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Meeting my family again

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After all the problems he had to get back with Simple Plan, Pierre goes back home to see his family again after years apart. The surprise couldn't be few.

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Finally my life was getting back to what it used to be before all those long months. I had Jessie back, I had my freedom back, I had Simple Plan back and I finally had my documents back. As soon as the guys finished on asking me to return to Simple Plan, they went to the police station with me and Jessie and we finally got our documents back. We're alive again! All that was missing now was my family.

Straight from the police station, we went to an unknown place to take the pictures for the album's cover. Once again, the pictures weren't serious at all. Years went by and we're still not getting any different and still not getting any more mature. No name was coming to our minds to name this album right now, but as soon as we have it recorded we'll step in this subject again. As for the pictures, less part of them were just normal picture of us and the rest of them were picture of us dressed up like old guys and getting "older" every picture.

In that afternoon, as it always happens on Fridays, they would be returning Montreal as long as weekends are still free and, as long as now I'm part of the band again, I finally found a way to return home. But we wouldn't be returning on Monday to Toronto as we should. Lava understood that I wouldn't handle all this time away from home after 2 years and 8 months not seeing my family and that the guys wouldn't handle record this album again right now, so we got a two months break. You know, if David hadn't destroyed the album, we could still take the instrumental part, remove Michael's voice and then replace it by mine really easily and it wouldn't take more than one week to do that but, let's just do it the hard way 'cause that's all we have last now.

Our new manager wanted to get us an interview with the press in that same day to explain the world why the CD would take so long to be released and to tell I was alive, but I didn't want my mom to discover by the television that I wasn't dead or even my brothers to see that she lied to them when she said I was traveling 'cause they would know that I was kidnapped, so I talked to him and he allowed me to tell the news to my family first. This interview was scheduled for next week, when my mom would be warned not to let them watch it.

Before returning home, me and Jessie decided to phone there first to avoid that "You're a ghost!" thing once again, but we asked the guys to make those phone calls, or else my mom and her parents could think they were getting a phone call from the other world. Why those pathetic things always happen to me?

At 6 p.m. I was in front of the door of my house not holding my anxiety to get in. When I first opened the door, I saw my brothers playing video game, but they were so concentrated that they hadn't been able to realize me. Gosh, how much those kids grew up. Well, and they should. There's almost three years since last time I saw them. They wouldn't wait for me to return to keep growing up. I remember that when we first got back in Montreal they were 4 and 5 years old, now they are 9 and 10 years old and their birthdays are about to come again. I can't believe I missed all this.

Well, knowing I could do nothing about what I lost, I just threw my bags over the sofa and tried to enjoy the present time. I just came closer to them and sat down in the ground behind them to watch the game.

"Hey, Brian, if I were you I would take the shortcut by your left. I've played this game many times before and that's the only way to finish it."
"Hey, thanks Pie...Pierre?!?" he shouted finally realizing me
"Pierre, you're back!!!" they shouted jumping over me and dropping me in the ground, still not letting me go for nothing in this world
"We missed you so much." Said Robert with tears in his eyes "We thought we would never see you again."
"Where those stupid ideas come from? I was traveling and it was a really beautiful place where people normally don't let you to leave, but there's no place like home. I needed to see my 2 best friends ever."
"You look a little bit different from what we can remember. You look more mature." Stated Brian "How old are you now?"
"I'm turning 22 next month."
"When you left here you were about to turn 19." He complained like saying that I was never there to see them
"Yeah, I know. I've been a real jerk. I should have called more and I should have tried to be here more times, but I swear that this time everything is going to be different. I'll spend the next 2 months here than we'll record another album, but I'll keep returning every weekend and I'll phone you everyday. Then, when the tour starts over again, I promise I'll give it a way to come here at least once a week and I promise I'll call you every single day. Asides, I promise to return on birthdays and holidays."
"You won't break your promise, will you?" he asked
"No, of course not. I wouldn't be such a jerk twice."
"YEAH!!!" they yelled in unison and hugging me even tighter. Man, they really grew stronger.
"Hey, guys, I wanna play video game too." I say trying to have some fun with them again
"Okay, we'll finish this game and you'll play with the winner." Said Robert cheerfully
"Yeah!! I'm so gonna win!" I stated to tease them
"No, you won't." they shouted in unison
"Yes, I will. Yes, I will."
"No, you won't. No, you won't. No, you won't."
"Yes, I will one million times and I'll double anything you say."
"Okay, we'll see about that when it's your time to play." Said Brian "But you're so gonna loose." He whispered
"Hey! I heard that!"

Of course that if I was supposed to play for real I would win, but I always let them win and I always pretend I was really trying. I'm a nice brother, I wouldn't play for real with a 10 years old kid, it wouldn't be fair. I remember I used to play that video game ever since they weren't even born. I used to play that with my father and he would always let me win. I remember my father used to love us very much and I know he cared about us, I just wonder what changed and why. My father started cheating on my mom when I was 15 years old, but we just discovered that almost one year after everything started when a random 20 years old chick knocked our door to tell us she was pregnant of his child and to tell us everything about them. I never saw my mom crying the way she did that night and that was when they broke up. After that, my dad kept showing up every night completely drunk just to beat her up and this thing lasted until I beat him up. My mom got really afraid of what he might do to me after that and in the next day we were here in Canada in the first house she saw and paying the highest price ever because she couldn't wait one more day and that was the only house that was already free. Not long time ago, I heard he got married with that chick and they have 2 kids. You know, my dad wasn't such a bad guy when he wasn't drunk...or complaining about all the things I liked to do saying it was all a waste of time...or breaking my guitar 'cause it was annoying him. I just wonder what he would say about Simple Plan if he was here when everything began. I'm sure he would have forced me somehow to quit on the band and today...well, today we would never know what could have happened. But I miss having my father around and many times I caught myself thinking about him and I wonder if he still thinks about us. If he misses his sons. Well, probably no. But let's just forget about it. It's just stupid from me to be thinking about my dad or even to want him around when the last thing he wants is to have any contact with us. And even if he tries to come closer again, I'm sure now it will be all about my money. Guess all I can do now is try to make things different when I have my own kids. Try to be a good father.

Well, anyway, after that video game battle that I had against Brian, which I lost by the way, I went to the kitchen, where my mom was, just to see her again and to let her know I was back.

"Hey, mom!" I greeted
"Oh, Pierre!" she shouted letting go on the food she was cooking and hugging me tight crying a lot "Oh, Pierre, you just scared me so bad! How could you make me believe I had lost you forever? You're my son, you know? I should be the one to die before you! I can't deal with loosing one of my sons! It's the worst experience I've ever had!"
"Mom, you didn't loose me. I'm pretty much alive. I'm right here. I just went through the worst 8 months of my life, but I'm fine now."
"The only reason why you went through those 8 terrible months is because you didn't hear me when I told you that Brendan wasn't such a good friend and that Ashley wasn't the right girl for you!"
"How would I know you weren't just being too overprotective?" I asked making my point "Well, I don't know if the guys told you about that, but if they didn't, I just wanted you to know that Jessica is alive too."
"Yes, they told me that. You can imagine how happy I am for that. You two deserve each other, you know?"
"Yes, I do. That's the reason why we're engaged."
"You're engaged?!" she shouted hugging me even tighter and smiling like she was the one who was getting married "My baby is getting married!!!"
"This 'my baby' thing will never be over." I stated laughing "Hey, mom, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for everything. I never meant to scare you or even to scare any of my friends, it's just that...I was scared to death and that made everything harder on me. I couldn't even think and find out a way to leave there. I was just really scared and I didn't know what to do."
"Pierre, you don't have to apologize for that. You're a human being, it's natural you would be scared, actually, I'm surprised that you ended up making a plan to escape there 'cause I can't see any possible manner to help a person to concentrate on anything when this one doesn't even know what's going on outside those walls. I can't even imagine how desperate you were. The ones who should come here and ask for apologies are Brendan and Adam, even though I think I would simply kill them because of everything they did to you."
"They don't deserve to die so fast. They wouldn't feel half the pain I want them to."
"Guess you're right." She stated "Now, go to the living room take care of your brothers while I finish the dinner, those two missed you a lot, you know? You're their hero."
"I'm glad to hear that 'cause those two are my heroes too. Uh,"
"I love you." I stated a little bit embarrassed and kissing her cheek, but I really needed to put that out after so long
"I love you too, my son. Very, very much."
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