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Return to the Past...Billie

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Billie tells Mike what happened between him and Tre. SLASH! Might be rated NC-17...? Enjoy!

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Mike led Billie into the lounge of Billie's apartment.
Mike walked to the kitchen and started making some tea.
As the water began to boil, Mike asked Billie to tell him what happened between him and Tre.

"But Mike... You're going to be in shock. I can't tell you..." Billie said, cletching his eyes close; wishing Mike would leave him be and leave.
"Listen to me Billie... Something happened between you guys, now TELL ME!" Mike said grabbing Billie by his shirt collar; almost choking the smaller man.
Gagging "Please, Mike... I won't - I will!" Billie choked out, while Mike withdrawed his hands from Billie's collar.

Mike walked to the kitchen and return a few moments later with two steaming mugs of tea.
"Here..." Mike said passing a mug to Billie; who gratefully took it.
Billie took some sips of tea; letting the warm liquid run down his sore throat.
"Now... Will you please tell me? Billie?" Mike asked after a few moments of silence between the band mates.

"Okay. It happened about three months ago. After a great live performances, I was feeling pretty down." Billie said.
"I really don't know, but you remember that night? Right?" Billie asked, looking Mike in the eyes.
Mike nodded his head, "Yes..."


"WOO! We fucking rocked!" Tre screeched with Mike as the two started celebrating over a great performance.
"Want to go out drinking Tre?" Mike asked his excited band mate.
"Nah. I have enough beer in my bunk on the bus." Was the drummer's answer.
"Suit yourself." Mike said as he started looking for Billie.

"Hey Billie want get a few shots?"
"I'm sorry Mike. You know I would love to, but I'm really feeling down." Billie said, looking down at the gravel under his feet.
"Oh... You okay?" Mike asked.
"Yeah probably tired... We've been playing for nearly two hours. Just need a early sleep." Billie said.
"Okay, well me and Jason W. and Ron are going to head down to a pub." Mike said as he left the lead singer and caught up with Jason and Ron.
Billie looked at his band mates heading downtown for some 'fun' before heading into his tour-bus.


"Got your drumsticks... Ha-ha-ha." Jason Freese shouted to Tre while avoiding Tre's arms.
Jason ran around the kitchen area of the bus with Tre laughing and trying to catch him.
Jason headed down the stairs and bashed out the door; knocking Billie down in the progress.
Billie who had been about to open the door went sprawling onto his back; stunned.
Tre heading down the stairs dropped a small book he was carrying.
It landed at the top of the stairs.
Tre stared at Billie on the ground.
"I'm sorry Billie..." He started to explain when Jason's voice ranged out, "Still can't catch me. What if I decide to drop them in a pit or break them?"
"You stupid little son of bitch..." Tre said as he took after Jason; full sprint.

Billie rubbed his nose a little. It hurt and throbbed a little.
'Idiots. But they're my idiots.' Billie said with a smile as he pulled himself to his feet and watch his friends chasing each other in the parking lot.
He head up the stairs, but was stopped by Tre's book.
It had stickers on it of the Green Day logos.
At the bottom of the book written in his fashionable style was the name; Tre Cool!

'Hmm... Since when does Tre carry a book around?' Billie thought to himself and decide to peek inside.
He closed the door on the noises of Jason and Tre playing keep-away.
He opened the book and was amazed at what he found inside.
"IT'S A DIARY!" He said out loud before covering his mouth with his hand.
'Don't draw Jason and Tre in here.' He thought to himself.
But he was right it was a diary. A weird one at that.

Billie read some of Tre's entries, gasping out at what he read:

Dear Kerplunk,
I can't do this. I can't come out to Billie and tell him I like him. My priest said I should, but... Oh God how do I tell him I'm in love with him? Jesus this hurts me so bad! Billie I love you so much, but... Do you? I FUCKING LOVE BILLIE!
~ Tre Cool

After that there were drawings made by Tre that showed him and Tre together. Inside a heart. Or even pictures they had taken together, with Mike cut out, pasted into the pages.
Billie choked back a cry of surprised. His drummer was in love with him?
Well wasn't he too in love?
Billie placed the book/diary onto the counter, to make it seem that he didn't read it.

His hands were shaking and he sat down in the kitchen booth.
Three minutes later Tre came in; his outfit half covered in dirt.
"That damn stupid Freese." He said out loud making Billie laugh out.
"You heard that?" Tre said smiling as he looked up at the lead singer.
"Unless you didn't want me too..." Billie said.
"Nah... I don't care. Now where did I... Ah!" Tre said as he grabbed his diary.
Billie looked at him with amusement.
"What you got there Tre? Can I see?" He asked in a innocent voice.
"NO! Sorry no... It's just a scrapbook for my family in Germany." Tre said as he rushed from the kitchen to his bunk.

Billie smiled to himself before heading towards his band mate's bunk.

~~~ IN TRE'S BUNK ~~~

'NO! No he couldn't figured me out. Did he read the diary? Oh God...' Tre thought as he fought the tears that spilled onto his pillows.
"Tre? Tre why are you crying?" Billie asked as he had entered the room and sat at the edge of his friend's bunk.
"You know... Don't you?" Tre mumbled out while crying.
"Yes..." Billie said quitely.
"Well... Can I quit now? Because... Oh God..." Tre said burrowing his face into his pillows.
"Oh Tre..." Billie said softly as he stared to stroke his drummer's amber hair.
"Look at me." Billie said sharply, making Tre raise his face up and stared at Billie.
Billie saw tears still pouring out of his eyes.

"Tre... I-I've had feelings too. But you know..." Billie began but was interrupted by Tre squealing in delight, somehow clung himself to Billie.
Tre rested his wet face against the curve of Billie's neck.
Billie sighed as he rested his chin on top of his drummer's amber hair.
"I wish I'd come out to you soon, but... Oh God." Tre said his tears making Billie's neck feel cold.
Tre started sobbing a little and Billie didn't like this, so he did the only thing that came to mind: He took his finger, slid it under his drummer's chin and forced Tre to look at him, and when he did; Billie caught his lips with his own.

Tre's eyes became huge before melting into Billie's taste.
Billie ran his tongue at Tre's bottom lip, Tre let open his mouth and Billie's tongue ran in; tasting Tre.
Both; memorized by their tastes didn't realize their hands working at each other's belts.


A couple of minutes later, both band mates were nake and enwhined to each other.
Billie made it interesting by getting onto Tre's back and licking the back of his drummer's neck.
Tre was about to say something but instead gasped then moaned out loud as Billie started thrusting in and out of him.

Few minutes later; both reached their climaxes and passed out together.
Billie withdrawed away from Tre's body.
Tre whimpered a little.
"Tre, how about putting your pajamas on?" Billie asked as he place his boxers back on and head towards his room.
Tre nodded his head and placed his whitey-tighties on, then his striped pajamas.

Tre was about to head to bed when Billie came back in.
"Billie what are you doing?" Tre asked.
"Forgot one thing." Billie said as he got into the bunk and brought Tre close to him.
Tre yawned a little and pillowed his head on Billie chest.
"You have a nice heart-beat, Billie." He commented.
"Thanks Tre..." Billie said as he combed his fingers through the soft hair.

Billie didn't intend to stay for long, but sleep took over and he fell asleep with his drummer against him.
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