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Meeeee and You Setting in a honeymoon

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March: The wedding and finding out the gender of the baby!!

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A/N: I just noticed today that i had written last chapter saying Alexa was 4 months along, she got pregnant in August so in february she was 6 months along!


Things seemed to be going really fast and the preparations for the wedding were in the last adjustments. I was had being working a lot and dealing with being pregnant for 29 weeks!! So much had happened the baby had kicked for the first time on my last day on tour, actually he had kicked Pete while we hugged in the airport, I had been so emotional I had cried, what had made things even more special was that both of us had experienced it together.
Nowadays I'd dream a lot with what the baby would look like, believe me that one of these days I dreamed he looked like Hemmingway, what had obviously freaked me out and Pete found it just awesome. We had decided that we'd wait until Pete was back home for the wedding (on the 25th -a Sunday) to go together to the doctor and see the gender of the baby, during the appointments I 'd avoid looking at the baby to see the gender, but I'd watch out for the limbs and bones in general, last time it had been sucking on it's thumb.

I was definitely nervous, that's what was going through my head the moment my limo stopped right in front of the church, my dress seemed to be a little too tight around the neck, or so it seemed like. Everyone was raving about how gorgeous I looked, and I must admit I felt beautiful, I was emotional but my heart was all fluttery, I knew Pete had been in town for two days and no one let me see him, he had been staying at Patrick's house.
Mrs Wentz had been fussing over me, I had been a little to over excited to eat and she had been on my case constantly, my grandmother and her had gotten along pretty well and I was glad. My parents had come the day before on the 24th and were staying in a hotel downtown. My dad looked so proud when he saw me, even tho he had been a little mad when found out about my pregnancy he now understood that I was marrying the man I loved and he couldn't do anything to change that.

When the doors of the church opened up I could see him, drying his sweaty palms in the back of his dark suit, he looked amazing and off course his make up was impeccable as well as his sideway bangs the only difference was that he looked happy.
My father nudged me as the weeding march started, I knew exactly when Pete noticed me, his eyes locked with mine from the distance and he smiled.
We made our way towards the altar and suddenly I wasn't nervous anymore and that made way for happy tears, finally it was time and my father gave me away to Pete, who nervously tried to wipe away some of my tears, kissing my forehead, I could hear 'Awww' from behind me so I looked back and giggled looking up to Pete, he had a smile on his face as well.

The ceremony had been very pleasant and didn't take long; soon the groom was kissing the bride and well patting the baby. After that we made our way to the place where we'd be holding a little party.
"You look amazing, my beautiful wife..."he said kissing me again.
"Ah I can say the same for you my beautiful husband!" I teased kissing his nose.
"Your mother and my grandmother were tearing up half way through the end, it was so funny..." I giggled at the memory looking at him, straight in the eye.
"Yeah, it was awesome, your father did cry too, you know...I would glance his way now and then to make sure he wasn't going to skin me alive in front of everybody or something." I laughed at the face Pete made.
"He would never do that, Pete...he is not that bad you know..." the car pulled up to the ranch where the party would be held, we had chosen it because I loved the open space it had so since we had decided to have a early wedding, it was scheduled to be a lunch thing since these days I was nothing after 8 pm so I could enjoy the party without problem.
I guess everybody had a good time at the party some had been in the pool, they also had a basketball, volleyball court so there was lots of things to do.
The night was falling when we were about to cut the huge wedding cake, my family had the tradition of huge cakes so I was sure everybody would have the chance of tasting it. There was a little commotion and I looked behind seeing Pete, Joe, Andy and Patrick coming running towards the little stage set up and that's when I noticed that there was instruments set up in there, what made me frown a little, Mr Wentz came to my side and placed his hand in my shoulder smiling at me, I was lost of what was happening exactly.

My answers were answered when the opening notes of /I'm like a lawyer..."/started to play, and I felt the baby kicking right away, he seemed to love Patrick's voice now a days, I think Patrick would just love to know that...anyways...the guys played the song so beautifully and my eyes brimmed with tears, Pete was looking straight at me not really pulling any stunts this time. They sung another song and that's when I let the tears fall down my face, it was our song and my heart swelled with memories...good and bad ones, but I knew that this was just the first step and that married life meant that you have to find a reason to fall in love with that person everyday.

Pete and I went to a hotel for our honeymoon that was sweet in every aspect, we had lazed around until a little after noon, when we finally decided to get up showering and stuff for out appointment with Dr Lucca, Pete couldn't stop talking about it as we made out way to the clinic.
"...and I swear that if it's a boy he will play football and I'm going to watch every game he plays..."I laughed as he made plans for his future as a super dad he wanted to become, he says he wants to be a father but wants to be also the best friend and I knew he would.

I lay in the bed, my belly exposed with the cold transparent jelly glistening on top of it as we started the 3d ultrasound to check on the baby. It was now or never.
Pete seemed to be eating his right hand while his left one held onto mine.
"So...what's it..." he whispered out.
The doctor remained quiet but then she turned the monitor for us and she had highlighted his 'sex' for us to see.
"Oh God...It's a boy!" Pete acted like his mature self and started jumping around, I gasped and felt the baby contracting I could see he was moving from the monitor.
"Seems like someone is already pretty attached to daddy, he just tried some stunt here..."said Dr Lucca amused as Pete laughed watching the monitor closely now... "This is so awesome...this is the second time I come with her and I wow...he has grown so much..." he put his hand to the side of his face and I smirked, then it happened his voice got husky and shaky.
"Awww come here..." I opened my arms and he leaned in his face in the crook of my neck, my hand caressing his back.
"You guys are so cute, have you thought of names yet?" Dr Lucca asked.
"No, not yet! We were waiting for today..." I beamed as Pete lifted his head.
"I've had a name in my head for a while...I like Phillipe." I looked at him and smiled "Philippe...I like Leo." I smiled. "Well what do you think...Philippe Leon." I made a face then nodded, I still had to get used to it, it was a different but cute name.
"Aww it sounds nice, can I write it in here?" Dr. Lucca asked.
I looked at Pete as he nodded.

"Finally my son has a name..."Pete chuckled as he opened the door of the car for me. I had in my purse pictures of our baby to show the grandmas and great-grandma.
"I like the way his name sounds...Philippe Leon, it's nice." I chuckled as Pete turned around and kissed me, turning back towards the wheel we made our way to my mother in law's house.
"Pete...where are we going to live when the baby is born?" I had to ask that.
"I was thinking maybe you could stay with my mom for a while and maybe after the baby is born and all we could start looking for a place for us..." he said watching the road ahead.
"I don't want to impose Pete...I mean you know I love your mom and Dad...but I think they must be tired of me..." I shrugged.
"Nah, they love you! I bet that if they heard this they'd freak out for sure, especially my mom and you know it!" he said as he turned to me once we stopped at one red light.
"Yeah, I guess you are right..." and he was.
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