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Video shoot. and new character.!!!! review please.

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Hey finally... the next bit. I will be faster from now on probs. Any who... read on!

It was the first day of the video shoot. Toni was getting excited because Brian had arranged for her to shadow one of the makeup artists because she had said to him ages ago that she was into that kind of stuff. They all had to be up really early and get over to the studios.

The place where they were going to be filming was really cool. It was just outside the studio. There was a large sand pit with what looked like a parade float sitting pretty much in the middle of it. Brian told her that they wouldn't be filming out here until later because they needed it to be dark.

She followed Brian down the winding stone corridors of the studios until they came to a pair of swinging doors with the words 'Makeup Department' on a laminated piece of paper. He walked forwards and Toni followed closely behind him. They walked toward a woman who looked like she was only a few years older than Toni.

'Hey Sara, this Toni.' Brian said to the woman and nodding towards his niece.

'Hey Toni, I'm Sara. The head makeup artist on this shoot. Nice to meet you.' She said with a pleasant smile while extending her arm to shake hands with Toni. Toni then returned the favour with an equally pleasant smile.

'Okay... well I'll leave you guys to it.' Brian said already starting to walk away.

Sara told Toni about all the different kinds of the things that went on in the makeup department. And what they were going to be doing with the band today. Sara had decided that she was going to let Toni make up one of the guys because judging by Toni's wonderfully applied red eyeliner she was more than capable of adding a bit of white foundation and brown eyeliner to one of the guys.

After around an hour and half after Sara had met Toni, and a few girlie discussions later. The guys all came filing in the same door that Brian and herself had used before. They were all clad in their Black Parade uniforms. Toni noticed that each member had a slightly different detail to their outfit, kind of like it was to suit each personality.

Sara sat them all down in front of the row of well lit mirrors.

'Okay Toni. Could you start with Mikey. It's just what I showed you earlier okay?'

'Yeah sure.' For the first time in a while Toni was actually enthusiastic about something that didn't involve her beating the crap out of someone.

'Oh no.. you're not actually going to let her near me with the eyeliner are you?' Mikey said with wide eyes and then giving a suppressed giggle.

'Shut it or I will make you look like Frank!' She retorted threateningly to his previous comment. He stopped laughing and all you could hear was Frank chuckling to himself two chairs down.

'You don't have to be so harsh... I was only kidding.' Mikey replied bowing his head a little. Toni just laughed to her self. Sara had also found this amusing and was holding in her laughter.

Toni began with applying white powder foundation to Mikey's already pale face. Once that was over she carefully applied the brown kohl eyeliner, first to the rims of his eyes then underneath them, smudging it in a little with her finger.

Sara was standing near by, surprised at how much ease Toni was having in applying the eyeliner. She was pleased that Toni was as good at this as Brian had said. And now she was seriously considering asking Toni if she wanted to work as her junior once she had graduated high school. She had the right attitude towards the job and Sara felt that with the proper training, she could arise to be an asset to the department. But she would have to talk to Brian about it first.

'There... I think that's it.' Toni said stepping back from the now made up bassist. Sara did an inspection of her work and was satisfied with the results. While Toni had been working on Mikey, others had been working on the rest of the band. Once that was all over, the band made their way out to where Toni had seen the sand pit earlier on. Gerard motioned for her to follow them. When they were outside, Toni found Brian standing by one of the cameras talking to another man around his age.

She walked over and stood beside him while the band were given their instruments as they made their way to where they were meant be standing in the pit. Then to Toni's shock, the parade float that was behind the band burst into flames. She jumped back a little and Brian reassured her by telling her it was meant to happen. As the music started Toni felt herself calm down a little.

The first part of the shoot had gone well. The guys were all covered in dust and sweaty now and Frank was trying to chase Toni for a hug. She was not amused and simply hid behind her uncle for safety from the sweaty guitarist.

The only bad thing that had happened was that the backs of Bob's legs had been burnt. The fire had gotten a little out of control and now the whole damn drum set was on fire. Toni had been sent to get some more water from inside the studios. One, because they had run out of the stuff to drink. And two because they were throwing it at one another to cool down.... How childish she thought at she re-entered the stone building.

After much searching, she had found the two large bottles that she was looking for in one of the dressing rooms and was now on her way back outside. The twisting corridors were really confusing because they all looked the same, but she was kind of getting the hang of navigating now.

She was rounding a pretty sharp corner, not really looking where she was going, when she felt herself collide with something... someone. They had both been knocked to the floor as both had been in a hurry.

She looked up to find that she had ran right into a guy, he was around her age, black scruffy hair, a lip piercing and literally midnight blue eyes. She just sat and stared for a moment. He had been carrying guitar leads and they were now complicatedly strung around him in every direction. It was a funny sight and Toni couldn't help but give a little laugh at it.

He stood up after untangling himself and stretched out an arm to help Toni up. A little embarrassed, she took it and she was now standing almost eye level with him.

'Hey I'm really sorry about that... I wasn't looking where I was going.' Toni said in a slightly hushed voice.

'No problem... I wasn't looking either.' He said with a light laugh.

'Erm ... I'm Donnie by the way.' He said once more extending his arm in front of Toni.

'Toni.' She said simply but sweetly.

'Hey didn't I see you outside earlier... with Brian.'

'Yeah probably, he's my uncle.'

'Oh... cool. '

'Erm.. I better go ... they'll be hunting me down for these soon.' She said picking up the water bottles that had fallen to the floor during the collision.

'Yeah my boss will kill me if he thinks I've lost these.' He said waving the leads around

'Erm... hey .. Are you here for the rest of the week?' Donnie asked hopefully.

'No, I'm here for the next two. There was some extra dates added to the guys' schedule.'

'Great... well maybe I'll see you around then... Toni.' He said testing out her name as he started to walk away.

' Maybe.... Donnie' She replied with a smile.


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