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The Sound Of Silence

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HAHAHH I used a Simon and Grafunkel song for the title. I rule. Anyways, this chapter is continuing the dread to replace Bob, and figuring out who is going to be the new drummer for MCR.

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Chapter 2.

The guys all met up at the studio the next morning, quite reluctently.
Frank and Ray were massivly hungover, and one hour late, and Mikey and Gerard were just plain emotionally drained.

Brian Schector, the band's manager, stood at the doorway of the studio, drinking coffee, and watching the boys pile out of their cars.
"Mornin' boys. Goddamn, you all look like shit!' He said, eyeing them up and down, like they were girls in barely-there mini skirts.

Gerard glared at him, "thanks, asshole."

The boys all walked past Brian and into the meeting room.
Frank flopped down on one of the ugly, grey chairs that was sitting around the large, cherry oak desk in the middle of the white room where they held their band meetings.
Brian sighed as he looked over the four guys, moping in their chairs, before taking a seat in one himself.

Ray twirled his hair with two of this fingers, and Mikey was pulling the frayed ends off of the hole in his black jeans, creating a pile of black lint on the floor below him.

Brian cleared his throat, expecting to at least get them to look at him, but nothing.
He decided to be brave and just start talking, since no one else was willing to start talking about the dreaded business of replacing Bob.

"Ok guys, I know none of us want to do this. But, My Chemical Romance, can't die with Bob. He wouldn't want you guys to just give up. You gotta carry on. But you can't without a drummer, so anyone got anyone in mind?"
Brian chewed on his lip ring, as he studied the boy's faces, searching for an answer in one of them; but finding nothing but blank stares, and glazed-over eyes, weary from crying.

Mikey scratched his head and inhaled sharply.
"Hey, what about Lilana?"

Lilana Mathews, was Gerard and Mikey's childhood best friend, who lived next door to them their entire lives. Both their mom's were best friends all their lives; and wanted their children to be the same as they were.
Lilena's mom and dad were hippies, so she basically grew up eating tofu and doing yoga since she was 2.

Gerard's eyes shot towards Mikey at the mention of her name, "Isn't she a big time yoga teacher in San Fransico now?" He said, almost mockingly.
"Yeah," Mikey said, as if that had nothing to do with anything. "But she is the best fucking drummer on earth, besides Bob of course, and she loves us, I'm sure she would kill to be in our band."

Frank sniggered, "She teaches yoga to Nicole Kidman, and you think she is going to just give all that up to join a band?"
Mikey rolled his eyes, "Hey Frankie, we're famous, ghost buster famous, remember?"

"Yeah yeah yeah, but still." Frank said, picking at his overgrown cuticles.

The room fell silent again, creating a deathly atmosphere, that made everyone's skin crawl in the most uncomfortable manor imaginable.

Ray tossled his hair and sighed, "Well, we could ask her, I guess. I mean, she is great drummer, and we all adore her."

The boys all mumbled a chorus of: "yeah's" and "true's", before the room fell silent again.

Brian raised his eyebrows and tapped his pen on the table, 'So, who wants to call Mrs. Ommmm?" he said, placing his fingers in a meditation symbol.

Mikey looked up from his black, lenty mess, "I don't think we should call her, how about I go to see her. I know where her studio is. Plus, something like this, needs to be delivered in person."

Brian looked at Gerard, "What do you think Gee?"

Gerard shrugged his shoulders and ran his fingers through his hair. "Dosn't matter to me."

"All right then, that's settled, Mikey, I'll get you a ticket for tomorrow and call you tonight with the details. As for the rest of you, take some time off. We're cancelling shows for months because of Bob, spend this time to work on the next album." Brian said.
"Yeah, but Brian," Ray said, shifting in his chair, "what about The Black Parade tour?"

Brian shook his head, " I know these kids will understand, you guys will play the last two months of the tour, that's it. I don't want any shit happening again, especially with Gerard. Mikey, spend some time with Alicia, Frank, spend some time with Jamia, Ray, keep that hair up."

Ray puckered up his lips and blew a kiss at Brian.

"Atta boy." Brian said, "You guys just heal, we'll get Mikey out to California, to see about a new drummer, and the rest of you just do what you have to, to get back on track."

"Sounds sweet Brian, good job man." Gerard said, nodding at him.

Brian chuckled and scribbled something on the paper in front of him, "Ok, so I guess that's it, unless you guys got something else you want to talk about."

The guys all looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.
"I think we all just want nothing more, than to go home and sleep." Said Frank, yawning and scrathing his belly.
"I'll 2nd that." Mikey chimed in.

"All right then, Mikey I'll call you later with your airline info."

Mikey nodded and everyone stood up and headed for the door.
Brian gave each of them a hug as they passed by him. Gerard leaned into him and patted him on the back.
"Hey man, keep your head up, ok?You've come so far to fall back down again."
Gerard nodded and gave Brian a weak smile. "I'm trying man, I really am."

Mikey got in the driver's seat of his car and waited for Gerard to get in and close the passenger's door.
For a while, the only sound in the entire car, was Bjork's voice coming from the cd player; but Mikey was beginning to get uncomfortable with all the silence.

"I'm excited about seeing Lilana, gosh, it's been ages." He said, looking over at Gerard, who was staring at the white lines on the side of the road.

"Yeah, me too. I hope she comes, she's an amazing drummer, and I know she'd be good for MCR."


Frank sat quietly as Ray drove them back to his house, waiting for him to say something to break the silence.
He groaned and then sighed, getting a glance from Ray.

"What's going on in wittle Frankie wanky's head? HMM?" Ray said, in an overly motherly, disgusting tone.
"I dunno Ray,"Frank began, scratching the side of his face, and then picking at his nails to remove the skin he just collected from his face.

Ray turned up his nose, "You are so repulsive Iero."
Frank looked over at his friend and kissed at him, "Thanks muffin."

Ray giggled like a little girl, before turning it into a more masculine, real laugh, "No, seriously man, what's going on your head?"

Frank shrugged his shoulders and continued to stare blankly at the dashboard.
"I dunno, I guess I'm just a little wigged out about the thought of a new drummer, even if she is insanly hot."
Ray shook his head, "Yeah, she's hot alright. But more importantly, she's a good drummer. I mean, she plays like a man, it's insane."

The boys both laughed and the car fell silent again.
Frank inhaled slowly, "Things are going to be ok, Ray. We just need to ride this out and go with the flow, ya' know?"
Ray glanced at his small friend and smiled, "yeah, you're right Frankie, things always work out in the end."

Mikey sat in a cross-legged position on the floor, in front of the t.v, while his eyes followed Wee-man skateboarding down the street in an Oompa Loompa costume.
Gerard walked by and took a sip of his coffee, chuckling lighty.
"That short motherfucker is my hero."
Mikey laughed at his brother's comment, "Yeah, only Wee-Man could make Oompa Loompa's hot."

Mikey's phone vibrated in his back pocket. He flipped it open and pressed the cold phone to his ear.

"Hey Mikey, it's Brian."
"Hey man, whatcha' got for me?"
"A ticket to San Fransisco for 4pm tomorrow. The ticket is prepaid, just get there and show them your I.D, they'll let you on."
"All right man, thanks, I'll let you know when I'm there, and if we're gonna have ourselves a new drummer."
"Ok Mikey, just keep me posted."

Mikey shut his phone and threw it on the couch next to Gerard, who was curled up with his knees against his chest, looking very much like he did when he was 7.
"Looks like I'm going tomorrow afternoon."

Gerard nodded his head and continued to sip his coffee and watch steve-o snort worms.
"You had better go pack and get in bed then."

Mikey nodded and lazily stood up, stretching his tall, thin frame and walking past Gerard, making sure to rub his head on his way out.
"Goodnight Gerard."
"Goodnight Mikey, thanks for messing up my hair, jackass." Gerard said, trying to straighten out his hair, as best he could.
"No problem." Mikey said, before dissapearing down the hallway and into his room to catch some much needed sleep.
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