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NEW STORY! Tre dies and Billie explaines what might have caused his death. SLASH!

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Tre Cool cried uncontollably as he tried to steer his car through the pouring rain.
'Billie, why? Why did you do this? I thought we were happy together...' He thought, his mind reliving the couple of minutes ago with Billie.
He sobbed openly and his tears started to burn his eyes.
Tre started accelerating his car until he was doing at least ninty-five mph.

"BILLIE WHY? I LOVED YOU! I FUCKING LOVED YOU... YOU BASTARD!" Tre shouted at the top of his lungs while taking a very sharp turn..



"Whoa, my head hurts." Billie said to himself while he produced a yawn.
'What happened last night?' He thought to himself as he poured him some cold cerel.
His mind flashed him a mental picture of Tre...
"TRE!" He said out loud.
'What I said last night to him was true... Well most of it.' Billie thought.

He grabbed his bowl of cereal and sat down on his couch, switching the T.V. on.

"Welcome back to channel 5 news... I'm Brittany Fords out here on West Ham Boulevard, where the most devestating wreck on this road has just been found." The reporter said, the camera showing pics of trees down because of the accident.
'Hmm... Probably just some drunken idiots.' Billie thought taking a bite out of his cereal.
"This is where the vehicle ended up." Brittany said, the camera now showing a white old plymouth completely totalled.
'Weird. I've seen that car before.' Billie thought as he gazed at his T.V.
"Viewers, we've been giving permission to say who had been the driver..."
Billie clasped his hands together after placing his cereal bowl on his coffee-table.
"The driver of this accident was none other than Frank Edwin Wright... Or better know to us as Tre Cool, from the amazing punk band Green Day!" Brittany said.

Billie's eyes got big and he stared at the reporter.
'No Tre wouldn't get into an accident like that.' He thought to himself.
"Tre Cool was taken to ForMount Hospital, where he died five minutes later. Like other fans I'm equal devestated by this...."
Brittany said, but Billie shut her up by turning the T.V. off.
'No. He's not dead. I'll go to the hospital and see for myself.' Billie thought as he changed into his jeans and a T-shirt.


Billie pushed his way through the crowd of reporters and crazy-crying fans.
The fans were alright, but the reporters kept jumping him, blocking his way into the hospital by asking him questions like 'What's Green Day going to do now without a drummer?'
"People I don't know yet. For fuck sakes, I just got here!" Billie yelled at the crowd before he entered the hospital.

"Wow. You finally got here." Mike said sarcastically as Billie entered Tre's hospital room.
"Mike, how long have you been here?" Billie asked.
"For nearly four hours. They called me at about one o'clock this morning. I came in two minutes after he passed away..." Mike said as he turned his head and tried to stop a sob from passing away.
"What about me? Did they..." Billie began to ask.
"Yes I called you. Three times. You didn't picked up. I was about to call you an hour ago, but didn't." Mike said.

"So what did they do with his body?" Billie asked looking at the pictures framed up on the wall.
"Right there. Their not going to move him until we have a casket for him. And the cementary's ready for him." Mike said pointing to a hospital bed at the far end of the room.
Billie headed over towards the bed and stared in shock silence at his once beloved, full of energy drummer.
Tre's eyes were closed, and his body looked relaxed.
'Not what he used to look like after you told him...' Billie's mind mocked to him.
'Shut up!' Billie told his mind.

"Tre..." Billie said as he grabbed one of Tre's cold hands and started placing kisses onto it.
"Please... Come back. I never meant it last night." Billie said still kissing Tre's hand.

'Hmm... Never meant 'what' last night?' Mike thought to himself as the two Green Day members tried to comfort each other, for the death of the third.
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