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~How Could He Do This!!!~

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Atlanta is very mad at Archie, but only god knows for what reason! Will she forgive him for what he did??

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Everyone was upstairs in their rooms. Neil was in front of the mirror, Odie was on his laptop, Jay and Theresa were making out on his bed, Herry was eating a sandwich in the kitchen and Archie and Atlanta were both in the living room watching some tv until

"Archie! I can't believe you!"

Everybody sighed when they heard Archie and Atlanta bickering. Those two would always fight for the stupidest reasons. But this time, it seamed more serious..

"Atlanta! Come back! Common!" -Archie

"NO! I can't believe you Archie Shores!" -Atlanta

"But it was just a joke!" -Archie

"Well too bad!" -Atlanta

"Atlanta!" -Archie

"NO!" -Atlanta

"What's going on here??" -Jay

"Ask HIM!" -Atlanta

"Oh common!" -Archie

"Common guys! Just tell us what happened!" -Theresa

"I still can't believe you!" -Atlanta

"Atlanta! It's not such a big deal!" -Archie

"Not such a big deal?!? It's a BIG deal!" -Atlanta

"What's a big deal?" -Jay

"What Archie did!" -Atlanta

"Well, what did Archie do??" -Odie

"He did something all you men do!" -Atlanta

"He forgot about your birthday?" -Theresa


"He forgot to show up for a date?" -Jay


"He forgot it was valentines day?" -Odie


"He forgot to comb his hair?" -Neil

"NO!NO! and NO!"

"sight" -Archie

"Don't you sight at me! You have to be ashamed at what you did!" -Atlanta

"WHAT DID HE DO?!?!?!?!" -Jay,Theresa,Odie,Neil,Herry

"He stole the romote control from me!" -Atlanta

Hehe! Bet you guys weren't expecting that one comming!
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