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Take my fucking hand, and never be afraid again

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"The ball swirled and whirled around us, some traumatic melody played, and couples danced furiously between us." Ok this is just something I came up with. Just a 1 chapter, short story. Reveiw i...

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He looked at me from across the room with sex in his eyes, and I thought I might die, right there.
His hazel eyes seemed to see into my soul, but only deeper. So deep, I don't even think I knew that part of me.
He took a long drag off his cigarette, and let his long, ebony hair fall in his face, as he continued to taunt me with his eyes.
The ball swirled and whirled around us, some traumatic melody played, and couples danced furiously between us.
His black suit framed his body snuggly, enough for me to see the slight bulge in his lower regions and the lust in his eye that was causing it.
I begged him with my eyes, weak and powerless, I begged for him to stop looking at me like that. I didn't even know his name. All I knew, is that he was poisening me with the alchohol that stained his lips.
I could see him watching my breasts rise and fall with each breath I took. They were spilling out, thanks to my tightly laced corset, lying underneath my lowcut, blood red dress.
There was nothing but lust in his eyes as he watched me suffer beneath his gaze.
The music seemed to faid, and he began to walk towards me, sliding across the floor, in all his vampireic mystery.
Standing inches away from me, and still keeping his gaze on my swollen breasts, going in and out of my dress, he gently caressed the skin above them.
He put his cheek next to mine and whispered with hot breath into my ear, "Take my fucking hand."
I put my hand in his and he led me away from the crowd and into a room with red curtains and black furniture.
"Sit down." he commanded me, pointing towards a black camel backed couch.
I Obeyed and silently walked towards the couch, and sat down, letting my long dress surrounded me like a bloody throne.
"Take off your shoes." He said, lighting up a cigarette and wrapping his lips around it, before inhaling deeply.
I was too afraid not to do as he said, so I slipped off my black heels and threw then across the room.
He smiled in satisfaction, as he crushed his cigarette into the wooden desk he had been leaning on while watching me take my shoes off.
I sat there, unaware of his next move, unaware of how to act or sit. I just sat there looking at the floor.
He walked over to me, and opened my legs with his knee. My breathing started to increase again as he lowered himself to eye leval with me.
He was kneeling in front of me, between my fully spread legs, just staring at me and enjoying the fear that showed through my pulsing breasts.
"Are you afraid of me?" He asked, sounding very much like an american Dracula.
I nodded and watched his expression turn into even more satisfaction.
He grabbed my chin with his icy cold hand and gently ran the back of it across my cheek, sending shivers up my spine; and tiny convulsions began to pulse over my entire body.
Moving his hand downwards, he grabbed my throat with his hand and pressed. It hurt at first, but then turned into a pleasurably sensation, one that I had never felt before.
He held my throat in his hand and inspected it with his eyes.
Moving on down, he played with the skin on my chest, gently licking the hard surface above my breasts.
I allowed my head to real back in ectsasy, but he caught it with his hands.
"I didn't tell you, that you could do that. Bad girl, do as I say and nothing else, do you understand?"
I bit my lip and nodded, as he continued to lick and kiss my chest.
It was all I could do to not let a moan escape my lips, he was driving me insane, and scaring me so badly, I could feel myself growing faint.
He placed his cold hands on the exposed skin of my breasts, and pressed firmly untill he heard me gasp.
"Too rough?" He asked, as he drizzled his middle finger over my chest.
I bit my lip and nodded my head "no".
"Good girl, you just keep quiet and let me do what I want with you."
His hands traveled to my shoulders and he gently slid them down and grabbed my hands. They fit perfectly inside his.
He took my hands up into the air and pressed them together while he traveled down my arms, and continued down my sides and rested them on my thighs.
My hands floated back down beside me and I gripped the couch, as the moment intensified, while he gripped my thighs tightly.
The dark haired stranger, pressed his hands firmly on my legs, and pressed himself up, so that he was inches away from my face.
He licked my lips, and then blew on them, creating a cooling sensation on my lips.
I could feel my body threatening to shiver, but I held it in, knowing it would displease him.
He gently pressed his lips into mine and licked the inside of my mouth with his tongue.
I tried to kiss back, but he only pulled back, "Havn't we discussed this? You do nothing, understand?"
"I..I..I'm sorry." I said, allowing that shiver I had been holding in, run over my body.
"Shh." He said, as he returned his lips to mine.
He pulled away from my face, slightly out of breath, and looked at me with the most intensity I have seen in anyone's eyes before.
"Now," He began, still locking his eyes with mine, "you, are such a pretty little thing, in your tight red dress." He played with one of the dangling curls resting on my shoulder and seperated the hairs with his fingers.
"Tell me, why are you here?"
I stared at him, trying to find words to say to him, but nothing was coming.
"Come one, tell me, why are you hear?"
" parents..are holding this ball for me.."
He looked around the room and then back to me, "so this is your house?"
I nodded.
"What's your name?" He grabbed my throat again, but gently.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, "Jilianne."
"Well, Jilanne. My name is Gerard."
He released the grip he had on my throat, and stood up, while lighting another cigarette.
His back was to me, and I watched him continue to put his hand to his lips, to suck out another puff from his cigarette.
Finally, he turned back around to me and flung the cigarette into an open drawer in the desk.
"Come here."
I obeyed and shakily stood up, and walked over to him.
Gerard grabbed my hands and pressed them to his chest.
"You hate it here, don't you?"
I looked at him and nodded my head.
"I would too." He said, letting a slight smile slide across his lips."Pretty thing like you, dosn't need to be here."
He pushed a stray hair out of my face and traced it with his eyes, as he placed it back beside my temple.
"Do you want to come with me?" I searched his eyes for even a hint of joking, but found none.
He smiled and pressed his lips hard to mine.
"Then come off into the night, and never look back."
I looked around the room, and then slipped my hand into his. "Take me."
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