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Nick's Secret Hidden Past

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Nick the newest freed young hot doctor on Arsis base has a secret that not even his twin brother Nathan knows about: A child that DNA Could proove to be his from a one night stand years ago.

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Disclaimer: The authors don't own the biker mice or make a profit off of them in anyway. This story is pure fiction and has been copyrighted by the authors. The other characters other than the biker mice that are portrayed in this story DO NOT EXIST but are a product of the author's imagination and should not be used with out their permission.
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Nick's Secret Hidden Past
On a clear,breezy,starry late June night at a secluded cabin on Lake Huron, Terry and Jearold Baitmore were downstairs piling up the garbage bags of junk from the basement while Shawn Connerston and Stacey Baitmore were finished cleaning the cabin top to bottom. As the cool breeze stopped blowing, the air in the cabin grew so hot and humid that you could almost cut the air with a plastic knife and instead of nice and cool the way it had been all day long.Upstairs inside the large spacious attic bedroom, Shawn and Stacey were doing everything but cleaning the room. Shawn was sitting on the bed with Stacey sitting besided him with her bathing suit on and her top off while he gently prodded her shoulder area to find out what was causing her pain as he let his skilled massasing hands prod her muscles he constantly asked if where the pressure was hurts.

Shawn gently presses down on the space between Stacey's neck and shoulders saying: Does it 'urt 'ere Stacey?

Stacey feels Shawn pressing the sore muscles and says: Yahh! Yeah that's where it hurts alright. Oooh,what's up with that spot anyways?

Shawn gently presses down on the space between Stacey's neck and shoulders saying: Hmm, I don't know Stacey, I'm not a doctor. However are you and Nick back on speaking terms with eachother after he misplaced 'is notebook with all of his calculations in it that were highly confidential?

Stacey feels the room go into a negative coloring and relives the events that lead up to her being accused of taking Nick's private and confidential note book and reading it,then sees the part where Nick finds his notebook,then she remembered the two choices that she was given and they were to say where she had hidden Nick's note book or board the ship that Mitchell was flying and never return to Mars. Suddenly the part where Nick came barrelling through the doors of the hangar flashed before her eyes as she heard Nick's voice ring in her ears

Nick bursts through the hangar doors out of breath as he gasps out: Wait! Before we go anyfurther, I-I (Glances at Stacey who was being held by her arm by an angry Mitchell then determinly says) Stacey didn't steal my note book, I just misplaced it and forgot where I put it down. None of this is her fault, so why punish her when she never took what didn't belong to her in the first place? It wouldn't be fair to force a punishment on to her,for something she never did. Please, Mitchell let her go, she's just like us and has feelings too. I just never realized how busy I can get during the course of the day until I misplaced my spiral notebook where I wrote my calculations and this tiny notebook has a lot of personal information on each of you in. It was hard for me to accept the fact that Stacey was no where near my personal belongings when I misplaced my notebook, nor has she ever accessed your personal files which I might add have a very complicated encryption and password code on them preventing her from breaking in and reading the personal things that have nothing to do with her and are none of her business. The only files I granted her access to are the ones that are about people who (lets his voice drop in humiliation as he says) don't exist in reality. I know that there are times when she's only trying to help and I get all rilled up and frustrated at her, but then I remind myself that she's still a child and I'm the adult and it's my responsibility to know when and when not to say no thanks to her. When she offers her help to me when she thinks I might need it, sure I let her in on what I'm doing but only after swearing her to secretcy making sure that no one besides the two of us know about certain files on my hard drive. The files I let her see are confidential and top secret so I make her take the pledge of silence before allowing her to view the files and if she doesn't take the pledge of silence,then she knows she can't be of any help to me in any way and I just give her a list of things that need to be done.

Mitchell releases his grip on Stacey's arm and says: So she's never told anyone anything from any of our files at all?

Nick shakes his head and says: 'Fraid not Mitchell, she's never told a living soul about what I've shown her on my computer. It's in the contract she willingly signed stating that she's not to tell a soul of what the files say no matter what happens even if someone threatens to kill her, she'll take the privacy of others and consider their feelings before ever talking or blurting out things that're in the files. Stacey's sworn to keep silent about what we work on unless this is the key word here, unless she has my authorization to mention anything she's seen and that won't happen for a long long time. Besides it's been nearly three years since we started working together and she's been silent for that length of time. Nothing has come out of her mouth that I don't approve of her saying or give my ok to say, she knows that by now and has a high sense of respect for the people whose files she reads that she'd never betray anyone's confidentiality to anyone but me. If there's a problem like the problem right now in regards to credibility of her secrectcy, I'm afraid I have to admit that if this were a test,she's passed it by not leaking any information on any of you. What she sees on MY computer screen is none of anybody elses business and she knows what the consequences are for breaking her vow of silence and to this day she's never said a thing. Sure it was hard for her in the beginning,but through a system that I designed in the beginning to help her keep quiet about private information, she's gradually learning to avoid certain topics of discussion by reading my eyes,face and body language. If I'm sending a certain signal that's telling her that it's ok to say certain things but if I send another signal saying keep your mouth closed and not a word just say you don't know anything. That's always worked at getting people to leave her alone and stop prodding her for details. Have any of you ever thought to ask her in person a personal question from your files? No?! Try it, ask her a very personal question that would normally hurt your feelings if the information was leaked.

Mitchell thinks long and hard and says: Stacey, what day,month and year was I born and how old am I? (Watches and listens to Stacey very carefully then asks again with more authority) Stacey, what day,month and year was I born and how old am I? Tell me Stacey! (Watches and listens to Stacey very carefully then says) Whoa, she won't answer me and it's my personal info that I'm asking her about.

Nick frowns and says: Uhh, could you excuse us for a minute please? I need to conferr with Stacey in private. (Walks over to the far corner of the hangar and says with undetected sever authority) Stacey, I said come here! Now!

Stacey,takes her back pack off,sets it on the floor where she was standing then scuttles over to where Nick stood so that he wouldn't become angry with her and waits for him to speak.

Nick lowers himself down onto a chair,looks Stacey straight in the eye and says: Stacey, I apologize for the way the last part sounded. I kow it was a little too authoritarian and I'll try to refrain from doing that again. But now that we're away from everyone else, you can break your code of silence. Did you just reveal the year Mitchell was born and how old he is? or was I hearing things? I'm not accusing you of leaking the information to the right person, but I need to know if you said anything. Did you or didn't you say anything in response to Mitchell's demands?

Stacey shakes her head and says: No

Nick stands up and pats her on the back saying: Alright then, back we go. (Comes out from behind a fighter jet and joins Stoker,Nick and Mitchell saying) Everything's alright, I miss heard her. She said she can't tell you what you want to know. Nick, you want to try her?

Stacey takes a deep breath and swallows the urge to blurt out what Nick wanted to know before he asked.

Nathan: Alright then, you want me to test her so I will with a question that's answer is hard to refrain from giving. (Thinks for a minute then,lowers himself to Stacey's height and says) Stacey, I know that you never would expose certain things that we've ahem uh discussed in private, but I-I've been hearing rumors that I'm not entirely certain are directed about me, but do you remember (Whispers the question into her ear then while gently holding her hand, he paitently waits for an honest answer in the form of a simple squeeze or a slack hand. While he waited, his eyes were starting to mist over with tears of worry since he knew how private and sensitive the information that he had told her was and continued to wait until he said once more in a comforting tone of voice) Yes or no that's all I'm asking, you don't have to answer me here,but it would be nice to know if you told anyone what I told you in private. (Becomes angry then shakes Stacey rather hard while squeezing her upper arms tightly saying) These rumors hurt you know! If you don't answer me in the next five seconds, then I'll take your silence as a yes. (Releases Stacey then says) Oh, god I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to shake you like that. It's just that I temporarily lost control and got angry with you. Look,I know it's hard to keep from saying the rightful answer, but your talking to the person who's reputation is on the line along with his career. Do you want to answer this now or in private? Squeeze once for now and twice for in private. (Feels Stacey squeeze his hand twice then nods and says) Alright then, we'll deal with this later in private. I understand how you feel right now. (Pulls out his handkerchief and dries her tears saying) I know you're scared to tell the truth because of what will happen, but if we speak of this in private between you and me the way we did before, then maybe you'll feel more comfortable telling me alright? Good now no more tears. (Holds his hankie to Stacey's nose and says) Here,blow your nose, that's it. We'll straighten things out later on when you're emotions have settled after a nap. (Strokes her hair and tips her chin before standing up saying) That's all I have to say to her.

Stoker: I've got a personal question for you to answer and I'd like to know if you told anyone what I told you. Did you or didn't you tell single females that I was available? If you didn't then I'm sorry for even bringing this subject up, but if you did spill about me loosing my wife and child,then who gave you the god given right to broad cast my life's tragedy to anyone who'll lend a sympathetic ear? It's no one's business and I specifically told you not to tell anyone what I said! (Continues to holler at Stacey as she sat on one of her suit cases to put her throbbing head in her hands)

Nathan recognizes the signs of stress on the breaking point and says: I think we'd better leave her alone for awhile, she's upset enough as it is. She's staying with m-oh wait, uh,I threw her out when I heard rumors going around so she's got no where to go so she can rest. Oh what the heck, I'll take her back to my place and let her rest in a dark,cool,quiet room until she's ready to talk to me. Cm'on Stacey, lets go back to my place so you can rest. All this pent up stress isn't good for your head and it's causing you to have a migraine and a sever one. Now cm'on and you can ask for anything you want for lunch with in reason. (Helps Stacey to stand up while she slipped her back pack on, he picked up her small suit case and leaves the hangar with her and goes back to his place where he unlocked his door and helped her inside his apartment,down the hall to where she'd been staying,helped her ease back onto the bed while he pulled down the window shade, went out into the hall and opened the linen closet to get a long towel that he could wet with cold water to lay on Stacey's forhead. Once he had his towel folded lengthwise, he stuck it in the sink and turned the cold water on and let it run over the cloth while he opened the medical cabinet,removed a bottle of extra strength Tylenol shook two out,filled the glass on the side of the sink with water then rinsed it out and refilled it with cold water,sat it back down,then turned the water off removing the wet cloth that he wrung out a bit then he picked up the glass and went into Stacey's room saying) Here Stacey, two extra strength tylenol's for your headache and a nice cold glass of water to take them with. (Hands Stacey the glass and two tylenol that she took while downing the entire glass of water,then laid back on top of the covers and let Nick remove her glasses,put them in their case then she laid back and let Nick lay the cool welcoming cloth on her forehead as he said) And finally a nice cold cloth to cool your head down. Now then, as I said, what ever you want for lunch, I'll try and make it for you. So what'll it be for lunch?

Stacey in a faint voice: Just a couple of tuna sandwiches and a tall glass of chocolate milk if you have any please.

Nathan: Sure a couple of tuna sandwiches and a tall glass of chocolate milk, no problem. You lay and take it easy for a while and I'll get you your lunch. (Leaves the spare room closing the door behind him to drowned out the sounds coming from the kitchen from the guests that arrived in search of answers. Once Stoker demanded to speak to Stacey, both Nick,Mitchell and Nathan put their foot down and while making Stacey's lunch and drink said) No, we're not letting you disturb her while she's sleeping off a headache. How would you like it if I came over to your place and started hollering at you when you have a skull splitting headache? You wouldn't like it now would you? Of course not! Now let her sleep!! (Finishes putting the last two sandwiches together then gives the chocolate milk one last stir and says) Not a word of argument. I said no and I mean no. (Walks down the hall to the spare room where Stacey lay sleeping, nudges the door open with his foot,enters and says in a soothing tone of voice) Hey, I'm back, how's your head feeling?

Stacey in a faint voice: Terrible! The pounding is worse than ever and I've already taken my hair down out of my hair ribbon and tried relaxing but it only makes the head ache worse than what it really is.

Nathan sets the plate and glass down then goes to the door and calls for Nick to come check Stacey over saying) Nick, could you come to the spare room for a minute?

Nick stands up,grabs his medical bag and heads towards his brother's voice,enters the spare room and says: What's wrong in here that I'm needed?

Nathan asks Stacey once again about her head saying: How's your head feeling?

Stacey in a faint voice: Terrible! The pounding is worse than ever and I've already taken my hair down out of my hair ribbon and tried relaxing but it only makes the head ache worse than what it really is.

Nathan glances at his brother for help and says: Help?

Nick sets his med bag down on the bed then opens it to remove the blood pressure cuff saying: Hmm, may as well check her vital signs and see where we go from there. (Pulls the blood pressure cuff all the way up Stacey's arm and stops at her bicep,tightens the velcro around the cuff then puts his stethoscope into his ears and the scope part under the cuff as he started pumping air into the cuff until he stopped and slowly let out a bit of air and watched her blood pressure saying as he deflated the cuff) Well, we can't eliminate her blood pressure because it's through the roof due to all the stress we've put her through in the hangar. (Reaches into his bag again and pulls out his measuring tape and drapes it around Stacey's head to measure the distance around her head saying) Hmm, due to her migraine being so sever, her head's bigger than it should be normally. (Puts the measuring tape away then dons laytex rubber gloves and pulls out two special head lice checking tooth picks and starts to check her hair and says) Hmm, have you tried brushing your hair to get rid of the head ache? Or even thought of a hair cut to lighten your head a bit?

Stacey in a faint voice: Tried brushing it,but the headache just grows worse instead of better, already tried begging and pleading for a hair cut and got a stone cold no from both parents. They said if they let me get my hair cut then it'll interfere with their summer plans to take us to Disney Land. I tried washing my hair but the coldwater is constantly being interrupetd by someone flushing the toilet then turning on the tap in the sink or by the washer being turned on. The last time I called a hair salon to get a final price for a hair cut with the works in it, I was told that it'd be 'bout twenty three fifty five after tax. Even with the information from the hair salon the answer was still no. Dad said that if I wanted a hair cut then he'd gladly take me to the barber to have it done because it was cheaper than a hair salon. Or he'd wash my hair and give me a bowl cut just to shut me up about hair cuts.

Nathan glances at his brother and says: Twenty three fifty five isn't bad for a hair cut but taking a girl to the barber to have her hair cut? That's outrageous! What's your mom gotta say about it?

Stacey in a faint voice: She's all for the bowl cut and a trip to the barber. She refuses to allow anyone to cut my hair. My granma on my dad's side offered to shorten it to my old summer cut, but mom said absolutely not. She's got long thick hair and she's not getting it cut for any reason at all. If she needs a hair cut,then I'll shave her head to shut her the hell up.

Nathan turns and says to Nick: Think Mitchell can handle long hair like this? Or wait, think Melissa would lend a helping hand?

Nick thinks for a moment then says: I'll check with Melissa and see what she says. If she says yes,then bring her to the medward later this afternoon and bring her shampoo and things like that and she'll do it. But shaving a girl's head bald for asking about getting her hair cut short is ridiculous! Just because Terry's comfortable with long thick hair trailing down her neck in 90*degree heat doesn't mean that Stacey has to suffer the same thing and besides, a hot scalp can often lead to sever headaches and longer shower time.

Meanwhile in the living room,Stoker and Mitchell were decompressing after keeping volatile feelings pent up for so long when the door bell to Nick's private quarters rang startling the two of them out of their miserable thoughts of how big of bullies they were.

Stoker hears the door bell,gets up out of the chair he was sitting in and answers Nick's door saying: Hi Curtis,what's up?

Curtis: Oh hi coach,these just came from Earth via courrier for Nick and Nick since they weren't where they normally are I figured I'd try here and drop these off for them. (Hands two envelopes addressed to Nick and Nick to Stoker and says) Now I've gotta go, I've more to deliver other people.

Stoker takes the envelope and watches as 14 year old Curtis continued on his way to deliver other envelopes to other people,stepped back inside and shut the door callin out: Nick, Nick,you've both got mail! (reads the lable and thinks) DNA Labs of Chicago? Oooh Nick and Nathan what've you two gotten yourselves tangled into on Earth?

Nathan comes out of the spare bedroom followed by Nick and says: Huh? Oh just set it in the mail holder on the wall and I'll tend to it later on. Who's it from?

Stoker: Some D.N.A. Lab on Earth in Chicago..

Nathan swallows then says: I'll read it later when all's quiter then it is now. (Thinks to himself) Well I guess t'day's d-day for me. I find out wether or not I'm Stacey's biological father or not.

Nick takes the envelope from Stoker's hand thinking: Oh no! Please don't let this be what I think it is! Esepcially after all the many false alarms I've been put through! Dear god please DON'T let this say Sasha's dead!

Nathan notices the color had drained from Nick's face and says: Nate? You alright? You're not facing a paternal suit are you?

Nick shakes his head saying: They sent blood,fur and tissue samples to the same lab your envelope came from with samples from Sasha,I'm praying to god she's alright and not dead. We've got a two year old that's wondering where mommy is...(Remembers his two year old then glances at the clock and says) Ahahha is it that late? I gotta go pick up Rielley from day care before they bring her to me! Her time at day care is almost done for the day! I gotta go! I'll call you later maybe drop by with Rielley! (Opens Nick's door and heads out shutting it behind him and heads off towards the eleveator system taking a right to where the day care was located to find Rielley outside on a chair waiting for him and says) Hiya sweetheart! Waiting for me again huh?

Rielley bounces off the chair,runs to Nick who scooped her up and bursts into tears

Nick scoops up Rielley and says: Hey hey hey hey! No tears! Daddy always comes to pick you up no matter how many minutes he's late! What say we go home and make s'mores for lunch huh?
Rielley sniffles and says: T'ay

Nick sets Rielley down on her feet and says: That's my girl!
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