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You, you're some kind of miracle

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Philippe is born and a happy ending. Thanks everyone for reading!

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A/N: Finally things came together in my head and here it is. I'm sorry for those who thinks it sucks! I swear i tried to give all my best in this chapter! Please let me know what you think!


The baby was finally settled under my pelvis now, and Dr Lucca said that he'd keep on kicking and punching like before, at least now I could breathe easier.
But in the other hand i had to pee every hour or less, since it was pushing on my bladder.

In my last appointment Pete and I were told that now was a good time to have some time together to enjoy the last moments of the pregnancy since the baby would be coming shortly and we'd have to share the attention with him.
So Pete decided we needed to spend a day together, so the day after he started by cooking me breakfast and bringing it in our bed, telling me that he already had made reservations in a restaurant for lunch.
"We don't need to go to a restaurant, Pete..." I caressed his cheek as I chewed on the toast he made for me.
"Why not? You deserve this, baby! Soon you will be breastfeeding, changing diapers and stuff, we should at least have some time together." He smiled as I frowned at him.
"Ha What makes you think that you won't change diapers? I know the breastfeeding task is all mine but changing diapers can be done by both of us." I laughed at his disgusted face.
"Really? Well, I bet my mom will gladly do it for you...and for me..."he grinned as he got up heading for the bathroom.
"I'm going to take a shower so we can head out...."
Deep inside I knew once the baby was in his hands he'd do anything...even changing diapers.

I reached 36 weeks of gestation, I was now feeling ready to pop, and was much more emotional than before, one morning Pete had got out of the shower and had forgot to put his towel in the bathroom hanging, he left it on the bed, creating a wet spot and that was enough to piss me off terribly since it was the third time that week.
"Peter !!!" I yelled from upstairs, making my way slowly downstairs, towel in hands.
I reached the kitchen and there he was talking to his mom eating his cereal.
"Peter!! It's like the 3º time I tell you not to leave wet towels on the bed!! Is it just so difficult to understand?" I started crying my hands shaking as I tried not to choke while talking.
"Baby!! Calm down..." he got up and held me as I shook. "hey...look at me...I'm sorry I forgot, okay? Won't happen least I'll try to not let it happen as long as you are pregnant." He chuckled and I hit his chest, pouted and walked back upstairs, fuming.
That afternoon had been hell, Mrs Wentz had come up to talk to me after I refused to have lunch, Pete had tried to talk to me but I had dismissed him twice before his mom had showed up.

"Sweetie, this is so little compared to everything you've been through together..." she held my hands as I cried in her shoulder. "...this can't be just all about the wet towel..." I pouted and nodded. Actually it wasn't ALL about the wet towel but I didn't want to really bring on the real reason, now it was too late.
"Actually the other day when we were out Pete checked this girl out and he really thought I wasn't looking, we were at the grocery store and felt awful that I just couldn't bring it up...they even shared glances...I ..." I broke down again crying, it was obvious that it had bothered me and that my physical situation didn't help it.
"Oh my! Honey! Men are bound to look to other girls, I know it hurts but it happens and not only because you are pregnant or not, it's their nature!" after that she smiled and made her way downstairs and not to far after Pete had come and sat on the edge of the bed cracking his knuckles;

"So...can we talk now?" he looked up at me.
"yeah, okay..." I nodded and looked towards the window avoiding contact.
"What's wrong, my love... I wanna fix it...I swear that if it's something in my power that I'll make it better..." he came to my side, his hand caressing my face making me look at him, finally.

"I feel like I'm not exactly what you need anymore...I don't know...I saw you eyeing other woman the other day, and yesterday that girl at the grocery you almost ate her with your eyes..."I sobbed in his chest he looked stunned.
"God, Alexa, baby...this is not really what you thought she had been eyeing you and I thought it was odd, then she started eyeing me and stuff I was just glaring at her, she even took a picture of us grocery shopping. I was definitely not attracted to her, God, I'm so fucking attracted to you..." he chuckled then continued. "...I always thought it was funny when guys said their wives were even sexier when pregnant and I doubted a woman could look sexy with a belly this size, but you proved me wrong. Sometimes at night I'll feel like I need to make love to you...just to make sure we enjoyed this pregnancy fully but I know you are tired or is uncomfortable and things like that..." he kissed my forehead as he sexily whispered the last part on my ear, making me shiver. It's been a while and even tho I had been a little afraid to maybe make love at this point but I had an itch I wanted him to scratch for me.

We had showered and now some mellow music played in the background, we lay in the bed after a little time making out standing up. I had been ready for sometime and faster than before, he was surprised at how fast I had gotten ready for this.
"I think you really missed this..." he chuckled in my ear breathing heavily as I lay with my back to his chest as my hand got him ready and he touched my breasts.
"I did...I missed the intimacy and touching you..." my eyes half closed trying to breathe and enjoying the feeling of being loved by my husband.

He turned me around facing him, by this time my knees were a little swollen and sensible so he decided that it'd be better if I lay facing the other side, a pillow in my upper body so I wouldn't crush my over sensible breasts.

The love making had been gentle and sweet, he had whispered sweet nothings in my ears for the whole time and different from the last time I had feslt like I was soaring, tears running down my face as the feeling made me smile.

After that I had slept, Pete had combed my hair a little back and had kissed the side of my face as I drift off.
I woke up and noticed it was getting dark, I felt a slight cramp in my belly. With my hand I reached down under the sheets to touch my belly to see if it was the baby moving or something but found I was leaking. Startled I looked on my side to see Pete was lying on his side, a smirk on his face as he slept.

I took deep breaths and tried to remain calm. I had read about orgasm triggering labor, I had read about cramps after and I had even experienced them before but now I was thinking that I had my water broke.
" water broke!!" I tried to wake him up shaking him lightly. He turned around eyes still closed smiling in his sleep.
"Uhm I'll give you more woman, just let me wake up..." he mumbled and I couldn't help but chuckle.
"Pete...Philippe wants OUT!!" I said in his ear, again feeling a contraction in my abdominal area.

Pete opened his eyes finally and looked at me blinking.
"Who?" he asked groggily, "My water broke and our baby is ready to come out it seems..." I smiled through the pain as Pete jumped out of the bed, holding his head like a mad man... he opened the door, forgetting he was naked.
"MOM!!! Alexa's water broke!" he yelled, closed the door and made his way towards the closet, I made my way to the closet too slowly predicting that at anytime his parents would come in and catch me naked.
"baby are you supposed to be up like this? Go sit down..." he pulled his pants on and reached for my arm, I got come clothes and entered the bathroom, leaving the door unlocked.
"Where is she?" I heard from the room as Mrs Wentz made her way in.
I tried to shower fast feeling another little contracting hitting me.
I dressed in some flowery dress I had picked for the time I was ready to go to the maternity and put some panties on, I couldn't brush my hair tho so I just pulled my hair back and let it fall over my shoulders in one side.
"here I am!" I smiled as I made my way in the room, seeing mr wentz gathering all my bags that lay ready by the closet.
"Where's Pete?" I asked, I never thought I'd be so calm and serene.
"Oh he is downstairs getting the baby sit ready in the car." She looked at me and smiled, her eyes were brimming with tears, I came towards her and hugged her as best as I could.
"Oh women!! What are you guys doing?" Pete came in and got the bags from his mom as he looked at us like we were from another planet, his hair was wild and his shirt was backwards, I chuckled as he made his way downstairs.
"We better not let him drive..." said his mom as we chuckled.

About 20 minutes later we arrived in the hospital, the elder Wentz were up front as Pete and I were in the back seat, I was having fun as my husband made sure to call everyone to let them know that it was time, he even called my parents and I spoke to them quickly before we pulled up to the maternity.

I got checked in and Dr Lucca was on her way, I had changed my clothing and was put in a room to rest as we waited for the doctor, Pete sat by my side.
His hands were shaking as he held his cell phone and a camera.
"Can I take a picture of how nervous Daddy looks?" I tried to lighten the mood. He looked up me and chuckled nervously.
"Nah, I'll take a picture of the mommy tho, she looks so pretty and calm in this pinky gown." He got up and took two pictures of me. Mrs Wentz had helped me to braid my hair in the side and it fell in my shoulder.
"You look stunning baby, there's a happy glow around you..."he held my hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it lightly.
"Hello!!! I see the whole Wentz clan is here!!" Dr Lucca came through the door smiling, she got close to the bed and took my hand.
"How are you feeling? When did it start?" she asked.
I told her and blushed when got to the part of when it started.
"Oh...there's a blush creeping in your cheeks so I guess, you guys were having sex or something?" she asked "Actually it was after..." Pete answered.
"Okay then, at least you guys can say you enjoyed this till the last minutes." She chuckled, after that she went to examining me. Looking for my dilatation, "Uhm...we are going to be here for a while, uh. The water really broke but we will depend on how much your dilatation grows in the next 2 hours. Seems like he he is coming just a few days before the due date, seeing that today is the 18th and I had programmed him to be born at lest by the 28th" She pulled my gown back down and headed for the door saying that she'd be back.
The next two hours were just very uncomfortable as I felt the contractions growing, Pete had held my hand the whole time, he would dry my sweaty face as things started to get rough for me.
Dr Lucca came back with a smile on her face.
"Oh yeah, I see things are looking good now..." How could she dare smile and say things were looking good!
"It's time honey, Peter if you'd like to watch the labor just head down this hall and get ready." She called some nurses that came smiling at me to wheel me to the labor room, I let my head fall back and smiled through my pain.

I had never been in so much pain before, but as I looked up and I didn't know who was more scared, me or Pete...his face was pale and he looked down at the doctor as he held my hand in his, my thoughts were interrupted by the insistent command that I should push, I did push.
"Okay one more time now...his head is crowning here." I just wanted to get this over with so I could finally look at him so I pushed with everything I had in me, and was glad when nothing gross happened since I had herd so many bizarre labor stories...anyways.
I head the sound of his crying and I let my head fall to the side. I looked up and he was coming towards me his body covered in a blue sheet, they laid him in my chest, his face in my neck, this baby was not tiny at all. Paranoid I counted his fingers and took notice of his features, definitely he had his father's eyebrows. That made me remember that my husband was somewhere in the place. I looked up and he had taken off the little thing that he had in his head and he looked in awe at us, his eyes red and puffy. The other nurse he had asked to take pictures during the labor was now taking pictures of me and the baby.
"Go daddy, I'll take the first family picture!" he came towards us and he put his hand on top of mine holding our son's little hand together as we smiled as the flash went off.

It had been one month now, Philippe was a star.
His father couldn't complete a sentence without mentioning him.
I had been so happy too, the baby was calm and hardly fussed too much at night. But as suspected he was a hungry little thing. Every time I'd be holding him he'd pout and aimlessly search for the source of his nourishment.
I couldn't even begin to tell about the grandparents, my mom and grandmother had fly in to see the baby, the next day almost, they had been here for three weeks and I was now adjusting with just Mr Wentz to help. She had been awesome too, like I expected she had helped me so much.
I had been clueless at first on breastfeeding even tho, I had participated in a class to learn how to do it, I had been completely lost when it came down to the real thing.

As for Peter, he had been just amazing, sometimes I'd be so tired in the first week and he'd help me bathing the baby and would keep him for a bit so I could rest or nap for a while.
My body was adjusting now so we had a pattern now finally, the only thing was that now Pete was back on being and insomniac and would stay up at night and look after the baby, I'd wake up sometimes and he'd be writing furiously in his laptop or son some random piece of paper as he sat by the baby's crib.
One night the baby had cried and he had changed his diaper on his own not even making noise and putting Philippe back to sleep, I had only been awake by him to feed the baby when it was time.

The fans had gotten the news that he was a father of a pretty baby boy, he had even posted a picture of Philippe and him sleeping in the rocking chair, it was the cutest picture ever, he had even credited me by saying that the 'wifey' had taken the picture. Then there was a picture with his crazy uncles, the picture was the cutest thing ever, as Patrick held the baby while Joe and Andy leaned in with smiles on their faces, I had even told Patrick he would be a good momma and that maybe it was time to start looking for a mate.
"Oh yes! I guess you are right! Uh I just need a sperm donator...and since your husband makes such cute babies do you think I could borrow him?" I laughed and swatted at his behind playfully.

It was time for Pete to go back to his life of rich and famous.
So I'd take pictures of the baby and send every night. He had made me promise that I'd do it so I did.
Philippe was now 2 months old and things were going great, he was such a sweet heart and seemed to notice when I started to miss his daddy.
Mrz Wentz sometimes would take him so I could go check in the store or take a walk around to go back to my old shape, but I couldn't stand to be far from my baby for too long, actually I was starting to go back to my shape, of course now my hips were a little bit fuller but my breasts were looking good and I had no complains on it.

Our house was finished and I had no desire to move before Pete was back from the tour, Mrs Wentz made sure to let me know that she was glad with my decision since she was so attached to Philippe already.
My permanent visa was ready finally and now I was a north American citizen.
Funny how things work out, I had come here to spend only a year...I'd never thought I'd find the man of my dreams here. I had come strictly to work and to improve my English, I thought I had the whole trip planned out but I guess i didn't.

The doorbell rang and I went to open the door, Philippe was asleep in his crib in his room, since we had come to our house that afternoon to get some things ready since Pete would be coming in two weeks, we wanted to move in right away. It was Saturday and it was exactly 1month and half that Pete was gone, the day was a little bit chilly and I was distracted putting together the pictures in the big frame I had given Pete at Christmas. Now it was exactly how I had imagine, our first date picture, then the picture from when he asked me to be his official girlfriend, then us in brazil at the beach, our wedding picture, me and Pete holding each other while I was still pregnant and finally the picture we took after Philippe Leon was born.
I looked at the peep hole and gasped pulling the door open I was engulfed in the warmest hug ever, as my smiley husband held me.
"What are you doing here..." I whispered pulling back to look at him, he pulled me back inside the house.
"I missed you guys so much I asked the guys if it was okay to cancel a radio show this morning since we don't have anything tomorrow I thought I could make the time to come see my family, my mom said you guys were here, so I left my stuff in there and come straight here to see you..." he kissed me, all his passion and love coming through the kiss. I pulled back and gasped.
"Help me put this picture frame in place please?" I went to the center table and held out the frame, he took it from me and smiled as he looked at it.
"I've never been this happy before you know...I guess this really shows all of the most important moments in our relationship, too bad some of them are just going to be in our memory..." he winked at me, he hang the frame I watched lying my head in his back, hearing his heart beating fast. That's when we heard Philippe crying.
"Oh my baby knows his daddy has arrived!! I'm coming baby!!" he smiled and took two steps at time upstairs.
I sighed and looked back at the frame; I knew it was just telling the start of a beautiful story.

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