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So is it Happy Halloween Or Birthday?

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Hey...don't worry I havn't died or anything lol.Here's the next bit. Enjoy and Review please.

It was the night before Halloween, Toni and Frank's birthday in other words. Both her and Frank had pleaded with the rest of the band to let them open their presents seeing as how it was after midnight and was now technically their birthdays'. But of course no one would give into the pleas and cries of the youngest guitarist and teen so they all went to bed totally exhausted from bickering for over two hours.

It was finally here! Toni shot out of her bunk and promptly crashed into Frank in the process. Just laughing to themselves they ran through to the living area, like two little kids on Christmas morning. They found, to their surprise, the rest of the band including Brian already awake and sitting around the small makeshift kitchen table.

'What are you guys doin' up so early?' Frank said stopping abruptly but still bobbing up and down slightly.

'We all knew that you two would be up early for your presents. And no way were we leaving you to trash the bus this early.' Gerard laughed starring at Frank who now looked like he was having some kind of epileptic seizure.

Toni just stood behind him and laughed to herself. Brian got up from his position, coffee still in hand and walked over to where his niece was standing.

'Happy 18th kiddo.' He smiled enveloping her in a hug of congratulation.

'Thanks.' was all she said. But she really meant it.

Mikey was the first one to hand Toni a present. She tore open the shiny purple paper to reveal the only Misfits CD that she didn't have. Her eyes widened at the sight and she locked him in a death grip of a hug.

Ray was the one who handed Frank his first present. He wasn't quite as refined as Toni about opening his. It was his present from Toni. It was a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie. He jumped up from his place on the floor and literally squeezed her to within an inch of her life.

'Thankyouthankyouthankyou!' He sang in one breath.

'That's to replace the one you gave me... and the guys told me you loved the nightmare before Christmas.'

'I do I do I do!!!' Frank said like a little kid.

Brian cleared his throat and handed Toni an oblong parcel.

'This is from all of us.' He said taking another sip of his morning coffee.

Toni took the small present out of her uncle's grip. And this time took the paper off with care. When she opened the grey velvet box that was hidden behind the paper her breath hitched in her throat.

It was a silver charm bracelet. A smile spread right across her face. There were six different charms on it. A guitar, a star, a key, a smiley face, a flower and a small silver guitar pick with a single diamond in the centre of it. She was close to tears... happy tears.

'Oh My God you guys... th..this is the best birthday present ever.'

Brian pulled her into another hug and spoke up.

'There's one charm from everyone. The guitar is from Ray, the star form Mikey, the key from Bob, the smiley face from Frank, the flower from Gerard and the pick is from me'. Toni just hugged her uncle tighter while Mikey helped her clip the silver chain around her wrist.
'Hey where's my other present?' Frank whined from the floor.

Everyone smiled, even Toni because she knew what the answer was.

'Go take a look outside.' Was all that Gerard said to him.

For the first time since he woke up Frank had noticed that they weren't moving. So he bounced up from the floor and made his way to the door of the bus, bumping and tripping over things in his excitement. He got to the door and presses the 'open' button and nearly collapsed with ecstasy at what he saw.

His beautiful wife Jamia stood before him. He jumped off the top step of the bus and nearly squashed her. They both ran back onto the bus, hands linked.

'Thank you sooo much you guys.' He said to everyone else sitting down.

'But you told me you couldn't get the time off work to come.' Frank said in a voice similar to a five year olds', this time directing his question towards Jamia.

'Well, I can be a very good liar when it's for a good cause.' She replied with a wicked grin.

Toni had decided in that moment that so far this had been the best birthday ever. She was missing her mother though. It was the first big occasion without her. She could feel tears beginning to sting her eyes once more. Well that was until Frank properly introduced her to Jamia.

She seemed really cool. Once the guys had cleared up the mess that Toni and Frank had made they all went to get dressed and what not. Jamia had wished Toni a Happy Birthday and sat down next to her. They talked about all sorts real.

She was really easy to get along with. Jamia was going to be staying with them for the rest of the tour. Toni was really happy about that because it meant that she would have someone who wasn't a band member or tour staff.


It was about an hour before the party. They had hired a hotel function area for it. But unfortunately there was no rooms available so they had to get changed in the cramped space of the tour bus. Keeping in mind that everyone had to get changed into Halloween costumes. All the band members were going as zombies. Jamia was going as a fairy princess and Brian was going as a gangster.

Donnie and Toni were going together as vampires, he was bringing some of his friends too. She had already met two of them. Scott and Amy, they seemed pretty nice. Toni couldn't believe that it was just over a month ago that she had met Donnie.

They had spent all of his days off together. Mostly just talking and getting to know each other better over the past month. Donnie was thinking about her a lot, thinking of her as more than a friend. The only reason he didn't say anything to her was because he didn't think she felt the same way.

What he didn't know was that Toni was having the same emotional dilemma.

After doing her hair up in curl filled bun with a few glossy ringlets hanging down, Toni was in the bathroom applying her makeup, which consisted of blood red and black eyeliner, thickly applied, very white powder and some fake blood carefully trailed down from the corner of her mouth. Once the guys had their makeup on she asked Gerard to help her with the detail of the bloodied bite mark on her neck. Once he had finished she inspected his handy work in the bathroom mirror.

She went into her bunk to slide on her dress. It was a dark maroon colour with black lace outlining the seams. It had stringy lace straps that showed off her vampire bite perfectly, she had a black lace shawl that matched the dress hung from her shoulders. And last but not least she had tooth caps that were in the shape of fangs. They were really cool, you just slipped them on top of your eye teeth.

She got out of her bunk and made her way to where everyone else was gathered all clad in their own costumes. Jamia looked really pretty with her purple and black fairy dress and wings. The guys looked pretty scary in ripped suits and makeup... most of that was down to Gerard.

They all stopped to look at Toni when she emerged from the bunk area.

'Aww look our little vampire is all grown up.' Gerard said wiping fake tears away from his made up eyes.

Toni laughed and looked at all of their costumes.

'You guys look great!. Loving the gangster look uncle Brian.'

'Yeah I'm thinking of changing my style.' He said twisting to the side a little and pointing his hands out like guns.

Everyone was laughing and in high spirits. They were all just collecting their things to leave when their was a knock at the bus door. It was Donnie.

Toni went over and opened the door and stepped down a little.

'Wow...' Donnie breathed out.

'Not so bad your self.' Toni said blushing slightly.

He was wearing a black tux and blood soaked shirt with the tie undone. He also had blood trailing from his mouth and splattered over his lip ring and had the same kind of fangs that Toni had. Scott and Amy were behind him, they were also dresses as vampires.

'I thought we were just going to meet you over there?' Toni asked the other teens quizzically.

'Well we were ready and the prince of Darkness here wanted to come an escort the birthday girl.' Amy said slightly laughing at him. She saw Donnie's cheeks redden slightly.

'Well we were just leaving now anyway, so why don't we all go together?' Brian chimed in from behind his niece.

It was agreed and after the group of three had said happy birthday to both Frank and Toni they made their way over the road to the hotel.

When they all appeared through the door there was a big cheer from the mass of people, the majority of them were people Toni didn't know. But she recognised some of the tour staff and other music executives.

The party was well under way. People were dancing everywhere and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Toni was missing Joey pretty bad, but she had spoken to him on the phone earlier that day and he seemed to be okay. Is was really late and most people were too drunk for words. Frank and Jamia were dancing, in fact all of the band were dancing. Bob was the funniest trying to boogie when he was wasted.

Donnie noticed that Toni was looking a bit down so he leaned in closer to her in his seat.

'Do you wanna get out of here? Me and the others were gonna go back to the van and just hangout.' Donnie whispered in her ear. Amy and Scott were looking her way expectantly.

'Yeah... why not.' She replied with a sweet smile. She thought about telling Brian where she was going but he looked like he was having too much of a good time so she just left it.
'Sweet!.' Donnie replied grabbing her hand and leading her out of the building with the other two in tow.


The back of Donnie's van was actually pretty homey. He had a mattress on the floor and there was random wires and cables lying all over the place. The two girls sat down first on either side of the van, Scott took a seat next to Amy and after removing his tux jacket, Donnie took a seat next to Toni. Handing everyone a beer as he went.

They just sat talking, Toni told them what the guys got her for her birthday and them talking about how cool it would be to have your birthday on Halloween. They all happy. Toni was happy that she had made friends, good friends.

Amy and Scott were in deep conversation about something Toni and Donnie were both totally lost on. Donnie turned his body slightly more towards Toni. She was laughing at the other two but stopped when she noticed that Donnie was looking at her.

'What.' She laughed.

'Nothing... it's look really beautiful tonight.' His cheeks were getting redder by the second.

'Thanks. You're looking good t...' She was cut off by his lips lightly grazing her own.

He pulled away. 'S...sorry.. ' The other two were oblivious and still in a heated conversation.

Toni started shaking her head. 'Don't be.' She whispered.

They both slowly leaned in again. Their lips were millimetres from one another. Finally their lips collided for a second time, this time much more passionate.

Then the van door was hauled open to reveal a very very pissed off.... No not pissed of, furious Brian!


Yeah I know that I've been taking longer to update... but there you go.
So what will happen when Brian gets Toni back to the bus ehh?

You'll just have to keep coming back to check won't you!

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