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ÊáñäéÜ Inuyasha Confronts Inuyasha

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Inuyasha is confronted by his own heart and forced to consider his feelings for Kagome and Kikyou.

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ÊáñäéÜ Inuyasha Confronts Inuyasha

Inuyasha sat on the log thinking of the conversation he had just had with the woman that had claimed to be Kagome's heart. The horrible image of her damaged and bloody body haunted him. Could he have really have done that to Kagome? Sweet Kagome who stood by his side no matter what. The thought made him sick. But then how could he let Kikyou go? She had been his everything once. He couldn't just throw that out the window. She was still an important part of him.

He looked toward the stars hoping to find an answer there but found only distant twinkling lights.

"You will have to make this decision on your own." A voice from behind broke through his thoughts. Inuyasha jumped to his feet and whirled around prepared to fight. But nothing could have prepared him for what he saw standing before him. When he turned around he came face to face with himself.

"WHAT THE HE-" Inuyasha yelled but was cut off.

"Calm yourself." The mirror image said. "Take a closer look." It was then Inuyasha noticed the differences in the other man. His body was covered in many gashes and wounds, the most noticeable being an old scar on the side of his face and a newer, larger wound that ran from his left shoulder to his right hip. Blood was already starting to seep through his white kimono from the wound. On his forehead was the word ÊáñäéÜ.

"'re my..."

"Heart." The ÊáñäéÜ finished Inuyasha's sentence for him. "Yes. Let me guess, you weren't expecting me?"

"No actually I was expecting Kikyou." Inuyasha admitted as he shifted nervously away from the figure in front of him.

"I believe the ÊáñäéÜ of Kagome already told you that Kikyou has no ÊáñäéÜ because she is dead." The ÊáñäéÜ reminded him.

"Oh, yeah..." Inuyasha scratched the back of his neck and looked away, embarrassed.

"So, uh, what do you know, want to talk about?" Inuyasha asked. It was very clear that Inuyasha was extremely uncomfortable.

"It has been a while since we have spoken." The figure admitted. "You've been to "busy" to consult me."

"Well, you know, searching for the jewel shards and all." Inuyasha fumbled for an excuse.

"Searching for the jewel shards has nothing to do with me." The figure reprimanded. "You stopped talking to me because you were afraid of what I would tell you. You believed that ignoring your feelings will some how make them go away but in reality it only hinders you and causes pain." Inuyasha didn't know how to respond. If he'd had any doubts before about the validity of all this, they were now put to rest. This man, this being, was indeed his heart. Inuyasha could not just hear his voice but feel it deep down inside of himself. He used to ignore this voice but now he could not for the voice was here and staring him in the face.

"Aren't you in the least bit curious?" The figure prodded. "You must have a few questions at least."

"Yeah, actually, I do." Inuyasha snapped out of his revere. "The cuts, what are they from?"

"This old one on my face is from when mother died." The figure said, his visage sad. "As you can see, it has healed but there will be a scar. That's what you get when you love someone but that doesn't mean that it's not worth it in the long run." Inuyasha frowned and looked away. The figure sighed and continued.

"And this large, nasty one is from Kikyou." The figure winced as he changed positions to allow Inuyasha a better view of how horrible the wound really was. "As you can see, it is a deadly wound and would have left me permanently manned me had Kagome not come along."

"Kagome?" Inuyasha asked. "What about her?"

"Kagome's kindness toward you and the feelings that began to bud between the two of you slowly healed this wound. The wound would be nothing more then a scar now had you not refused to let Kikyou go." The figure continued.

"Let her go? SHE CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD!!" Inuyasha protested. "How could let her go when she was right in front of me??"

"She may have been brought back to life but she was not the same Kikyou that you fell in love with." The figure explained. "Even you must have noticed that she was not the kind and caring woman she once was. After all the only reason she continued to live after Kagome retracted her soul was to get revenge upon you. She is a being whose very life his is fueled by hatred. She is only a poor excuse for the woman you once loved."

"How can you say that?" Inuyasha flew to his feet in rage. "How can you say that about Kikyou??"

"If you would stop to think about it, you would find that it is true."

"Kikyou, Kagome. How am I supposed to choose?" Inuyasha asked. "And why now? Why do I have to choose now?"

"Because if you do not choose now it will be too late." The figure growled. "I cannot go on like this forever. There is a point at which these wounds will become irreparable. And you must think of Kagome also. She cannot handle much more of this either."

"Ugh! You're frustrating." Inuyasha grumbled.

"Well if you had been listening to me all along we wouldn't have this problem now would we?" Inuyasha's ÊáñäéÜ pointed out.

"Feh, whatever." Was Inuyasha's only response.

"And besides you must realize that just like you need someone to help you heal your wounds so does Kagome. And if you refuse to be that person then she may look else where. Say Koga perhaps." The ÊáñäéÜ pointed out.

"WHAT??" Inuyasha went through the roof. "KOGA?? That mangy wolf better not come near her!"

"You miss my point. What if she goes in search of him?"

"Huh?" Inuyasha's angered was replaced with a child like fear. "She wouldn't do that. Would she?"

"If you keep pushing her away she just might." Though the ÊáñäéÜ decided not to reveal that Kagome's own heart had said she harbored no romantic feelings for the wolf demon. Perhaps fear of losing Kagome would make him open up his eyes and face his own feelings.

"And then there's always that kid from her time. What's his name? Hobo?" Hey if we're going to make him scared to lose her why not make him terrified? "From what I can tell he seems to like her and is very good to her."

"He's a wus." Inuyasha said with a pout. "Kagome would never go for a loser like him."

"Well then you'd better do something about it or you'll lose her, and this," He placed his hand over the long and nasty wound. "will never heal."

"I don't know. I just don't know." Inuyasha said, his eyes downcast.

"Well you need to figure it out and fast." The ÊáñäéÜ said. "For now I must go. I have already staid to long." He slowly stood to his feet, blood dripping from his wounds. "I guess I just missed our conversations with each other." He turned around and began to walk away.

"Then maybe we'll have to have them more often." Inuyasha said with a small grin. "Only we'll have to have them the normal way."

"I'd like that." The figure looked over his shoulder and smiled at Inuyasha. "But for now you've got some things to think about. You must consider what love is. Does Kikyou idealize love by wanting to take you to hell or Kagome by wanting you to live and be happy?"

"You just love making my decision harder then it already is don't you?" Inuyasha asked.

"The decision is easy. You just have to be willing to make it." And with that he was gone and Inuyasha was once again left alone with his thoughts.

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