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Memories till the End pt 2

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Second to last chapter! Billie tells Mike what he said to Tre... that might have led to him to die. SLASH!

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Billie yawned and rose to a sitting position on the bed.
He smiled softly at his drummer; asleep by his side.
He reached over and caressed the drummer's soft cheek, before slipping from the bed to the bathroom.

'God... I needed a hot shower.' Billie thought as he stood underneath the pounding water.
He grabbed the bar of soap and began scrubbing himself clean.


Billie dried himself off and wrapping the towel around his waist, walked out of the bathroom.
He glanced at the bed to find it empty.
"Tre? Where are you?" The lead singer said.
"He's in his room Billie." A voice shouted out.
Billie found Mike at his hotel table; watching the tube.
"He is?" Billie said, his heart begging to beat faster.
"Well yeah... Why wouldn't he? Not sleeping together are you guys?" Mike said; starring intently at Billie.

"WHAT? NO! H-he came in here this morning... L-looking for something..." Billie said in shock; pulling the towel more tightly around his waist.
Mike stood up and kept starring at Billie. Being tall did have its advantages.
"That's all? Hmm..." Mike said, rubbing his face with his palm as he starred out the window.
"You sure you guys aren't lying to me? You know it'll hurt you more if you don't tell me." Mike stated as he headed towards the door.
"I'm sure Mike. I'll see you down by the buses soon." Billie said swallowing a little.
The taller man only shrugged his shoulders as he finally left the room.

~~~ 20 MINUTES LATER ~~~

Billie felt awful as he dressed; placing his black shoes on and putting his eyeliner on.
'I can't do this anymore... I'm sorry Tre.' He thought as he headed towards the elevator and pressed the button.
"Hey... Billie!" A familiar voice shouted from beside him.
'Oh no...' Billie thought; clenching his eyes close.
"Why are you clenching your eyes like that Bill?" Tre said, wrapping his arms around the singer.

Billie relaxed a little; falling into the drummer's embrace.
Ding The elevator ringed; it's doors opening for the two men.
Billie walked in with Tre right behind him.
As soon as the doors closed: Tre's mouth attacked Billie's.
Billie moaned in pleasure. Tre moaned out as well... his hands gripping Billie's shirt...
"No... Tre. It's almost our stop." Billie said, unhooking his lips from Tre's.
Tre only grinned and latched his lips upon Billie's again.
"Dammit Tre! I said to stop!" Billie said, breaking quickly from the drummer's lips as the doors opened.
"Sorry..." Tre said looking down.

"OH MY GOD!! IT'S BILLIE JOE!!" Someones voice shouted out.
Next minute; a huge crowd had formed around Billie.
People started throwing pads and pencils in front of his face; wanting his autograph.
He scribbled down on a few, but was relieved when security came and shooed the wild fans away.


"Oh..." Mike said stretching his arms, "Good performance!"
"I agree." Jason White said. "Yeah..." Ron said sipping his water bottle.
"Okay... Listen up guys!" Billie said getting everyones attention, "Jason... I need to ask some things from you about the recording studio. So I need you ridding with me and Mike. So um... Tre you don't mind ridding with Freese and Ron?"
Billie looked at his drummer.
Tre looked at Billie with shock written all over his face.
"Good." Billie said flatly, turning his back on the drummer and talking to their producer.


Tre was indeed mad that he was the one kicked off.
But his angry subsided as Ron and Freese got him to watch 'American Pie'.
He tried calling Billie, but his cell phone was either dead or off.
At every rest-stop, Billie would only get out stretch then hop back onto the bus.

'Why is he avoiding me?' Tre thought...


Billie and Tre had gotten 'it' on after they came home from touring.
But it was hard on Billie. And he hated how his friendship with Mike was beginning to strain.
Finally he couldn't do this relationship with Tre.
He called Tre and told him to meet him at his apartment.

A knock came from his door and Billie opened his door, and the drummer walked in.
"Okay... Why'd you get me up this late?" Tre said grinning.
Billie didn't return the smile.
"Tre... we need to talk. Sit down." He said, sighing and pointing the drummer to the couch.
"What's wrong Billie?" The drummer said, sitting down and starring at the singer.

"Tre... I liked our relationship. I love you! Never forget that. But I can't do this anymore..."

"W-what do you mean?" The drummer's voice croaked out.
"I can't keep lying to Mike, that nothing is happening between us." Billie said.
"But nothing's happening between us..." The drummer objected.
"Yes. There is... You know it. The kisses, the sex. Dammit Tre... I'm breaking up with you! Sorry!" Billie said roughly. A little too roughly.

He turned around and walked to the other side of his lounge.
The drummer blinked a little before heading towards the lead singer.
"NO! BILLIE DON'T BREAK UP!!" He shouted, wrapping his arms around the singer's waist.
"Sorry Tre... But I can't keep lying to Mike." Billie said trying to push Tre's hands off.
"THEN TELL HIM ABOUT US! BILLIE! DON'T DO THIS... PLEASE!" Tre shouted; squeezing his arms tightly around Billie's form; pressing his head against the singer's chest.
"Aauugghh. Tre get off! That's your problem. You're like a leech. You get attached to something... you can't let go." Billie said pushing the drummer away from him.

Tre looked up at him with wet eyes.
"Billie..." He began.
"Save it! Tre take my advise: Go home, cry, get some sleep, and be ready to play tomorrow." Billie said harshly, giving the drummer a shove towards the door.
Tre stood there tears pouring down his cheeks.
"YOU'LL BE SORRY BILLIE!" The drummer shouted, pushing Billie backwards; whose head hit his own wall.
"GET OUT!" Billie shouted, shoving the drummer out.

Tre rushed into his car; tears rolling down his cheeks.
He pulled out of the parking lot and once on the highway; began accelerating to his own death...
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