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I'ma get get...get it popping...

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April See has one month left and things are getting too heavy for her, but this time Pete is right there to hepkp her through the last months of her pregnancy

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"I look like a goddamn cow!" I yelled when I couldn't find an outfit that could actually fit. At 8 months now I looked huge and well, my clothes didn't fit me like I wish they would. I was tired of dresses and sweats, my husband was arriving home and I wanted to look sexy but I wasn't so lucky!
Just to top that I couldn't drive anymore and Mrs Wentz was downstairs waiting for me so we could go and pick Pete in the airport.
There was a knock in the door and I sighed and told whoever it was to come in softly, it was Mrs Wentz with s juicy pair of pants, I looked at her and she had sympathy in her eyes.
"Here sweety, he loves these pants in you..." she handed me the pants and I smiled tearfully.
"My belly is going to hang out..." I pouted.
"Well, why don't you match it with that beautiful baby pink smock you have, we can get a cute little tie and lace it around your belly so it looks sexy..." I brightened at the idea; I had a pink scarf that could fit.

At the airport we passed by a group of girls and one with a ring in her nasal septum glared at me then with that classical side smirk she gave me the finger, all I could do was stare at her and pray she wouldn't come closer. Mrz Wentz was coming a little behind me as I had come right in since we were running a little late, seeing a little agglomeration of people near the disembark area I noticed it was Pete signing autographs and such and I wasn't sure of I should approach.
"So you really got married? OMG! This is actually true..." I heard one of the girls saying, she was probably around 16yrs old and I thought she was going to cry as she stared at his wedding band, Pete smiled and nodded his head.
"yeah it's true...I'm married and soon I'm going to be a daddy..." he had a boyish smile on his face and my heart melted, he looked up adjusting his bangs as he handed one of the girls her note pad back, that's when he saw me and his whole face brightened.
"And here comes my family..." it seemed that everybody turned around to look at me and I was glad I had dressed up a bit.
"Omg! She looks huge already..." I cringed, some people were SO nice.
"She looks like she is ready to pop!" oh another good one.
"She looks good, Pete congratulations, man!" said one of the girls smiling at me. I came closer and smiled at everybody, I reached for one of his hand bags on the floor and picked it up.
"You are not supposed to carry any extra weight, Alexa." He picked the back pack from my hand I turned around to the girls.
"Can we take a picture with you?" the nice-one said, blushing.
I looked at her and then at Pete.
"Only if you promise that this picture won't be on the internet with added horns in my head and a tail coming from behind me..." we laughed and she shook her head, stepping forward she handed her camera to one of her friends and Pete stood in the middle hugging me and the girl.
Turned out that I looked pretty good in the picture, we said goodbye to them and made our way to the exit as we met with Mrs Wentz by the car waiting for us. They hugged while I sat in the back of the car, making myself comfortable.
I probably got too comfortable because next thing I know I woke up in the arms of my husband in our bed, his chest rising and falling peacefully as he slept. I placed my hand in my belly and it was quiet, the doctor said the baby now has sleeping patterns; I wondered if the whole family unit had been napping and chuckled resting my head back on his chest I let myself fall sleep again, it was so good having him home, I sighed.

I was in the kitchen heating up a lasagna_ yeah it was a dietetic lasagna, but I wasn't complaining_ when Pete came downstairs, he had been home for a week now and we couldn't be happier, too bad that next week I'd go back to work and he'd start doing some work on his own. It was a Sunday and I was 34 weeks along, May was close and I was starting to get a little anxious.
"Hey mamma!" he came closer and held me from behind his hands coming to rest on top of my belly.
"So I had been talking to an agent that is looking for houses not really far from here, he even sent me some files and pictures of the places he found...would you like to go check out some of these places?" his chin resting in my shoulder as I placed my hands on top of his.
"Oh, yes, I'd love that!" I said excited!!
"okay...when we are finished eating we can get dressed and go.
"There's regular lasagna in the fridge..." he let go and made his way to get the other lasagna.
"You know...last night I read that baby book, that you had on the night stand and wow, it's crazy...lost of things are going to happen next month...I'm glad that I'm going to be here to make you go through everything..." he smiled at me placing the dish on the counter.
"Yeah, he is preparing for the outside world. You can't imagine how happy I am that you are going to be by my side at this point. What else did you read in the book?" I took my hot dish out of the microwave and replaced with his, as we sat around the kitchen table.
"About massages that you are supposed to do and some gel that you should use on your belly and stuff, I think I could help you with the massages you says that the father should participate and I don't know why you never mentioned anything." he smirked seeing me blush.
"Oh you know damn well why I didn't mention anything...did you read how it's supposed to be the massage? Dr Lucca said it'd be good for me to do it, since it's my first pregnancy and I'm young and I should be prepared for a normal childbirth.
"I did read and I don't see the big deal in it, I even googled it to see details and stuff, it says it's supposed to help, in my opinion we should try it, if you feel uncomfortable we don't do it again." We were talking about the gross perineum massage and I wasn't too found of the thought of it.

That week had been in 6 different houses, I was exhausted but we had found the place that we'd start our life together, it had been love on first sight, the first thing I wanted to see was the basement and it was just awesome, Pete loved it too seeing it had a bathroom and tow different rooms we could use. It was a two story house and there were 4 bedrooms, in which two were suits and there was a decent living room, a regular sized kitchen, 1 bathroom upstairs and a restroom downstairs. The backyard was awesome and it had a pool and a place for barbeque. I had said it'd be expensive, Pete said it wasn't a mansion, it wasn't fancy and that he wanted the house so he was going to sign the papers and was already making plans to make some changes in the place.
I couldn't argue with him about that.

One afternoon Pete came by the mall to pick me up, but the image of my husband coming towards the shop holding tons of shopping bags was nothing I had expected.
"Pete!! Did you buy the whole mall!!" I joked peering at the bags.
"I bought baby stuff..." he announced smiling lightly.
"Aw. What did you buy? Anything cute?" I came closer to him embracing him laying my head on his chest.
"Everything is cute! Are you done here? I want to take you home..."he kissed the tip of my nose as I asked the employee to close up for the night.

"You have got to be kidding me!" I laughed when he pulled out little baby boy slippers, they were so cute...but this one was had FOB engraved in the bottom. "Actually I didn't buy these in the mall, I had picked them up in a secret place...what do you think?" he said pulling up a small clandestine hoodie, it was so awesome.
"This is amazing! Philippe is not born yet but you are already showing the amazing father you are going to be..." I kissed his forehead and he pulled me to him.
"So...are you up for some spooning tonight?" he whispered in my year, I knew exactly what he meant, he wanted some and since spooning was one of the only positions that I felt comfortable doing every now and then we'd get intimate in that position.
"I don't know...I'm kinda tired but if you come shower with me and massage my back I can be up for it later..." Mrs Wentz barged in without knocking, again. Last night she had come in and we had been kissing his hands caressing my breasts inside my shirt, let's say that it was a very embarrassing moment!
"Dinner is ready, kids!!" she smiled then closed the door.
"She is just mad because we are moving out when our house is ready and set. I bet she'd love to help us to raise Philippe, she is a great mom but this is your turn..." he said whispering.
"Yeah, I understand...kinda..." I smiled but inside I knew that I'd miss being here too. Me and Mrs Wentz have been inseparable for what? 6months or so... It wouldn't be easy to become a house wife and a mamma at the same time, but I wanted to try, I was willing to.
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