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Do You beleive in Heaven, Frankie?

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Bob Bryar, from My Chemical Romance, had just passed away. The band needs a new drummer. Feeling terrible about having to replace him, the band calls on Gerard's best friend in high school: Lilana....

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Hey, before I start this, I would just like to say, this if my 2nd fanfic, and I hope I improve. Please review!!!! enjoy the story!!
Chapter 1.

The rain poured down heavy, as Gerard looked out the window of his parent's home, in Belleville New Jersey.
Frank, Ray and Mikey all sat around the living room, holding beers, that they hadn't even taken a sip out of.

"Gerard, come sit down with us, there's no use looking at the gloomy weather when we have all the gloom we need, right here in the room." Mikey said, trying to situate himself comfortably in his black suit.

Gerard sighed and continued to stare out the window.

His best friend, and the drummer for My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar, had passed away only two days before.
The boys had just gotten back from the funeral, and no one knew what to say. All they could do, was sit and hold completely untouched beers in their laps.

"This is complete bullshit!" Frank said, angrily throwing down his beer and and cupping his hand over his mouth to disguise the quiver in his lip.

Gerard sighed and continued to look out the window, his head full of thoughts.
"My best friend and the best fucking drummer on earth; and he's gone. All those kids, who looked up to him, sitting around in their living rooms, doing just what we are doing. Moping, mourning and not knowing what to do with ourselves."
Gerard always thought deeply, so deep, he hardly even realized there was anyone else in the room.
"Sorry you guys, I'm feeling really tired, I'm gonna head off to bed." He said, as he turned towards the rest of the guys.

"Yeah," Ray mumbled, standing up from his seat on the couch, "I had better get on home. Frank, you wanna come over and drink tonight?"

Frank shrugged his shoulders. "Why not."

"See you guys at practice tomorrow? We have to decide about a new drummer." Mikey said.
Everyone was thinking the same thing: Bob died less than a week ago, and he was already being replaced.
It sounded cruel and heartless, but the kids needed their band, and they had to carry on.

Ray sighed and shook his head, "Yeah, see you tomorrow"
Frank shut the door behind him and Ray, and left Gerard and Mikey alone.

Gerard yawned and started trugging upstairs.
Mikey ran after him, "You sure you don't want or anything Gee?"

Gerard nodded his head, "Nah, it's ok Mikey, I'm just really tired. We'll all talk about this tomorrow."
Mikey nodded his head and watched his brother walk up the stairs, and heard him shut his door.

Gerard kicked off his shoes and plopped face down on his twin sized bed he used to sleep in when he was 10.
He rolled over onto his back and stared blankly at the nicotene stained ceiling.

The room was deadly in it's own silence. Gerard couldn't even hear himself breathe, the silence was so thick.
Salty tears fell down his pale cheek, which he didn't even bother to wipe away.

Gerard rolled over onto his stomach and grabbed his iPod from his nightstand.
He slipped the buds into his ear and rolled the wheel untill it hit Iron Maiden.

Gerard clapped his hands and the lights went out.
Rolling onto his side, he closed his eyes and let himself drown in Iron Maiden's comfort, not bothering to wipe away the tears collecting in a pile beside his head and onto his pillow.

Mikey sat on his bed and sighed, while he listend to his brother's quiet sobs coming from the room next to him.
"Goddamn paper thin walls." Mikey thought.
He rubbed his eyes and began pacing up and down his room, staring at theugly wallpaper that covered his walls.
He started thinking back on when he and Gerard were growing up, and how they used to get picked on for being "poor".

Nobody in Belleville was very wealthy, but the Way's certainly one of the more prosperous families.
Neither Gerard nor Mikey ever complained. They had Iron Maiden tapes and posters of the Smiths; not to mention an endless supply of comic books.

"Nah, life here wasn't bad at all. I kind miss it." Mikey thought, slightly chuckling as he looked around his dingy, childhood room.
Life on the road was very difficult for Gerard, but neer for Mikey.
Gerard was a home body and hated going places. He was set in his ways and would rather stay at home and draw, then go out with his friends.
Mikey had always been a busy body, always wanting to go places and meet people. It's what made them the perfect brothers. Nothing alike, but fitted together so perfectly.

Mikey sat crossed legged in the middle of his bedroom floor and burried his face in his hands. Trying to drown out the sound of silence that filled the house that night.
The world seemed so dull and boring without Bob and all the guys were feeling it.

Ray and Frank walked in silence, down the road towards Ray's parents house.
Frank kicked at a beer can in the road and sighed.

Ray shrugged his shoulders and looked up at the sky. "You think he can see us Frankie?"

Frank smirked and continued to kick the dirty old beer can, which was scuffing up his nice shoes, the ONLY nice ones, only because this is Frankie we're talking about.
"I dunno Ray. Do you believe in heaven? I don't know if I do or not.."
"Well, Frank, if heaven is real, Bob's there. He was a good guy, and deserves some place nice.."

The two boys chuckled lightly and then silence overcame them once again, untill Frank spoke.
"Gerard...he's really torn up."

Ray sighed, "He's trying to hide it you know. He sucks at hiding his emotions."

Frank nodded in agreement, as they aproached the front porch to the Toro home.
Ray opened the door and held out his hand, "Wadda you say we drown ourselves in misery tonight?"

Frank rolled his eyes and nodded, accepting Ray's welcome into the house.
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