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mama, you shall not be forgotten

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Theresa remembers her mothers death. (written in dedication to my mama)

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(Theresa is 7 years old, so don't bite my heady head head off if it looks like a 10 year old wrote it! That's the point!)

"mama?" she was laying there, barely breathing, i couldn't sleep, knowing that my mama was on the verge of death. Nor could daddy, he hadn't left his special room since yesterday...i felt really sad and alone, i didn't want mama to feel like me, so i had decided to sit with her. Daddy had told me not to go in with mama in case i would catch her cold. I know it wasn't a cold, she would be trying to walk if it was a cold, she was all yellow for some reason, i had heard the doctor say 'lucemia' but i don;'t know what that means! All i know is that my mama is all yellow and she looks very sad.

"Darling" she said quietly "Mama, you don't have to be quiet, daddy will scould me but i want you to talk to me" i told her, she smiled at me, showing her pure white teeth, i smiled showing my own. "you must promise me that you will take good care of daddy for me while i'm gone" she said, her voice was shakky, but right now all that mattered was that i was talking to my mama "where are you going to go mama?" i asked, she sighed and looked at the sky "ilisian feilds" she said softly "and you will join me one day Theresa, once you are a hero, you will join" she said happily, i smiled happily "i will see you in ilisian fields! when will i see you there?" I asked, she smiled "when you are done here" she said simply "where is ilisian feilds? i want to go see you next month to tell you everything, i can bring daddy too! that will make him happy" i said "it is a place that you will go when you leave this place and move will know it when the time is right" she said, she rubbed my cheek as i stood over her yellowness "Be brave Theresa, you are a fighter, and even without me around, you will do well, i know you will. Do not let my death be in vain" she said, her hand left my cheek and lowered to rest on my hand, i tightened my grip on her hand "your not going to die" i said, but oh-contrare she knew it herself, her time was up.

"my brave Theresa, believe that i will always be there with you" she said, with her last bit of strength she squeezed my hand "I love you Terry..." she said and fell asleep, a sleep in which she would never awaken. I clentched her hand with all my strength "mama" i sobbed, i stood there for hours, holding her limp hand, crying for her to return, though i knew it was useless. "i will see you mama, in ilisian feilds" i said over and over again. I sat there all night, whispering over and and over 'i will see you mama, in ilisian feilds'.

***Present times***

"i will see you mama in ilisian feilds" i whispered, i felt a warm hand under mine "Terry?" came a gentel male voice, the voice of the first person i had loved as much as my mother. I clicked back to reality, i was sitting in a graveyard, a boy in a yellow and purple polo sweater had joined me, i hadn't realized my hand resting on his. i wiped a tear from my eye, and looked at him "seven years today" i said, I leaned forward slightly and Jay hugged me, i did so in return, sobbing into his shoulder "you will see her in ilisian feilds Theresa, she is waiting" he whispered, i broke from the hug and looked at the grave stone before me:

Jane Landders
Mother, wife, friend
Kind beats within her heart, even if it does not beat any longer, her memories remain, of the life and love she left behind.
-Theresa Landders age 10
may you rest in piece and may you never be forgotten.
Rest In piece

"I miss her so much" i whispered, Jay looked at me, his chocolat brown eyes, full of love "all you can do is remember, she owuldn't want you to remain sorrowfull till the dy you died. Nor would I" he said. I got up, Jay did as well "She shall not be forgotten" i said, Jay smiled "with you on the job, i have no dought" he said, we walked slowly away from my mothers grave 'i will see you in ilisian feilds mama'...


Author's not: this is my mothers spot, not everyone has a family that is still here.

dedicated to my mother, on your 5 year anniversary since you left me. Father has remarried mama, but you shall never be forgotten...i love you mama.

Have you ever had one of those days?
When everything you love seems to slip away?
You feel the tears reach your eyes
as you beg yourself not to cry.
I had one of those days,
I prayed the good memories to stay.
To help heal the wounds she made,
she isn't here anymore to aid,
and heal the cuts her death has sliced.
As my tears fall like blood from cuts,
the pain, relentless, till you've had enough!
she was my mother
my savior of sort
a healer and a teacher.
But now she's gone,
Far away.
And still i remember the old days,
when the sun shone bright,
bathing us in light.
Just the joy within her heart
made our pain drain away.
she said to follow you dreams,
no matter how impossible and craze as they seem,
it's only right to try,
to never run and hide.
And not to fear, but to face and fight,
but that was when everything was alright.
It's febuary now
the sun is is always down
or hidden in the clouds.
As i read this aloud,
I know she is listening
somewhere she is resting,
as i read our memories,
she is smiling and remembering
the life and love, she left behind when she died...

Mama, i remember you, febuary 8th, you slipped away from me. Now i write this for you, so that the whole world can see, why i love you and always will. You raised a brave daughter.

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