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Inuyasha confronts Himself

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Inuyasha sets down and hashes out his current romantic situation

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Inuyasha Confronts Himself

Inuyasha sat in the field, plucking absentmindedly at the grass. Kikyou, Kagome. Kagome, Kikyou. GAAAAA! He couldn't just pick one! Well that's a lie. Once, a while back, he had decided on Kikyou, but in the end, Kagome had chosen to stay with him anyway. He remembered clearly the great wave of relief that had washed over him when she said she wanted to stay with him. A few moments before he thought he was going to have to tell her goodbye and never see her again. Just that thought made him feel empty inside. And he was even closer to Kagome now then he had been back then and he knew that he could never send her away, even if he wanted to. She was too much a part of him just to throw it all away.

But Kikyou, he couldn't forget Kikyou. He still remembered the days before Naraku, when they were first beginning to fall in love and things seemed so simple. He remembered clearly how his heart would race whenever she was near, how his mind would become a muddled mess and he couldn't think clearly. He couldn't forget all that. He couldn't just go back on is word to go to hell with her. Could he? But if Kikyou truly loved him wouldn't she want him to live? Or did she think that their life together could never be what they had once dreamed it could and just wanted to be with him, even in death?

Kikyou who wanted to be with him in death or Kagome who wanted to be with him in life? Becoming a monk was looking better and better by the minute.

There was Kagome who was always there for him and did everything in her power to keep him safe and happy. And there was Kikyou who was only around when she wanted something. But she always seemed happy to see him in her own weird way, that had to mean something.

Then of course there was the fact that Kikyou had tried to kill Kagome before and left her in the clutches of a demon more then once. He had always wondered why she seemed to hate Kagome but had never gotten up the nerve to ask her. To be honest he was a little afraid to ask her, afraid of what she might say. But still she had no excuse to want to kill Kagome. Unless something had happened that he didn't know about. He thought back to all the times he had been around Kikyou and Kagome together or the times when Kikyou had talked of Kagome. She had always seemed a bit resentful of Kagome and referred to her as "that girl" or "this girl," or, "reincarnation." Was she jealous of Kagome? Had she suspected that something was going on between the two of them. But maybe she had just been holding Kagome over his head to make him feel guilty. Had she been trying to make him feel obligated to follow her to hell? Or was she simply jealous of all the time he spent with Kagome?

On the other hand, Kagome had helped Kikyou on many occasions. That was Kagome for you. She always had to help, even if the other person would have left her there to rot. That was one of the reasons he liked her so much. She was his opposite in so many ways. She pushed him to change just by being herself. She had been the first person beside his mother who had excepted him as a hanyou and liked him that way. How many times had she told him she liked him just the way he was? To many to count it seems.

And he was hurting her. He was hurting Kagome. His stomach churned at the thought. Why had she stuck by him when he caused her so much pain? He couldn't understand it at all.

Inuyasha sat laid back on the grass and rubbed his fore head with one hand. All this thinking was giving him a headache and he still hadn't gotten anywhere. What was he going to do? He pondered the last couple of hours, replaying the conversations he'd had with the two ÊáñäéÜ. His heart. That was it! He had gotten into this mess because he had tried to use his mind and his pride instead of just listening to his heart.

Taking a deep breathe, he allowed all logic to leave him and for once in his life didn't try to stifle his human emotions but instead let them fill his very being. He began to rethink the situation, this time weighing each side with his feelings not logic. In less then five minutes it became very clear to him what his heart wanted, what it had always wanted. A smile crept across his face. How stupid could he have been? It was plain as day, if he hadn't been such a dope he would have seen it a long time ago.

He stood to his feet and brushed the dirt off his clothes with an air of finality.

"So you're the one?" He asked the wind as he stared into the distance. "You're the one I long for. You're the one I love." And with that he took off into the woods to find the woman that filled his heart to the brim and caused this feeling of love to overflow like a waterfall that cleansed his mind and soul.

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