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Memories till the End

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Billie tells Mike what happened a month before Tre's death. SLASH! Might be NC-17!

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Tre laughed out loud as he tackled Jason Freese to the ground.
"You're finally out, Freese!" He shouted laughing, while Billie ran away from Ron.
"Man that was great..." Ron said.
The four members had been playing tag against each other for the past hour an half.
"We're thinking about heading down to a pub. Want to go...?" Ron asked Billie as they watched Jason and Tre still chasing each other.
Billie thought about it for a second... before replieing, "Sure."


"I missed Tag?!" Mike said in shock, a smile lightening up his face.
Billie, however, looked glumly. Staring at his carpet...
"Billie...?" Mike said, gently shaking his friend.
"Sorry... Mike..." Billie said softly.
"What happened?"
"Well... Nothing much. We never did anything 'extreme' again, until about a month before he died..." Billie said, sobbing a little.
"Will you tell me?" Mike probbed.
"Nothing much happened between me and Tre after Tag. It wasn't till a month ago, that 'something happened'." Billie said, staring blankly ahead of him...

~~~ PAST ~~~

Month Before Tre's Death:

"Tomorrow's our last day before going home." Mike stated as he stood up from one of the big armchairs in Billie's hotel room.
"Yeah..." Billie said, nodding his head a little.
"Well," Mike began, stretching his arms, "I best get to bed. Night Billie. See you tomorrow."
"Night Mike." Billie said quietly, relaxing onto his hotel bed.

A loud banging woke Billie up. Grumbling he unlocked the door and Tre strolled in.
"Sup' Bill? Well let me tell you... Life is something... I love you so much!" Tre said slurring on all his words.
"Tre? You drunk?" Billie asked as Tre stared at him.
"I'm I not drunk enough?" Tre asked slurring a little.
Billie smiled lightly.
Tre saw this and his grin got even bigger.
"Being on the road and these concerts... I LOVE YOU BILLIE!" Tre said, not slurring, but attacking Billie's lips within his own.

Billie's eyes wided; he hadn't seen this coming.
Tre - Half drunk, half sober - pushed Billie onto his hotel bed, still kissing passiontely.
Tre thrust his tongue into Billie's mouth; gaining a moan from him.
Tre's hands worked against Billie's shirt; removing it and tossing it to the side.
Billie did like-wise.
Tre left Billie's mouth and trailed kisses down his neck, finding his pulse and latched his lips upon it.
Billie moaned out in delight; his hands gripping Tre's back.

Tre kept working his way down, till he felt Billie's hands on his belt buckle.
Tre helped Billie undo his belt; shaking his pants to the ground, so he was only in his boxers.
Billie stared at Tre, who again attacked his mouth.
Billie moaned out in delight, as a thought crossed his mind.
As Tre started again trailing kisses down, Billie's hands wondered down into Tre's boxers.

Billie felt Tre's shaft; throbbing a little but not much.
Tre stiffled a surprised gasp, as he felt Billie 'touching' him.
Billie noticed this and smiled mischeviously, before his hands started pumping Tre.
It started out slow... Making Tre's mind go crazy.
Billie picked up the speed, and smile as he felt Tre moaning and shouting out his name.
"Billie... OH GOD! BILLIE!" Tre moaned out loud as Billie pumped him even faster.
Then Billie started going slower, till he was only messaging Tre's shaft.

He withdrawed his hands from Tre's boxers and grinned up at him.
The drummer stared at him, before both attacked each other's mouths.
They rolled around on the bed before sleep actually took its effect.
Tre stared at Billie, panting slightly as Billie stared up at the ceiling.
Tre hands ran across Billie's bare torso.
Billie grabbed Tre's hand and pulled the drummer closer to him.
"It's time for bed now Tre." He said making the drummer yawn and pillow his head onto Billie's chest.
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