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"There will be snow from the south, and with the moon it shall destroy the vile blood." In the north there are four other Clans who fallow StarClan and have a prophecy of their own...

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Hi, it's me again!

Awakening: Prologue


Leader: Phoenixstar - Silver she-cat, gold markings

Deputy: Rowantail - Brown tom, tawny face and chest
Apprentice: Silverpaw

Medicine Cat: Windreed - Sandy coloured tortoiseshell

Warriors: Darkclaw - Black and red tortoiseshell tom

Blizzardfur - White she-cat, blue-green eyes
Apprentice: Featherpaw

Leaftail - Small tabby she-cat

Dustytail - Light grey tabby tom
Apperentice: Flamepaw

Moonfrost - Silver tabby she-cat, black stripes
Apperentice: Burrowpaw

Suncloud - Long haired gold tom
Apprentice: Emberpaw

Yellowwing - Pale yellow tom, white stomach

Apprentices: Flamepaw - Ginger tom

Silverpaw - Light grey tabby she-cat, silver stripes

Emberpaw - Rusty-brown she-cat

Burrowpaw - Brown tom, rusty paws and tail tip

Featherpaw - Long haired dark tabby she-cat

Queens: Redpelt - Rusty she-cat

Beechstripe - Dark tabby she-cat, orange eyes

Gingerheart - Pretty ginger she-cat

Whitefur - Albino she-cat, red eyes

Elders: Tornpelt - Battle-scarred grey tom

Liloctail - Once beautiful tortoiseshell queen

Darkeyes - Blind black tom

Coppereye - Grey she-cat, with one completely yellow eye

Rippedleg - Gold tom with a shredded leg

PS: Heid, if you haven't read these books then you should ^_^
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