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Memories 1/3

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More memories from Billie, about his past with Tre. SLASH!

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~~~ Present Time: ~~~

"Aww... You cared for Tre!" Mike stated, while Billie lowered his head.
"Yeah... It seems like that."
"So what happened in the dressing room?" Mike asked, trying to get back to the story.
"It went something like this..." Billie said.

~~~ PAST ~~~

"Feel better?" Billie asked Tre, when he was finished wiping away his tears.
Tre nodded his head before attacking Billie's lips with fury.
Billie laughed a little, making Tre pull away and give him a confused look.
"What's so funny?" He asked him.
"When you fury kiss me... It tickles me." Billie said in a fit of giggles.

"I didn't know you were ticklish Billie. Good thing I'm not..." Tre said smugly.
Billie smiled inside; he knew that Tre was very ticklish.
"You sure?"
"I beg to differ Tre." Billie's fingers went on Tre's body, tickling the drummer.
Tre laughed out loud while trying to block Billie's fingers away.
Billie laughed as well, until both relaxed on the floor of the dressing room.

"Okay... So we're both ticklish." Tre stated as he looked up at the ceiling.
Billie mumbled a 'yeah' before stretching his arms over his head.
Tre yawned a little and curled into Billie, who brought his arm around the drummer.
Tre turned around till he was positioned on his side.
His fingers curled around Billie's shirt fabric.

Billie turned his head and stared at Tre.
Blue eyes met Green.
And lips caught each other; not in fury, but friendship.
Billie was the first to moan out in Tre's mouth.
Tre smiled and stroked Billie's face smoothly.
Tre rested one of his hands on Billie's thigh; making the lead singer moan out even more.

Tre moved his hand a little more upward, but was stopped by hearing footsteps outside the door.

"Tre?! Hey Tre where are you?" The voice shouted out.
"Aww shit it's Freese." Tre said quietly removing his hand away from Billie's thigh.
Billie pouted a little before realizing their positions on the floor of the dressing room!
"What do we do? I didn't lock the door!" Billie whispered to Tre.
Tre looked down at the lead singer, then said smugly, "Leave it to me. Just stay down low. I'll see what he wants."

Billie nodded his head, while Tre got to his feet and headed towards the door.
He was about to open it when it swung open.
"Dammit Freese! Why do you open doors like that?" Tre said angrily.
"Oh... Sorry Tre. Glad I found you... Will you play tag with me and Ron? We're so bored!" Jason asked giving Tre puppy dog eyes.
"Fine." Tre said breathing a sigh.
Jason nodded his thanks and heading out the door turned and asked, "Have you seen Billie?"

Billie who had been smirking through their conversation, tried to stoop lower into the ground.
"No. I haven't... Why?" Tre asked playing it cool.
"I could've swore you were talking to someone in this room." Jason commented.
"Oh... Probably while I was 'touching' myself." Tre said smirking making Jason go wide-eyed.
"Yeah... Thanks for the nightmare tonight Tre." Jason said backing into the hallway.
"Anytime." Tre replied.
"But if you know or see Billie... Maybe you should ask him to come play tag with us." Jason said before heading away from the dressing room.

When Freese was gone, Billie got up from his cramped position on the floor.
"Sorry Billie, I got to go play tag, and..." Tre began but was stopped by Billie's lips on his own.
"It's alright Tre. Beside, Jason said I could play too." He said.
Tre nodded his head before saying, "Well then come on let's go kick their asses."

Tre ran out the door, down the hallway, with Billie laughing behind him.

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