smell it in the air and just have to have it. It's totally crazy, anyways...
"Alexandra, I'm trying to think about your well being and the kid's too. Do you think you can cope with having no time for sleep, guys being obnoxiously loud in a tour bus? Sharing a tiny bathroom with a bunch of GUYS..." I shuddered at that, but I was still missing my boy.
"I miss Pete, a lot. I would face a week of this just to be with him. I just want to be close to him, at least for a week..." I looked up and she smiled at me.
"I really never imagined this boy would ever get his act together, you know. I'm so glad he found you...or that you let him find convinced me...go and call him because he was really upset with what I just told him about you NOT going on tour." I got up excitedly and hugged her whispering a 'thanks' and running for the living room.
Pete had been ecstatic by the news, in two days I'd be leaving.

"Alexaaaaaaaa" I heard from the distance the familiar voice of my soon to be husband and couldn't help by smile. I looked up and there he was, dark glasses, black sweat pants, a grey hoodie over a forest green t-shirt grinning as he came closer, his arms gathered me and pulled me from the floor spinning me around, making me giggle like crazy. When he finally put me back we both had huge grins in our faces.
"I missed you so much..." I started but was halted by a quick kiss on the lips.
He pulled apart smiling and held some my handbag as I wheeled my carry on luggage as we made our way towards the exit talking quietly about stuff.
In the car he opened the door for me as he went to put things in the trunk.
"I can't believe you are really here..." he said as he fastening his sit belt.
"me neither!" I looked at him longing, from the passenger sit, I put my hand in his knees and he covered mine with his. "So...are you excited for this?" he quickly looked at me, paying attention on the road ahead.
"Hell yes!! I'm seeing you for the first time since new years and you even left without telling me a goodbye..."I pouted bringing up an old riff we had in the beginning of the year.
"Aww baby...we've talked about this a 100 times!!" he brought my hands up for him to kiss. "I know we've already talked about this...but it's just...okay sorry for bringing it up..." "It's okay I understand why you'd bring it's just bad 'cause I know I should've woken you up." He sighed. He looked up at me and smiled, I knew we'd be okay anyways.

Life in a tour bus was chaotic. Now life in a tour bus for a pregnant woman was chaotic².
I'd wake up sweating at night and one the first night I was sure I was going to puke the baby out, Pete had held me that night, poor guy had been tired because of the night's concert and now I was keeping him awake, then I remembered that most of the time Pete was like Las Vegas, and never slept.
The second day was a little better and had been so much fun, the guys were great and were spoiling me, and it was the first fall out baby so they were over excited uncles!
"When he is supposed to start kicking?" asked Patrick as I lay in the couch reading a magazine. I looked up and smiled.
"I've read it happens around the 16 or 18 week, but since It's my first pregnancy everything can happens..." he nodded and seemed satisfied with the answer, but he was not finished.
"Can you feel the baby yet, I mean I saw the ultrasound pictures and it seemed so tiny but your stomach is" "I don't know how to explain this...I mean...I know he is here inside, but sometimes I don't feel any different than's weird." I giggled massaging my stomach slightly over my shirt, I didn't feel comfortable now a days to show my bare belly, last night Pete had come in the room, (we were sharing the little bedroom in the back of the bus while I was here, anyway) while I was changing and I was shirtless, my first instinct was to cover myself up. He had looked at me weirdly but since he was in a hurry he just kissed my forehead and fled.

The place was packed tonight, the fans had been wild and awesome, the guys were all smiles and I knew they'd be up for a while before letting the sleep take over.
"the guys want to go to a bar in the city...want to come along?" Pete asked me as he pulled his sweaty arm around my shoulder, I was comfortable with that, actually having him by my side all sweaty and hot had me a little spaced out, I guided the hand that rested in my arm to my hips and held his hand there as we made our way towards the bus, I put my face to his neck and darted my tongue out to lick under his right ear, startled he looked down at me.
"I'm all sweaty, baby...doesn't it bothers you?" he asked me peaking my lips a little his tongue grazing my bottom lip.
I looked up and him as he squeezed his hand that was in my hip, caressing a bit. To answer his questing I just shook my head, looking right in to his eyes, the corners of his mouth. We made our way inside of the bus and suddenly I got really shy when Pete pulled me to the room, he leaned in to kiss me but the urge had passed and I just turned away so he could kiss my cheek. He pulled out and tried again, this time he tried pulling me to him, but I didn't let him, I made my way to the bed and sat bringing my Ipod that rested in the side of the bed in a table. Pete huffed and suddenly started to take off his clothes, starting with his sweaty black hoddie, his shirt was glued to his body it seemed, I pretended to be listening to my music, eyes closed...or just barely.
Off came the shirt and I was starting to feel sweaty in my palms, my heart beating faster as the blood rushed towards the south side of my brain most likely. He opened the belt buckle of his pants and i groaned when he turned around, I knew I had been caught when I head him chuckling as he sat on the bed to take off his chucks, his back staring at me as I adjusted myself in the bed. Next thing I know he is up and taking his pants down leaving his naked butt to stare at me now, I groaned again this time trying to be more discrete when he turned towards me, Petey bending to the side a little and looking halfway excited, I bit my lip and turned around, ah so embarrassing.
I heard the click of the door and knew Pete had gone to the shower; I could finally let out a sign. I had read something about sex in the early stages of
The pregnancy and now that I was halfway through the6 month the usual position we were comfortable with was out of the picture since it could be a little too much for the baby, the problem was that I was not sure how to tell him that. Of course I've had my bold moments that I even blush just thinking about them but with the changes of my body and being for so long apart I was scared of not having the effect I used to have on him or just not being able to relax and enjoy. My breasts were really round now a days, they used to be pear sized I could just imagine what they'd look like in about two months or by the end of my pregnancy, then there were my tights that now looked a little fuller and I had seen Peter looking at them yesterday while we watched a movie, he had looked but he hadn't touched it what had made me a little self conscious so I had covered them up with a blanket, then there was my ass, that had grown in size but was somewhat tighter than before, strange.
I had never really cared for my stomach, it had never been flat and now it was my last concern, I'm sure Peter knew I'd be growing like this, but to me my budging stomach was just a beautiful consequence of the love we had shared.

My attention was draw suddenly by the door opening and Pete stepping in, in all his wet glory, chest glistening in water droplets, hair wet and combed back.
I licked my lips as he made his way to his luggage, pulling out some sweat pants and a sleeved red shirt. Pulling the shirt on, he unknotted the towel that hung around his slim waist, the towel was black and was hiding what was underneath, a fully aroused Petey jumped to attention and it certainly got mine, making me shiver all over. "Could you help me tame him? I can't get him down....I tried the cold shower, jerked off twice and nothing works..."he came over to where I was sitting before he pulled the sweat pants on, causing a tent to form. I really didn't know what to say, I was just speechless, the desire was too much to bear. I got on my knees and crawled to him, i touched his face, holding his head in my hands I kissed his forehead, then his nose sliding down to his upper lip biting it slowly, I straddled his hips and he accommodated me in his lap, leaning in to kiss me. His hand came under my shirt caressing my back up and down, looking for the clasp of my bra, he pulled back when didn't find it, I blushed remembering that I had been wearing a top since most of my bras were overflowing or just too tight.
"I haven't been wearing regular bras lately...I'm gonna have to buy some a little sizes bigger." I whispered blushing and he helped me discarding my shirt, pulling it over my head, my little pink top was showing that my nipples seemed to be poking through and he leaned in to kiss them leaving the trail of his mouth in the fabric, I shuddered watching him start a little nibbling in my left nipple, my left hand held his shoulder as the other caressed his arm not really knowing where to place it.
"They look so good..." Pete said as he finally pulled out the top out of my head, he went straight for the kill, caressing, kissing and fondling and I couldn't hold my hips still as we started grinding our hips ever so slowly, my lips searched his and he kissed me hungrily and heatedly making me moan, my hand had found their way towards his sweats and I was now caressing the tip of his manhood that was escaping through the waist of his sweats, the kiss got more intense and in a few moments we were in a heavy foreplay, finger and mouths searching, sweating, as his pants were thrown somewhere in the room, this time I was sure we wouldn't stop like we did in the pantry on Christmas, that day we had fooled around and nothing more, I think that's why things have been a little tense since I arrived here, every touch, every look had me fanning myself, and here we were close to actually dimming the fire.
Our kisses were so heated, open mouthed kisses as we tried to hold on, breathing loudly; Pete seemed to be extra caressing my belly and my sides now he was controlling the intensity of our grinding since we had been practically pounding on one another.
"Now...Pete...I can't take this anymore..."I moaned in his ear, finally he pulled my panties all the way down my legs and was turning me down, on the bed, I sat up "We will have to find another position we can't this one anymore..." I tried to explain while he kissed me, nodding wordlessly pulling me to his lap again, I straddled him and he sat with his back to the headboard, still kissing he held my hips, guiding himself to me he teased me a bit, I bit my lip, I wouldn't protest, I ground my hips down and he left out a cry. I grinned; doing it again he hissed pulling his face to the crack of my shoulders.
"We can't be too loud, the guys are in the front... and ...." I had impaled myself in him, making both of us moan loudly, I pulled my mouth to his ear.
"God I think we went a little overboard, I whispered. Reaching behind him I pulled a pillow and placed it on his tights so I could lean back a bit and get comfortable, I looked at him and he was staring at my tights caressing both with desire.
I was still learning all the tricks of this position but I was doing better than before when he had to guide me through it.
"Pete...I'm tiring..."I whispered about 10 minutes later, I had my eyes closed my head leaned back as his hand held on my hips.
"I noticed...come here...lay down on my chest..."he pulled me to his chest and turned us around his leg resting on top of mine. We lay side by side breathing heavily, I sighed when he pulled in again, this time he'd be doing most of the work and I was glad.
The new position allowed us to calm down and go slow, taking in every sigh, every moan and the proximity as my chin rested on his shoulder and his mouth rested close to my ear, my hand held on his shoulder blades, caressing it, I looked down at us and our bodies were like a paint.
I reached on the side and pulled the blanket that was underneath my pillow I covered our bodies as things started to heat up, Pete pulled my leg a little over his hips making me dig my finger nails in his back.
We were just so close...
"Peter...your mother's on...thephon..." my face was buried in Pete's chest so i stopped my movements but Pete just kept going....
"Get OUT here Trohman..." he shouted and started chuckling coaxing me to move along with him, as we heard the door close.
"'s now or never...he won't tell anyone..."he looked at me pleading with me, as his eyes suddenly shut tightly I did the same knowing what was close to happen, my body flush to his as he delicately held my tight a little to the side as he pulled me along with him in the island of pure ecstasy.

"I'm so glad you pulled this blanket over us..." was the first thing i heard when i came out of my haze and chuckled.
"oh i'm so embarrassed Pete! How's this going to happen? My leg was practically hanging out the blanket and God this sucks..." i snuggled in his chest kissing it, he looked up at me and kissed my chin.
"Uhm now Joe got a real glimpse of what he lost..."Pete mused.
"What do you mean?" I questioned. "He was the one that pointed you to me in the crowd a little before the flashing incident. He had even made a comment back in the restaurant that you were hot and seemed genuine. I had been totally entranced by you by then but i feared he'd make a move before i could so...i did what i did..." he chuckled telling me the story i had never heard. So Joe had been interested too? That's crazy, now i was even more mortified.
Knock, knock

"Love birds, sex is not allowed in the bus!!!" it was Patrick.
Then another knock "Be careful to not poke the child with that thing, Petahh!!" said Andy, then we heard them laughing at us...i looked at Pete and laughed.
"Let's go take a shower, stop blushing...."he kissed my forehead and got up taking me with him.
Living in a tour bus was definitely an experience!
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