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Funeral to Past

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After Tre's funeral Mike confronts Billie on what happened that night. SLASH!

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"How about this casket for Tre? Billie?" Mike asked.
The two Green Day members, dreading with pain for the death of the third, were in a casket shop trying to decide which one to buy.
"M-M-Mike, you know I can't choose... Oh God, Tre!" Billie said, tears rolling down his cheeks.
"I know this is hard, but you need to help me. Ah! You know what forget it. I'll choose..." Mike said nonchalantly, turning back to look at the casket cases.

"So you think you can put this image on the casket?" Mike asked the owner, showing him a picture of their icon; the heart gernade.
"We can, but it costs a little extra..." The owner said meekly.
"How much would all this come out to?" Mike asked, reaching for his credit card.
"Well let me add it all up first... Oh... Well with the icon on it , it'll be about two thousand dollars." The owner said looking at Mike.
"Does your shop take credit cards?" Mike asked, before handing him his credit card.

"Billie? Come on it's time to go." Mike said as he dragged Billie away from the caskets.


"I've know Frank, since he was little... Coming to my masses, with his parents." Priest Barney said, addressing the people who had come to Tre's funeral.
"He was always such a happy boy. And of course we all know how much he loved to drum." Priest Barney went on, while some people snickered and nodded their head at the last remark.

"In fact... One day Frank came in here and told me, he was in a band..."
Billie and Mike smirked a little, while listening to Priest Barney finish his story.
"Oh yes he was so full energy that day. He then told me how the other bands he had used to play with didn't like him, because he went too fast. 'But this was different.' He had said to me. 'These people like to go fast.' Frank had been so happy. Especially when Green Day came out with Dookie, and then Warning." Priest Barney said, a couple of women started to wipe their tears away.

"And we know how successful Green Day's been. With their new-old album; American Idiot."
Billie nodded his head at this.
"Well it has been about five months, since the last time Frank confessed to me." Priest Barney said, making Billie and Mike raise their heads.
"He confessed to me about someone he loved. I will not say who it was... but I hope that person knows who he/she is..." Priest Barney said, staring intently at Billie, who tried to move his gaze away from the priest.

"And now, I would like to have Mike Dirnt come up here and say a few words." Priest Barney said as he stepped off, and Mike walked till he was right in front of the people.
"Frank Edwin Wright... A good name, but I think people and myself would like to call him; Tre Cool.
I've only know Tre for about seventeen years. The first time I saw him I thought he was an idiot, because he was always joking and saying the nasties comments ever. But I grew to like him, even love him. He is one of my very best friends and... and..." Mike said delievering his speech before turning his head away and trying to subside a sob.
"And I'm going to miss him very much. Thank you." Mike said turning back to the crowd, tears falling down his cheeks.

"Thank you Mike. Now Jason White and Jason Freese have made a slideshow for us." Priest Barney said nodding his head to the Jasons, who dimmed the lights and started to play the slideshow.

A soft melodly played while the screen showed clips:
~ Tre very young going down a slide
~ Tre's first day of first grade
~ Tre playing his drums for the first time
~ Him with his first band
~ Him and his father in front of their bookmobile.

Billie sniffled as he saw the pictures showed the three Green Day members in their early days.
'We were so young back then... Oh Tre.' Billie thought sadly as pain filled his chest and tears started to leak their way out.

~ Tre jumping off the hotel bed
~ Tre burning his drums down at a live concert
~ And finally Tre just standing there with a smile on his face

"That concludes this service. We hope that some of you will be attending the burial." Priest Barney said dismissing the people.
Billie and Mike talked to some people who had know Tre, then they went to see him.
Billie gazed at his drummer; in a new striped suit, eyes closed.
That's when Billie couldn't take it. He fell to floor and started bawling uncontrollably.
People turn their head and stared at the lead singer, but quicky turned back.
"Billie are you okay?" Mike asked pulling Billie to his feet.
"N-no. Oh God Mike... it hurts so bad." Billie said before falling into the other's embrace.
"Shh... Billie it's alright." Mike said comforting the other.


"And may he rest in peace, and be show the gift of God on his journey there. Amen." Priest Barney said reciting an old prayer.
Billie and Mike held onto each other as they watch men place the casket into the ground.
The American Idiot symbol looked beautiful on his casket.

About twenty minutes later the hole was filled up with dirt and people started leaving.
Billie stared at the headstone; Frank Edwin Wright III.
"Come on Billie... I'll drive you home." Mike said pulling Billie to his car.


"Well we're here. Billie?" Mike said parking in front of Billie's house.
Billie sniffled a little and stared daggers at his apartment.
'The apatment of Hell...' He thought bitterly.
"Billie?" Mike asked tenderly, making the lead singer look at him.
"Was the matter? What happened the night he died?" Mike asked.

"Oh Mike it's awfully... And oh God... I think I might have killed Tre, Mike!" Billie shouted before sobbing into the dashboard.
"How? How could you've killed him, if he was in his car and you were at home?" Mike asked incredulously.
"It's a teeny tiny more complicated then that Mike." Billie said sniffling.

"Then explain it to me. Now Billie!" Mike said, trying to wipe Billie's tears away.
"I'll try..." Billie said the pain in his chest becoming unberable.
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