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The ghosts from our past

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After spend sometime in the hospital recovering, Pierre and Jessie don't know where to go or what to do, so they look for their old friends to ask some help, but they may be not that welcome anymore.

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-02-08 - Updated: 2007-02-08 - 2641 words

What I felt in the moment that I saw the police arriving in there was the most unexplainable feeling that I've ever felt in my life. I could feel tears filling in my eyes and a smile reappearing on my face after 7 long months without even being able to remember how it feels like to be smiling. I don't know if I was happier for knowing that we were finally secure or for knowing that we were free again, all I knew is that we had both of them and, from that moment on, I would never forget that security and freedom are the most important things in the world.

The police soon took us to one of the cars to take us to the hospital and, from distance, we could see Brendan and Adam getting arrested. Hope they spend the rest of their lives in jail even though I know that nothing in this world will ever be enough to make them pay for all the suffering they caused.

"It's over now. We survived." I whispered in Jessie's ear hugging her tight in my arms while she kept crying in shock

When we first got in the hospital, the first thing they allowed us to do was to have a bath and they can't believe how thankful we were for that. We were feeling completely disgusted about our own bodies and we needed that bath badly. And, the clothes we were wearing? Well, we threw them in the garbage. They were the only thing in there that looked worse than us. The hospital forced us to wear their clothes, but it wasn't that bad after all. At least we would have something to wear. Still, I gave some money to a doctor in that hospital to buy me and Jessie some new clothes as long as I think that the ones we used to have had been thrown away after we "died".

After the bath, they took us straight to the surgery rooms to remove the bullets from our bodies. We were going to stay one month more in the hospital to recover from the surgery and from all of the diseases we've got and didn't know about after eating so many times that disgusting meal and for sometimes not wanting to have it and letting ourselves starve. The only good thing that this kidnapping thing had done for me was to take away from me those energy pills. I felt bad for not having it in the first days and that was when I discovered that this had become an addiction, but after so long time without it, I don't feel the need of having it anymore and I'm sure that's something I wouldn't be able to say today if I hadn't been locked away from them. And, when I thought I was getting bulimic, well, I was right, that's exactly what the hospital told me after doing some exams, but they said it was still in the beginning and I didn't exactly got like that because I wanted to get thinner, so when I leave the hospital I will probably be just fine again, just like nothing happened. The funny part of it is that I had never seen a guy getting bulimic in my life, actually, I had never saw a person that didn't think that was fat getting bulimic, but hey, first time for everything.

We were missing having our friends and families with us in the hospital, but we knew they just wouldn't come. The doctors didn't believe me at all when I said I was Pierre Bouvier, they just thought I was Simple Plan's fan and I was doing this to meet the band and to get a little bit of attention from the press or that I've been locked in that place for so long time that I ended up loosing my mind, that was when we understood that we wouldn't see them until we were okay and able to look for them.

But it didn't take long until the month was gone and Jessie and I were leaving the hospital. The only problem is that we didn't have money for nothing. I was fired from Simple Plan and, to the world, I was dead so I wouldn't be able to find a job, specially as fast as I needed. According to the talk we had with the police, we had to go to the police station with two witnesses to say that we are who we are saying we are to get our documents back and to be able to prove again that we're alive. We were planning to ask the guys to go to the police station with us in the next day and then, we would return Montreal, where we would try to get another jobs. Well, and as long as we had no more money, we had to look for the guys by walking, luckily Brendan had told me where to find them before trying to kill me. After hours and hours walking, we were at the door of the house next to their new studio.

"Guess we shouldn't bother them now." Said Jessie "It's midnight."
"If I know them, they are awake. Asides, we can't just sleep in the middle of the street." I stated ringing the bell

Soon, we started hearing some steps approaching the door and then we saw the doorknob being twisted. When it went open, we saw David's figure getting as pale as I had never seen before and starting to tremble. He had panic on his eyes, just like he was seeing a ghost and it seemed like, if we move, he's going to have a heart attack. Well, as a matter of fact, I do think he thinks he's seeing a ghost.

"!" I said without any scary tone of voice, just trying to tease him a little bit, but I couldn't believe how much the guy screamed after that. I thought I was going to be deaf in a few.
"Go away from me, you ghost! You don't belong here anymore, so just go away and please, don't hurt me!" he said pathetically stepping back
"David, I..." was the most I had been able to say before he started to scream again
"David, what's going on in there? Who's at the door?" I heard Jeff shouting from the living room
"There are...two our door!" he replied not taking his eyes away from us one second only
"Ghosts? David, what have you been drinking?" replied Jeff laughing "It's midnight and it begins now a Friday 13th so it's natural that some kids will want to scare everyone. Just give them some candies and they'll go away."
"They...t-they are not kids." Said David getting each second more scared about us "T-they are...P-Pierre and Jessica."
"Who?!" we heard the other guys shouting in unison from the living room

Soon, the three other guys approached the door together with a total stranger to me, probably Michael, and they joined David on those whole bunch of annoying screams, getting as far as they could from us and pathetically hugging each other and trembling like little kids, but not taking their eyes from us one second only. I waited for those screams to stop to open my mouth and try to talk again.

"May we come in?" I asked as they started screaming once again "That's a question to be answered, not for you to scream."
"We were watching an horror movie now and we know that to let a ghost in is the stupidest thing in the world. Specially two at the same time." Said Seb trembling
"No. The stupidest thing in the world is to see 5 grown up guys hugging each other and screaming like little kids." I corrected "We never died! We're not ghosts! We're alive!"
"That's what ghosts always say." Said Chuck. I wonder how he can tell that. Has he ever seen one for real? "You think you're alive because you don't want to let go on the life you used to live and we must help you to realize that you have to go, but we're really afraid, so just accept you're dead and end of story. Follow the light."
"Gosh, I wonder where those stupid ideas come from." I said laughing as long as I couldn't hold it much longer and they started screaming again. They were afraid of my laugh! "We're alive and we can prove it."
"How?" asked Jeff with his voice trembling in fear
"One of you guys will have to come closer." I replied
"No one will come closer. This is a trick!" shouted David
"A trick for what? To kidnap you? No way, it would be hard to have to provide you meal everyday and to try to keep you hidden, so guess you'll have to stay here. Asides, there's no more place to hide anyone and I do believe that's the worst experience ever." I said "For God's sake, you should follow my advice and never watch an horror movie ever again. If you're not approaching us, I'll have to approach you."
"NO!!!!" they screamed in unison, almost starting to pray for our spirits to go to a better place
"Guys, what's the matter with you? It's just me, Pierre, remember? The guy you spent 2 years together on tour, 6 months together in a studio and the same guy who you promised to support `cause we were like brothers, remember? Well, I'm needing some support here."
"Yeah,'s different now. You're dead and so is she." Said Chuck
"We're not dead, Chuck, we'd just been through a lot all by ourselves and we needed a little help now. But, even if we were dead, we would never hurt you. We never wanted anything bad to happen to you while you considered us alive, why would we want it now that you're considering us dead?" I said finally stopping the screams and getting myself some attention "We spent 7 months kidnapped and the last month in the hospital recovering from everything that Brendan and Adam did to us."
"Brendan and Adam?" asked Jeff finally being the brave one to let go on the others and to start to approach us fearless "They had been arrested 1 month ago for kidnapping a young couple and for trying to kill them. The couple was around your age and their description matches with yours."
"I know all that. The couple was Jessie and I. We've been kidnapped in the studio where we recorded our debut album and I guess you heard about that too. I've been locked all by myself in the soundproof room and Jessie had been locked in another one of the same studio. Seven months after that I made a plan to try to escape the soundproof room and that was when I heard about a whole bunch of things that I didn't want to know about and that were going on outside there. After that, they told me Jessica had never died, that they paid the hospital to start taking not that much of care of her and to lie to us saying she died. Then, they tried to actually kill us and we made another plan. This one was to call the police and to stay alive until they got there. After some struggling, the police got them arrested and took us to the hospital to take care of the shots they gave us and of some other things that happened after the whole bunch of things that we went through in there, but I'm resuming everything here, so no need for details. One month went by and here we are."
"Maybe they're not dead." Finally stated Seb seeing that the details we gave them matched with the ones they heard about and all of them started approaching us just like Jeff did before
"I told you so." I said finally breathing relieved "May we come in now?"
"Yeah, sure." Said David letting us get in and closing the door behind us "Pierre, you said they told you some things that you didn't like very much so...what exactly did they told you?"
"Brendan told me you made a funeral to a guy in Spain thinking he was me. As a matter of fact, when you made that funeral I was kidnapped for 2 weeks. I had been kidnapped when you left me alone in the dressing room with Brendan outside there to `protect me', but the only thing he did was to hit my head with a microphone, then I passed out and I have no idea how he took me to Toronto. He told me everything about my mom, about my brothers, about Jeff's arrestment and...and he told me everything about Michael." I finished getting my tone of voice lower, not being able to hide that I was upset about it
"Pierre, we didn't mean to..." Chuck tried to explain, but I soon interrupted him
"You don't have to explain me anything." I said keeping a calm tone and pretending that meant nothing "I know how much Simple Plan means to you guys and I also know that you would never be able to imagine that someday I would be here knocking at your door and I sure realized that. I must say that I've got really pissed off when I first heard about him. I felt like I was being replaced but, during this whole time we've been alone at the hospital, I had a lot of time to think about it all and I realized that what you did was not replace me, it was carry on. That's why I'm not here to ask my lyrics back, I'm not here to fight, I'm not here to see who's got the better voice and I'm not here to take my place back, as a matter of fact, I really hope that Michael can make Simple Plan accomplish everything I wasn't able to help you to reach. I'll be always cheering for you, but as a fan this time. I'll buy your albums and you can even try to look for me in your next shows `cause I'll surely be watching it from the crowd. I'm just here tonight to ask you for a place to sleep. Tomorrow morning I'll call my mom and see if she can help us to return Montreal, just hope she doesn't freak out just like you did."
"Pierre, we just wanted to explain you why we did that." Asked Seb
"I know why you did this, Brendan told me that too. But I don't wanna talk about it. At least not now." I said trying to keep all the pain I was feeling only with me "I just wanted to know if Jessie and I could spend the night here, just that."
"Of course you can, Pierre. You're welcome here now that we're sure you're alive." Said David "The only problem is that we have no free room, so you two will have to sleep on the couches, is it okay?"
"Yeah, it's fine." I replied
"Okay, so have a good night." Said Jeff "We're done on watching horror movies tonight, we're going back to our bedrooms now."
"Okay, good night, guys." I replied

After that, they turned their backs on us and left. We turned the lights off and laid down in the couches to sleep too, even though I didn't even managed to close my eyes that night. Tears were rolling down my face, but I made no sound, trying to keep Jessica sleeping. I couldn't imagine how my life was going to be like without Simple Plan, but I would have to learn how to deal with it.
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