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ÊáñäéÜ Kagome Confronts Inuyasha

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Kagome's heart goes to confront Inuyasha about the pain he has caused her and push him to make a choice.

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Hello everyone! It's time for chapter two, YAH! I hope you enjoy!

ÊáñäéÜ Kagome Confronts Inuyasha

It was a clear, brilliant night in Feudal Japan that found Inuyasha fidgeting absent-mindedly in his look out point in a tree. On the ground below him, his friends slept peacefully. His eyes passed over them and came to rest on the one to the left. She shifted slightly in her sleep and let out a small sigh. His ears twitched at the sound. He watched Kagome sleep for a few more minutes before taking off silently into the woods.

When he came to a clearing he stopped. He sat down on a log and stared into the night sky. They had been traveling for some time without a sign of a jewel shard or Naraku. It was extremely frustrating for the hanyou who did not like being inactive for very long. And now Kagome had to go home again. He huffed. He couldn't see why she had to go home. How could these tests possibly be more important then destroying Naraku? Or helping him put the jewel back together? And besides it was extremely boring during her absences. Even when they weren't fighting she kept things interesting.

Several minutes passed in quiet contemplation. Then the wind changed directions and brought with it the scent of....

His blood ran cold and he thought his heart would stop. Blood. Lots of blood. Kagome's blood.

He flew to his feet and turned, prepared to rush into the forest and to her aid, only to find her standing at the edge of the woods watching him.

"Kagome?" He rushed to her. Her whole body was covered in cuts and blooded marred her white dress.

"What happened? Who did this?" He demanded his voice dangerously angry. "Tell me so I can rip them to pieces!"

"You did." She answered quietly, stepping out into the moonlight.

"What?" his face paled.

"You asked who did this to me and I told you." She answered. "You did this. Well most of it at least."

"What are you talking about?" He asked, fear penetrated his voice. "You were fine just a minute ago and I'm pretty sure I would remember doing this."

"But you did." She assured him. She went to step closer to him but almost collapsed from blood loss. He quickly scooped her up and sat her down on the log. It was then he noticed the strange letter on her forehead.

"What's that?" He asked pointing to the lettering. "Does it have something to do with all these cuts?"

"It is what I am, Inuyasha." She answered looking up at him with adoration in her blue eyes.

"Wait a minute," He took a step back and looked at her again. "You're not Kagome."

"I am ÊáñäéÜ Kagome." She said.

"What the hell does that mean?" He raged. He was getting angry fast. This woman had pretended to be Kagome for some reason and he wanted to know why and now.

"ÊáñäéÜ means heart." She told him. "I am the living embodiment of Kagome's heart."

"WHAT??" He shouted. "Okay, who are you and what are you up to?"

"It is true. I am Kagome's heart." She insisted. "Use your demon senses and you will know that I am no imposter. Besides I have no reason to lie to you." He glared at her for a minute before carefully sniffing the air again. It was Kagome's smell all right, there was no underlying magic that would suggest a forgery.

"Keep talking." Inuyasha commanded, refusing to show that he maybe, just maybe, was beginning to believe her.

"Everyone who lives here, in your world, has a ÊáñäéÜ. We live in a world apart and our lives are shaped by the emotions and feelings of our human, demon, or in your case hanyou, counter parts. Whenever our counter parts are hurt emotionally, then we are hurt physically. When they become happy or joyful they our wounds heal." She explained. "We do not usually come to your world because of the dangers it hold for both us and our counterparts, but I could not sit by and wait for you to break me beyond repair."

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha asked, his voice a low whisper. His breath was raspy and his hand shook slightly. He didn't really want to know for he feared he would not like the answer but something compelled him to ask.

"Every time you are mean to her, treat her like she is nothing but a shard collector, when you act as if she does not matter to you, it hurts her and therefore hurts me." The woman before him explained, her eyes downcast. "But what hurts her more then any of that is all the times you abandon her for Kikyou. The large gashes you see here are from those times." She pointed to several deep wounds that reached across her stomach.

"But I...I didn't..." Inuyasha started but couldn't continue for fear he would vomit from looking at the nasty wounds he had caused.

"You must choose." The girl looked up at him with pain and love in her blue eyes. "You can not have both Kagome and Kikyou. You must choose and make your choice clear to all so that if you should choose...Kikyou...Kagome will be able to find some other way to heal her broken heart besides waiting for you to show her some kindness. So she can try and move on." Silent tears began to stream down her cheeks while she spoke and Inuyasha itched to wipe them away.

"Though to be honest," She continued. "I do not think Kagome will ever be able to love another. For I am filled with such a strong love for you that being here with you is excruciating ecstasy." Inuyasha sank to the ground before her. His eyes were shaded by his bangs but shook slightly with the tears he fought not to shed.

"I don't want to hurt Kagome." He whispered. "But how can I give Kikyou up? I cannot erase what has been between us." He looked up at her and wished he hadn't. He could see the pain written across her face. His words about Kikyou had hurt her. He looked away. This was Kagome's heart and he had hurt it. Again.

"So you see, I don't know how to choose." He added. She sighed and he dared to peak at her from the corner of his eyes and found her staring into the distance.

"We figured as much." She said sadly. It was obvious that his indecision was causing her great pain.

"We?" Inuyasha perked up and looked around warily.

"Kagome is not the only one who has suffered from your actions." She said in a pained voice.

"Kikyou?" Inuyasha asked warily.

"No. Kikyou is dead and therefore has no ÊáñäéÜ." She told him. "It is someone else."

"Who?" Inuyasha asked.

"You will find out soon." She smiled slightly at his curiosity. "But I must go now before these wounds over come me." She stood up on unsteady legs.

"What? Are the wounds deadly?" Inuyasha asked rushing to steady her.

"Normally they are not. Where we live, we can live with all sorts of physical wounds. They are painful but we do not die from them. We do not die until our counter parts die." She explained leaning heavily on his arm. "But in this world they become deadly. And as you can see I am even now steadily approaching death." He looked down at her once white dress that was now almost completely covered in blood. She gave his arm one last squeeze before walking slowly away from him.

"Wait!" He called out to her. "Shouldn't we try to bandage the wounds then?"

"I already told you that my wounds cannot be healed that way." She stopped and turned halfway around to look at him. "If I do not leave soon, I will die and Kagome with me." At this Inuyasha grew incredibly pale.

"Once I return home then we will both be out of immediate danger." She said before turning back around and continuing to walk. "Wait here. Another will come."

"Who?" He shouted after.

"You will see soon enough." She answered. "Until then think of what I have said." And with that she disappeared in a swirl of white leaving Inuyasha alone once again to contemplate this new turn of events and await his next visitor.

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