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The first real chapter

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Chapter 1

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Awakening: Chapter 1

Moonfrost padded through the forest. She opened her mouth and drank in the smell of prey. She pinpointed the rabbit and pounced, finishing it off with a blow from her paw. She picked up her freshkill and headed back to camp.
"Hey, Moonfrost!"
The silver tabby whirled around.
"Oh, it's just you."
The pale yellow tom smirked. "What, did I scare you?"
"Yeah, I thought a two-legged bear was chasing me."
"Are you insinuating something?"
"Not at all, Yellowwing. You just reminded me of a stupid little apprentice named Yellowpaw, who would run carelessly around and wonder why he didn't catch any prey."
"Come on! I caught two voles and a mouse!" He held his freshkill triumphantly in his jaws, then tripped over a protruding root. Moonfrost let out a purr of laughter.
"Some things never change."
She scooped up a vole that Yellowwing had dropped and carried it and her rabbit back to camp.


Phoenixstar sat in her den, lashing her tail. None of her Clan knew, but she was not Clanborn. She was born a rouge cat named Phoenix. She was known and feared in the Southlands, even by the twolegs, or as they had called them, 'upwalkers'. She was once part of a small rouge clan called BloodClan. She had mated a loner and had three kits, a small black tom called Scourge, a black and white tom called Barley and a silver she-cat with black stripes called Moonkit. She named Moonkit that because she always wanted to be in a real cat Clan and she thought perhaps she and Moonkit could.
She left her mate with the male kits because she knew that they couldn't make the northbound journey with their thin, short-haired pelts. She had journeyed northwards for many hard moons and had become a warrior of the StormClan.
There were a few elders who were alive when the young cat came into the Clan with her kit. Most of them have failing memories but they remembered that day, and swore never to tell another cat. So did Phoenixstar's daughter, Moonfrost.

"Yes, Windreed?"
Phoenixstar turned to look at the beautiful tortoiseshell medicine cat.
"Whitefur has kitted, she had a black and red tortoiseshell tom and a black and white she-cat. She wants you to come for the naming."
Windreed lead her leader out of the den and into the nursery, where Whitefur suckled her kits. Phoenixstar touched her nose to each kit. The tom opened his eyes and Windreed gasped. They were red, like his mother's eyes, but only albino's had red eyes! She and Phoenixstar glanced at one another. Could it be an omen?
Whitefur pointed her nose to the she-cat.
"Hollykit", She pointed her nose to the tom, "and Bloodkit."

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