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Memories 1/2

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Billie tell's Mike what leads up to Tre's death... SLASH!

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Sunlight poured through the thin blinds of Tre's bunk.
Billie grumbled a little as he felt the light's rays on his face.
He tried to raise himself upwards, but was held back by something warm...
'What the fuck? I need to get up, but I'm stuck. What's going on?' He thought to himself, the sleep starting to wear off.
As the sleep finally left him, he glanced to his side and went rigid.

Tre sluppered a little in his sleep as he curled into Billie.
Billie smiled affectionally at his drummer at his side.
Billie took his hand and ran it through Tre's amber hair.
Even though his hair looked very spikey, it was actually very soft.
"Tre," Billie said softly, nudging the drummer a little, "I need my arm back, please?"
Tre, even in sleep, somewhat understand, because he realese Billie's arm, and turned around on his other side.
Billie smiled at Tre before stroking his cheek.

Billie slipped from Tre's room and headed into the kitchen.
'No one's up yet. Good, I'll make some coffee and then I'll...'
"Morning Billie."
"Holy hell!" Billie yelled dropping the packet of coffee.
"Yeah... That's a great greeting." Mike said as he stooped down to retrieve the packet.
"I'm sorry Mike. I'm a little jumpy right now..." Billie said, feeling his face get red.
"I can see that." Mike said as he handed Billie the packet.
"Yeah..." Billie said feeling like the whole world was watching his every move.
"So," He said trying to change subjects, "Where'd you guys go last night?"
"Oh, some little pub. Great place, good service, friendly people; most who wanted to jump me and Jason. We had fun last night... Damn Billie why didn't you come?" Mike asked while retelling his story at the pub.

"So what's the matter with Tre?" Mike asked as Billie began making the coffee.
"What do you mean?" Billie said stopping short in the process of coffee.
"Well he was very lively right after our concert, but when we get home he's already asleep. Now that's not the Tre I know..." Mike said, while Billie passed him a cup of coffee.
"Well... Him and Jason F. were playing keep-away, and tag. That might have worn him down." Billie said taking a sip from his steaming mug.
"Might have, but..." Mike said then shook his head before taking a long sip from his mug.

"Hey! Where's my coffee?" A voice ranged out from behind Billie.
Billie choked a little on his coffee and Mike had to beat his back.
"Good God Tre, you know you can't do that to me!" Billie said trying to get Mike to smile.
"Oh, sorry man." Tre said putting a frown on.
Mike looked suspiciously from Billie to Tre.
"But, where's my coffee?" Tre asked again sounding like a whinning five-year old.
"Alright, jeez, Tre." Billie said as he started making another batch of coffee.

A couple minutes later the three band mates had their mugs of coffee in front of them.
"AH! It's hot, Billie!" Tre said running to the bathroom sink.
"Is Tre acting more weirder today?" Mike whispered to Billie.
Billie nodded his head, before he and Mike cracked up.
Tre came back to the table looking exhausted from rubbing his tongue.
"So when do we go on stage?" Tre asked, not acting silly.
"In about three hours. Then we spend the day doing whatever." Billie said.
"Speaking about being on stage... What songs are we doing?" Mike asked.
"Same as always smart-ass." Billie replied smugly, a smile touching his mouth.


"Hey Billie was the matter? You seem dead today." Mike said coming up next to the singer.
"Just got my mind on other things." The singer said in a daze.
"Like on Tre? Maybe want to 'sleep' with him?" Mike said teasing Billie.
Billie however looked incredulously at Mike, before realizing that he was teasing.
"Yeah... If I ever slept with Tre, it would be because I felt sorry for him." Billie said, making Mike laugh louder, neither noticing Tre behind them.
'Billie, you used me?!' He thought sadly as he turned and left.

"Hey Tre!" Jason F. said running over to his friend.
"What's the matter?" Jason W. asked noticing Tre being quiet was unusual.
"Nothing..." Tre said sniffling a little.
"You wouldn't be crying for nothing." Jason F. piped up.
"Oh shut up you little..." Tre said as he started chasing Jason F. around again.

"Hey Tre, we go on now... shouldn't you be going on with Billie and Mike. Cause we're just the back up band." Ron said inclining his head at Billie and Mike who were running onto the stage; the sound of fans cheering for the three --- two band members.
"I'll take my time..." Tre said as he walked slowly to the stage.
He crawled behind the stage before he walked onto the stage.
The fans laughed at how he came out of nowhere.
Billie on the other hand gave Tre a look of disgust, which Tre only stared daggers at back.


"Whoa, I didn't think you two would be that close." Mike interjected as he stared at Billie.
"Did you ever know? About us?" Billie asked looking up at Mike.
Mike shook his head before saying, "The thought probably crossed my mind, but I never took it into account..."

Billie looked down at his empty tea cup.
"I feel bad about teasing him like that. I didn't know he was behind me..." Billie said a few moments later.
"So what happened after the performance?" Mike asked.
"It went something like this..."

~~~ PAST ~~~

After Green Day had finished playing their songs and said goodbye, Tre took off to the change room.
Mike and Jason W. were heading to downtown.
Jason F. and Ron were heading back to their bus; play some poker and probably get some shut eye.
That meant that Tre was alone with Billie...

Tre heard Mike and Jason W. changing clothes, then the room was silent.
He headed towards the door, but was stopped by seeing Billie coming down the hall.
He quickly shut the door, but seconds later it was opened and Billie stormed in.
"What the fuck Tre? You ruin a good performance!" Billie shouted at him.
"So? Serves you right Mr. Pretend. Never cares about anything or anyone, but the band and himself." Tre spat at him.
"Tre? What are you talking about?" Billie asked as he tried to put his hands around the drummer's waist.
"Get your hands off me! You only used me for my body! And then you gloat about it to Mike!" Tre shouted pushing Billie's hands away.

"No Tre. I only did that, well... Because, I don't want Mike to know about us yet. You understand?" Billie said while Tre turned his back on him.
"Sure..." Tre said dryly not looking at Billie.

"No you don't! Dammit Tre!" Billie said as he tackled Tre to the ground.
"What?" Tre said surprised by Billie's body on his.
"Tre, I love you. Always will." Billie said kissing Tre lightly on the lips.
That was all it took, for Tre shrieked a noise and wrapping his arms around Billie; squeezed the lead singer tightly.
Billie choked a little before returning the 'hug'.

"Billie..." Tre said, tears leaking out of his eyes.
"Oh Tre... It's okay." Billie said stroking his drummer's cheek before wiping away the tears.

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