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6. The escape

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Frankies POV
I ran. I ran the fastest I can. I stumbled, got up again. And I ran even faster. I've never been so scared before.
I heard something. And now I saw it to. A road. Finally. I stumbled down on the road and catched a breath. God, I was so tired.
I started to walk. I hoped that they had lost me.
I checked my cell if I had any connection.

"So, what is it that you've found?" I said nervously.
"Well, it is a wallet. And we want you to identify it."
I wondered if the picture of me and Frankie when we were kids still was there. I opened it and found it. We were so small. How old could we have been? 7, 8?
I looked up at her and said
"It's Franks wallet, definitely."
"Are you sure?"
"Well, he has always had a picture of us two in hos wallet, and it's still in there, so if someone hasn't stole the picture and bought a similar wallet, it's Franks.
By the way. Where did you find it?
"We found in the forest next to the busstop in Newark.
We have looked everywhere. Since he left a note who said that he was heading back to Belleville, we thought that he must have taken the nightbus, and since there is only one nightbus that heads back to Belleville, we new where to look.
We have searched through the forests and through all the buses that possibly had been going that night.
We have also interwieved the busdriver. And all he can remember is that a tall, pale, big guy jumped on the bus when they stopped at the Apocalypse alley.
"We are doing everything we can to find him. And I promise we'll do. Dead or alive."
"Thank you." I said and walked out of the room.

Frankies POV
I walked and walked. I started to see more hills instead of trees.
I checked my cell and finally I had connection.
I tried to call Ely. No answer.
"What the fuck." I mumbeled to myself.
I had no idea where I was. Noone was answering their phones. And my batterie was almost dead. Great. I kept walking and after a while I came to a motorway.
I tried to get a lift, but who'd pick me up? I was a total wreck.
I hadn't been sleeping for like three days and all of my clothes was all messy.
Suddenly I saw a sign. What if it could tell me where I was. I started to walk faster.
"Philadelphia 20 miles"
Oh. That said much.
I kept walking and after a while I came up to a gas station. I walked in to the store and asked if I could borrow the phone.
"You look like a total wreck, kiddo. Are you okay?"
A big lady behind the counter said.
"I'm fine. Just windering if I could use the phone."
"Ofcours." She gave me the phone and I tried to call Ely again.
"Fuck" I mumbeled to myself.
"Can I help you? The big lady said.
"I don't know. I mean, I have no idea where I am. Nobody is answering on their fucking cells. And everything is just messed up."
"Huh.. Wanna talk about it?"
I looked at her. She looked kinda nice. Maybe she could help.
"Well, I got kidnapped about a week ago. Neither my parents or my best friend is answering on their cells. I have no clue of where I am and I havn't slept or eaten for like three or four days. Wich day is it by the way?"
"Sounds like you got problems, kiddo. So is it you that they have talking about on the news. Whats your name?"
"Frank Iero."
"Huh.. Thought you were on the TV."
The lady pointed on the TV and there I was.
So they were really searching for me. I didn't expect that. I mean, I thought my parents would be relieved if they didn't have me.
But Ely must have been wondering ofcourse. I mean I left a note on her pillow. I wonder if she ever went to our old treehouse.

I can't take this anymore. Not only my best friend but also the love of my life is gone. And I havn't heard from him in a week. He is on the news. Everytime they showed the news on the TV i started to cry. I havn't done anything else but cry and cry this week. I havn't been in school, I havn't eaten and I havn't slept.
I started to get really tired. What if he never comes back? What if they fint him dead somewhere.
I went for a walk. It was cold outside and it was raining.
I went to the graveyard to put a red rose on my grandmothers grave. I sat down on beside her grave. It was always raining when I was visiting my grandma. I could always feel that she was with me, and it helped me.
"Grandma, why can't you be here when I really need you?" I whispered to myself.
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