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Some people never change

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Seven months kidnapped + one month in the hospital= 8 months away from the world. Eight months can change a life, but there's somethings that never change. Some people never matter how ...

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The morning came soon and the morning light coming from the window started hitting my face, waking me up at 7 a.m. I could see Jessica was still sleeping peacefully in the other couch, so I decided to keep the silence not wanting to wake her up. The guys were still sleeping too but, if they were following the same routine we followed in the first time, there is only one more hour to go before the alarms start ringing and they start leaving their beds.

Slowly, I started sitting down in the couch after sleep not longer than 2 or 3 hours in that night and kept staring for a while at how beautiful Jessie looked like when she's sleeping. Actually, when doesn't she look beautiful? After some minutes, I decided to give myself a tour around their new studio. Guess I'm the most curious guy in the world but hey, I used to be part of the band, so I would know the studio by now...if only I was here 8 months ago.

Carefully, I opened the door of the house and started walking calmly and slowly in that cold winter morning, trying to reach the studio behind that house without any rush. I remember that when I first moved back to Canada I used to hate the winter in here 'cause it was way too much colder than the one I was used to have in USA but now, this is my favorite season of the year 'cause when I feel this much of cold I know that I can't be in nowhere else but Canada and I feel comfortably back home.

In a while, I was in front of the door of the studio, which was closed. Still, I knew those guys and the door surely wasn't locked. They never do this. I started twisting the doorknob and, just as I thought, the door went open. Once again, I was right about them. Those guys never change.

I closed the door behind me and that was it, I was in Simple Plan's studio once again. Better enjoy this moment 'cause that is probably going to be the very last time of my life that I step here.
Everything looked practically the same as the other studio: a soundproof room upstairs, two hundred rooms downstairs, some comfortable armchairs but...something was missing. It didn't seem to be the place I used to know even though everything was the same. When we recorded our very first album, I remember every time we got in the studio this place was always a mess. There were always lyrics everywhere, jackets, our favorite albums and even food all around the place and most part of that mess was mine. The guys always yelled at me because of that and I always promised to clean it up, but I never did. I liked that mess after all, it was like leave a note saying "Pierre Bouvier has been here.".
That was something that always made me feel like having fun with my friends playing some music, not like working. Now, when I look at this, the only thing I can see in stress and too much of pressure over an album that HAS to be perfect.

After the first sight of the new studio, the first place I went was to the Instrumental Recording Room. There had been 8 months since last time I saw an instrument in front of me, so I couldn't resist when I saw them all. I just closed that door and started playing a little bit of everything. I have no idea of how long time I spent doing this, all I know is that I just stopped when I realized there was a picture of me and the guys in the other corner of the room and I let go on Jeff's guitar to take a look at that. It was one of my favorite pictures. We took that after we finished our very first show as a signed band. After take a closer look at the picture, I ended up turning it around and I realized there was a message written behind it...

The time you spent together with us was really few if compared to how long time we still wanted to have you around, although it was more than enough to make you unforgettable. We found a great friend and musician on you and we'll be missing you a lot, but we know we'll meet you again and we'll wait for this day until the end of our times.

Chuck, Seb, David and Jeff"

I felt some tears in my eyes when I read that. After all, they still cared even though they didn't express much of this yesterday. Having that message kept in my mind, I returned the picture to the place where it belonged and left that room drying those tears.

Leaving that room, my tour on their studio leaded me to the Vocal Recording Room and I went straight to the cabin where the vocals are recorded. I just needed to be in that place once again. In there, I would normally see some people staring at me through that kind of window while I was singing and they were complaining about everything. I know I used to hate when they interrupted me just to complain, but now, I would give everything to hear some complaining again.

In front of me, I could see the lyrics of "Welcome to my life" and, once again, I wasn't able to resist it. I took that headphone and soon approached that microphone to start singing that song without taking my eyes away from the lyrics one second only. At least I could pretend I still was Simple Plan's lead singer. But my pretending didn't take much longer. As soon as I finished singing the chorus, I heard David's voice through the headphone...

"That was good, but could you repeat it a little bit louder and closer to the microphone? Your voice seems too distant."

I looked up through that window to see Simple Plan, Jessica and another guy in there that I had never seen before and they were all looking at me. I instantly started blushing. One more time I managed to do something embarrassing. Awesome!

Trying not to get even more embarrassed, I just left Michael's cabin and approached them, still with my face turning red.

"It's okay, Pierre, you don't have to be." Said Seb "Knowing you as much as we do, we knew that you would probably be doing this, that's why we came here. We needed to talk to you."
"Okay, go ahead."
"Well, Pierre, this guy right here is Richard Langdon, Simple Plan's new manager." Said Chuck presenting that unknown guy "Our second album was ready one month ago, but we couldn't send it to the records stores 'cause Adam had just been arrested and we needed a manager for that. So we waited this whole month for a new manager. Today was supposed to be the day that we were going to take the pictures for the album's cover. We tried to change it, but after all, it is still going to be today, even though our album won't be in the records stores on Monday."
"And why not? Isn't it already completely recorded and mixed?" I asked confused
"Yes, it is." Answered Jeff "But, last night when we said we were going to sleep, this is not exactly what we did. We went to have a talk about Simple Plan. We came to a conclusion and phoned Lava this morning to talk about it and even talked to Jessica about it to see if she liked our idea. Then, we came to a common agreement among all of the members of the band and Lava and we just decided what to do with Simple Plan. Would you follow us to the Mixing Room?"

Simply nodding confused, I followed them 'til that room in the other side of the principal room and, as soon as we got there, David took a CD in his hands and started talking...

"You see this? That's the only existent copy of Simple Plan's newest album. Right here in my hands are the only recordings of 6 months of hard work and dedication that leaded us to an 11 songs album. At the same time, there's nothing in my hands."
"What do you mean?" I asked confused
"I mean..." he said stopping to break that album and throw it in the ground "That Simple Plan is nothing without Pierre Bouvier."
"Simple Plan is nothing if there's one member missing 'cause Simple Plan is more than a band, is a family and you were missing in this album." Added Seb "Would you be our lead singer again, Pierre?"
"Guys, I...I can't believe this." I replied amazed "How would I ever say no? This is all I want."
"YEAH!!!!" they screamed in unison practically jumping over me

That was the very first time ever that they hugged me. They had always been just too ashamed for that, but I guess they really missed me this time or else they would just shake my hand or give me a high five. They missed me as much as missed them and I could tell that by the tears that I could see rolling down their faces as well as they were rolling from mine, even though we were trying to control ourselves not to seem too ridiculous.

"Okay, we'll say it...we...we were missing you a lot, your stupid. Don't you dare be kidnapped again!" shouted Chuck
"I'll try not to." I replied "I missed you too, guys."
That was when we saw the flash of a camera and looked behind us to see Jessie holding one in her hands.
"Sorry, guys, but it was so cute! We needed a picture of this!"
"It's okay, I'll forgive you for that if only you never show that to anyone." I said taking her closer and hugging her
"I promise." She said smirking and crossing her fingers
"Uh, Pierre..." said Michael "I want you to know that I'm not mad about today. I'm really happy for you and I also want you to know that I've always been a huge fan of Simple Plan, that's the only reason why I tried to help, I didn't mean to take your place. I know you've been here longer than me and that you're a better lead singer than me 'cause you have more experience and 'cause you belong here with Simple Plan, so I wish you good luck and a bright future."
"Thank you, Michael." I replied
"Be welcome back, our new old lead singer." Shouted David
"Thanks, whatever it means."
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