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7. Coma

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I sat there and just looked at him. He's never looked so pale and sick. But I could feel his heart beating, it made me calm.
I heard a knock on the door and my mum came in.
"Oh honey, I'm so sorry. What happend?"
"Mum.." I said, burriying my head in hear tummy. I bust into tears.
"Tell me, hun."
"Cameron called, said they found him,"
"Where is Cameron?"
"She's down in the cafeteria."
"Okay.. So is he okay?"
"He's in coma. And they don't know if he is gonna wake up."
The room went silent. She hugged me again. We just sat there.
Cameron came in.
"Hey Cam."
She walked in and sat on the other side of the bed, she took his other hand and just looked at him.
"You know, he always talks about you at home.
I looked up at her.
"He tells how great you are in school, how nice you are to everyone. You are such a lovely girl Ely. You should know that. He really adores you.
I know he hasn't told you this, but he loves you, very much.
"I know he does. I love him to. He is the only one I really can trust."

Flashback Frankies POV

I couldn't belive I actully was on T.V.
"Hey, I'm calling the police and an ambulance, okay?"
She picked up the phone and went back in a room.
I heard her talking. I didn't have any power to continue, but I really didn't want to meet my parents.
She came back again.
"You look really pale, anything I can get you?"
I was just about to ask for water when everyting went black, and I fell down.

"Have the doctors said anything?"
"Not yet, they are taking some tests so they know that he is okay. They are making an x-ray to." Cam said. Right then someone entered the door.
"Hello. I'm Abby. And I'm gonna be your doctor. You must be Elizabeth."
I shook her hand and I introduced my mum.
"So, have you found anything yet?"
"Yes, we have. The tests showed that he is perfectely fine except from the coma. We think that it is a coma that has comed out of stress, lack of nourishment, water and sleep. But also out of chock. We belive that he is gonna wake up, but we can't give you any odds." The woman said."
"Okay, any guesses about how long it will take for him to wake up?"
"As I said, we can't give you any odds, but this types of comas usualy ends good."
"Okay, thank you." Cam said.

Sorry guys. Short chapter. But I'm very tired. Cya.
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