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Day off

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You find uot a little more about Donnie in this bit. REVIEW PLEASE!! XX

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It's been five days since Toni literally ran into Donnie. They had seen each other again since then. It was in the canteen the day after the shoot.

Toni was sitting with Sara, her uncle, Bob and Frank. She went up to the serving counter to, once more get some more water. She hadn't noticed him standing beside her. And turned around just to smash straight into him.

'We should really stop meeting like this.' He said with an amused grin.

Toni blushed in slight embarrassment.

'Erm ...yeah.' She laughed.

He asked her if she wanted to sit with him for lunch. She accepted his offer and dumped the water back at her uncle's table and took her food over to where Donnie was.

They got talking and found out that they had a surprising amount of stuff in common. Well for starters was their taste in music, another was that Donnie had lost his father just a couple of years ago. She found out that he was the junior sound tech on this tour.

Lunch was over, Bob was shouting over to Toni. Although she only caught a few words, she got the hint that she was follow her uncle's group. She said a hurried goodbye to Donnie... but not before they had swapped phone numbers.


Toni woke to the familiar smell of coffee filling her nostrils. At the start of this tour she hadn't really liked the stuff all that much, but now?... well now she was almost as much of an addict as Gerard was. She pulled the thin covers off her body and jumped out of her bunk.

When she got to the living area she realised that, for once, she wasn't the last person to get up... in fact she was the third. Ray and Gerard were the only ones up so far. Both now having slightly shocked expressions on their faces.

'Wow... is it just my eyes?, or is Toni actually up before noon?' The curly haired guitarist said in mock shock.

Toni just gave him 'the look' and happily proceeded to make her ritual morning (or afternoon) coffee. Once that was devoured, she made her way back to her bunk, collected the clothes she was intending to wear that day and headed to the bathroom to get changed.

Once out of the bathroom, fully clothed, Toni checked her phone for any messages. She pressed one button and the screen illuminated her face. She smiled wildly to her self and slid the phone into her jeans pocket. Gliding back through to where the guys still sat with that same smile still plastered on her face.

'What's made you so happy today then?' Ray asked, his eyes following her as she moved further forward.

'Nothing.... Well... I made a new friend... that's all.'

'Hey that's great. What they like?' Gerard asked looking up from what he was doing.

'Um... I gotta go.' She said dodging his question.

She headed to the front of the bus and was just about to press the exit button.

'Hey, where are you going so early?' Gerard chimed.

'Out.' was Toni's short answer.

'Out where?'

'Just... out.' She smiled and told them her cell was on if they were looking for her, and left with a smile on her face.

Ray and Gerard just looked at one another and simultaneously chorused.

'A guy.' They just smiled and got on with what they were doing, which in Ray's case was reading about video games, and Gerard was drawing.


Toni bounded off the bus and into the noon air. Even though it smelt mostly of cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes. She made her way to a small navy blue van with stickers and graffiti all over it. She chapped three times on the side door and moments later it was pulled open to reveal a pretty tired looking Donnie.

'Hey, what took you so long.' He asked smiling and sitting on the step just under the sliding door.

'Twenty-questions is what took me so long.' She replied taking a seat next to him.

'So... it's my day off... and I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out with me... maybe go to the mall or something?' He asked while pulling on a pair of chequered vans.

'Sounds great!.' Toni said... maybe a little too enthusiastically.

Donnie stood and gave a hand out for Toni to take and helped her up too. With a swift motion he closed the side door and opened the passenger's side door of the van. Bowing slightly with his hand out in front of him.

'Your carriage awaits Madame.' He said in a rather convincing French accent.

'Why thank you sir.' Toni replied in a not so convincing British accent.

Once they were both seated and strapped in, they were on their way to the mall. It wasn't really that busy when they arrived and so I was rather easy to find a parking space. Once inside their first stop was of course the first music store they clapped eyes on.

Two hours of pretty much just walking around shops later, they decided their bellies had gotten the better of them and it was time for lunch.

They were finishing off a McDonald's, when Donnie started waving his hands about in an excited fashion. At first Toni had thought that he was choking or something. But then realised he had a smile on his face so she calmed down a bit.

'I got some good news yesterday!' he finally said after his little hyperactive fit.

'Oh yeah... what's that then?' Toni asked waiting on the answer that had gotten him so worked up.

'My boss wants to keep me on full-time... which means that I will be on the road with him for the rest of this tour... Isn't that sooo cool?'

'Oh My God... that's great! Hey that just means that I get to annoy you for the next three months.' Toni was now laughing.

'Nah... you could never annoy me.' Donnie replied without thinking about what was coming out of his mouth.

'Ohh!! ....' Now it was Toni's turn to have a little fit.

'What!! ...what??'

'You will be there for my birthday party!.'

'Awww cool when's that?'

'Halloween... same as Franks.'

Donnie's eyes went wide at this comment.

'No way that is sooo awesome.'

'Yeah... I've always liked my birthday.' Toni said, now totally calm.

'So are you having a joint party?' Donnie was still fascinated by the news that his new friend had given him.

'Yeah... it's gonna be a Halloween party too... so that means that it is fancy dress. And that means EVERYone has to come in costume.'

'Cool. Well it's getting kinda late... I should probably get you back before they send out a search party.'

Toni just smiled at his comment and followed him back to the van.


'Hey guys!' Toni sang as she pulled herself up the stairs of the bus. Even after saying her goodbyes to Donnie outside, she was still feeling abnormally happy.

'Hey... so where did you get to today?' Brian asked his niece as she took a seat next to him.

'Um.. Me and a friend went to the mall.' Brian turned his attention away from the laptop he was staring at and starred at Toni instead.

'You made a friend? What's her name?'

'His is Donnie.' Toni replied cautiously.

' Oh ... erm... the junior sound tech... right?' Brian said trying to place the name.

'Yeah that's the one.'

'Aww, I'm real glad you made a friend.' Brian said giving Toni a light punch on the shoulder.

'Yeah and judging by the way he said goodbye... I would say someone has a ... little...CRUSH!!.' Bob said still starring out the window, rather amused with himself.

Toni blushed slightly and got up from her spot beside her uncle and started to walk to her bunk.

'Whatever.... G'night!' She half yelled making her way to bed.

'Night!' they all chorused at the same time.

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