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Heart to Heart

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Inuyasha's been ignoring his own heart for too long and it's hurting both him and Kagome. Now his heart and her heart are taking action and paying the hanyou a visit to force him to face his feelin...

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Hello Everyone! This is a story I've had posted on for a while but thought it'd be fun to share with all of you! I hop you enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: ÊáñäéÜ is a term I'm using in this story and it's a greek word that literally means "heart." You'll see why it's important later. And in case you're wondering, I used greek instead of Japanese because I didn't want the idea to be limited just to the japanese. Everyone has a ÊáñäéÜ. I wanted to use a very old language like latin originally but didn't like any of the latin words for heart. Plus the greeks were into mythology big time and it sounds like something that could be found in one of their stories. The background I used to help with the story was the idea that a greek was one of the first to people to ever meet their ÊáñäéÜ and therefore were the first to give them and a name and it just stuck.


In a place unknown to mankind there stood a girl with dark ebony hair and beautiful blue eyes. She wore an off the shoulder gown of white satin that accented her curves and flowed gently down to her ankles. She greatly resembled a certain young miko who was in the habit of traveling back and forth through time and juggling demons slaying with homework. In fact she would have been identical to the afore mentioned girl had it not been for two things; the first being on her head, written in rose red letters was the word ÊáñäéÜ and the second was that her beautiful body was covered in many cuts and abrasions. Some were small scratches while others were large bleeding wounds, some were old healed wounds, some in the process of healing while others were fresh and looked extremely painful.

Standing seemed to pain her but she did not sit. She was standing in a forest of white trees, white grass, and white fog. There were glimpses of others walking through the forest or standing like she was but she paid them no attention. In front of her, in the midst of a thick fog, images flashed before her. They were images of the young miko walking with a group of people through a forest. She smiled up at the white haired hanyou walking beside her and he half smiled back at her. One of the white-gowned girl's wounds began to heal some. She sighed. At this rate she was gaining more wounds faster then they could be healed. If something didn't change soon, she would be completely broken. She shuddered.

"I would have been fine had it not been for him, or that woman, Kikyou." She hissed. "Should have never gone through that blasted well and been broken like this." She stood silently watching for a few more minutes. The young miko tripped over something and would have fallen had it not been for the hanyou who reached out and caught her. The miko blushed and thanked him. The girl in the white forest smiled, her wounds healing faster.

"But then again, I don't think I could live without him." She mused with a soft smile. "If I tried I know I would surely break." She turned away from the images and walked farther into the forest, but even though the images weren't right in front of her, she knew what was going on. She was part of the miko and was therefore perfectly attuned to her emotions. She stopped walking after a few minutes. Many of her smaller wounds were almost completely healed. She sighed, relieved to be rid of some of the pain.

But how long would it last time? How long until he would say something hurtful? How long until he ran off to his clay love again? Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of someone approaching. She frowned. They did not interact with one another here except when their human counterparts bonded. She turned to face the sound and awaited her visitor. As a figure appeared through the fog, she gasped. Never in a million years would she have expected this. It was a man in a pure white kimono with silver white hair, amber eyes, and two dog-like ears on the top of his head. He also bore the mark ÊáñäéÜ on his forehead.

"I've been looking for you." He said in a quiet whisper. The girl took several steps backward until she ran into a tree.

"" She began to shake. He looked so much like him, it was hard to breathe. It was then she noticed a large scar that ran down the side of his face. The scar looked very old but there was another, newer, more extensive wound that caught her eyes. It ran from his left shoulder all the way down to his right hip. She could see it faintly through his kimono. His body also had other smaller scratches on it like hers.

"Yes, I am the ÊáñäéÜ of Inuyasha." He answered her unspoken question. "And you are the ÊáñäéÜ of Kagome am I right?" She nodded.

"But why? You should not be here." She whispered afraid to trust her voice in his presence.

"I was hoping that you are in touch with the girl, Kagome." He took a step forward. There was desperation in his eyes.

"Yes...of course I am. But why?" She asked also stepping forward, drawn like a moth to the flame.

"It has been quite some time since Inuyasha has listened to me." His voice shook. Were those tears in his eyes? "He does not realize what he is doing to himself. Or to Kagome apparently." His eyes traveled over her bleeding body. She turned away, as if to shield herself from his intense gaze.

"What are you trying to say?" She asked.

"He has tricked himself into believing that he knows best and that he knows what he wants and yet he doesn't bother to consult his own heart. As you can see I am greatly wounded, but I'm sure you figured I would be because of what happened in the past. If something is not done then I will break again only this time it will be permanent, there will be no Kagome there to heal me." He sank to the ground with his back to a tree as he talked. The girl walked over and kneeled beside him. She reached out and gently touched his face with her hand but felt nothing. She should have known that would happen. He gave her a questioning look.

"I know that the only thing I can sense is what she senses but I had to try." She explained. "Kagome is not like he is. She is very much aware of her feelings toward him and aches to be close to him."

"Then these wounds of yours represent all the times he has hurt her?" He asked and she nodded. "I expected some, but not this many."

"She cares very deeply."

"Then my plan is all the more necessary."

"What do you mean plan?" She asked giving him a suspicious look.

"As you well know, the connection we have with our human counterparts, host, whatever you want to call them is a very much a one way street. We can talk to them, guide them, and reveal to them their own being, but only as much as they will let us. Like I said earlier, Inuyasha rarely gives me a chance to speak to him any more and because of it we are both suffering. And so something must be done and since they aren't doing it we'll have to." He said, his amber eyes full of fire.

"What do you mean us? There is nothing we can do." There was a pause and then she turned his face so that he was looking at her. "You're not actually thinking of-"

"Going down there?" He finished her question. "Yes."

"But that's madness!" She shouted flying to her feet. "What if something happened while we're down there?"

"They can't hurt us." He reminded her.

"Oh sure, they can't cut us into pieces with their swords but on the other hand, these wounds we bare will become all the more real. Here we all have wounds like this and worse and can still live. Sure there's pain but we don't die from it. But if we go down there then these wounds can and will become fatal. Look at the state we're in. Neither one of us would last very long." He looked away from her but she pulled him to his feet and forced him to look into her eyes. "And what if they were to start fighting while we're down there? These wounds would become worse and we would surely die. And then they would die with us. For as long as we are here, we can be broken and shattered into a million pieces but they will go on living, but down there the rules all change."

"I know." He said cupping her cheek with one hand even though neither one could feel the touch. "But we'll die anyway if we don't do something. We'll choose a night when they have been getting along and our wounds are at a minimum. We will go to him one at a time and confront him with both sides of the situation. We'll force him to listen. Do you want to go on living in this pain or settle this once and for all?" She looked at him for a moment longer before breaking the contact and walking a few feet away. She bit her lip in concentration as she stared out into the fog. There were several minutes of silence before she turned back to him.

"All right." She stated. "But I go first."

"No, it was my idea and if something were to go wrong-"

"No, it's better this way." She cut him off. "Let him see what he's done to her then he'll be more open to listen to his own heart." He sighed. She was right. But then she was the ÊáñäéÜ of Kagome and Kagome was usually right about this sort of thing.

"Then there is nothing left to do now but wait for the right time." He said returning to his position at the base of the tree. She sat down next to him silently. There were several minutes of silence before he looked up and saw her smiling at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Being here with you makes me happy." She said. "I only wish I could send this feeling to Kagome, but alas, it doesn't work that way."

"If it did then we would have solved our problems a long time ago," He snorted. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"You belong to Inuyasha alright." At this he just snorted again and settled into a more comfortable situation for what could be a very long wait.

I hope you enjoyed and can't wait to hear from you all! The next chapter will be out in a couple of days!
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