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5. Vamps or what?

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Please rewiev or I don't know if I'm gonna keep writing.

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Frankies POV
They took me to a cellar. Everything was dark, I didn't even have a window.
I don't know how long I was there, but after a while the man came back.
"I have something to show you."
We went to a room with loads of paper.
"This is why we know everything about you. Everything about you is written on this papers. You are one of the chosen."
"One on the chosen? What do you mean, one of the chosen?"
"Yes, when you were born we decided that you were going to be one of us some say. And we have decided that the time is right to tell you who we are and why you are important."
I didn't get a thing. What was he talking about.
One of the chosen? I don't wanna be one of the chosen.
I didn't take that nightbus only to get kidnapped by som freak.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Lector."
Great, that was so revealing.
"And I'm the leader of our group."
Was this some kind of sect of what?"
"What group?"
"I am a vampire, Frank. We'v e kidnapped you because you were born on Halloween. It was fullmoon the night you were born. You are a very important person. We can't afford to loose you."
"Why is it so important that I was born on Halloween."
"Because everyone in this group is born an a important day. I was born on Christmas eve, that's makes me the most powerfull person in our group.
"Wait... If I'm so important, then why did you kick me before?"
"We didn't know if you had discovered your powers yet, so we didn't know if you were planning to use them."
"So now are you are going to transfore me into a vampire?.. No thanx."
"You don't have much choice, Frank."
"Well, I've never begged for this to happen."

Great, why did my cell always ring when I was trying to get some sleep. I rushed up in case that it was Frankie.
"Is this Elizabeth?"
"Hi, my name is Sondra Wellington and I'm calling from NYPD."
"We have something that you'd might be interested of."
"Okay, I'll be there in a minuite."
"Okay, don't forget to ask for Sondra Wellington."
I put on my black jeans and a the red t-shirt that Frank had made for me who was saying " Homophobia is gay"
It reminded me of Frank and I started to cry again. Why did always the bad things happen to me. I don't wanna sound bitter, but it was true.
My mum died when I was eleven and now I was left with a violent drinking dad. The only thing I had except from Frank was my littlebrother Kevin. I protected him with my life from my father.
I woke up from my daydreaming and relised that I was in front of the building.
I went in and walked to the information.
"Hello, I'm locking for Sondra Wellington."
"It's the first office in the corridor to the left."
"Kay, thank you.
I knocked on the door and a young woman opened the door.
"Hi, you must be Elizabeth."
"Yes. Hi."
"Well, be my guest and have a seat.
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