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It seems that life is perfect for Robin after the trip to Tokyo. He now had a romantic love relationship with Starfire. It seems nothing could go wrong in his world. But one unlucky event will chan...

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Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans was as happy as he could be in this entire life. He now holds a true romantic to Starfire. This happened after a big battle againest an ink monster in Tokyo, Japan where Robin got his very kiss from Starfire. This relationship took a long time, but now it happened. Robin felt that his world has been finally fulfilled with Starfire and nothing could go wrong with it. But Robin did not count on one unlucky event to change his world forever.

The alarm sounded at the Titans tower. The Titans check the big view screen to see a shadowly figure of some female causing havoc around the city the Titans live in. The Titans knew what to do and went out to track down the mysterious female villian.

The Titans got to place where the female was causing trouble in the city. The villain seemed to expect to see heroes show up. She looked at them and said "well you are promt as usually titans, show me what you got", and then let out and evil laugh. Robin let out his usually "Titans Go" cry and the heroes went out to fight the criminal the best they can do. This proofed to be quite hard to even hit the villain at at. The female had good Ninja Reflexs and was toying around with the heroes. She laughed at them and herself that the heroes could not lay a hit on her no matter how hard they try. She do not even to bother to attack the Titans at all which puzzled the heroes. After playing with the Titans for a while she finally turned her attention to the leader of the Titans. Robin has good martial arts skills but the villain was too fast and sneaky on him and got behind him with ease, she then release some pink smoke around the hero. Robin coughed a little of all this strange smoke. The female villain retreated out of the arena and was too fast for the Titans to track her. After the pink smoke cleared a little he started to feel light-headed and everything went black in his world. The other Titans were puzzled out why the villain retreated so suddenly, but they had something more important to worry about, they needed to take Robin back to the tower to make sure he is OK. Starfire with a worried face lifted her boyfriend to take him back to HQ.

While Robin was in this uncontious state, he had one of the most wonder dreams he could ever have. In the dream he was at a church standing near the altar. He saw most of the Teen Titan Heroes in the crowd with smiles and tears through out all of them. Beast Boy and cyborg where to his left as one of them took position of best man. Then he saw his future wife to be Starfire slowly walking up the middle aile with a beautiful wedding dress on. Starfire finally got near Robin and the pastor started the lines and vows for wedding ceremony. After Robin and Starfire exchange their I dos, they kissed and everyone clapped and cheered for the new couple. Then time passed in the dream. Robin was at a hospital in the waiting room pacing around as he await for his new child. A nurse burst through the doors and anouced that his wife Starfire gave birth to a baby girl. Robin was in so much joy to this and rushed to meet his new daugher and his wife. Starfire cuddle the baby and Robin released a joyful tear from his eye. The baby had pretty green eyes like her mother but had black hair just like her father. Time kept passing and passing as Robin saw his daughter grow up. He trained his daughter in ways to fight crime and use her superpowers. His daugther became a woman and went into a field of being a detective.

After a very wonderful dream Robin started to open his eyes. He looked around to see that he was in the medical room of the Titans Tower. He saw all his friends that were anxious to see how he was doing. Raven seemed to be medataing to calm herself down. Beast Boy and Starfire were sitting next to Robin, Beast Boy tryed to cheer up Starfire with some jokes, but Starfire just felt so depressed for some reason. Cyborg was at the electronic medical chart to make sure Robin is OK. After being relieve that his friends were alright, Robin notice that his body felt very, very, weird all of the sudden and could not put a finger on it. As Robin started to sit up Cyborg notice that Robin was awake. "Well, you seem to be awake Robin" said Cyborg as for some reason had a hard time keeping a straight face. The other heroes after hearing the news went around Robin's medical bed with nervous faces."I did all the test while you were asleep and you came OK, but there is something else..." said Cyborg becoming nervous himself. "Yes what is...?" as Robin spoke he was in a little shock that his voice sounded very feminine. Cyborg was too speechless to finish the sentence he started. Then Starfire pulled out a hand mirror and walked toward Robin, "You may want to look at yourself in the mirror..." she said faintly to Robin. Robin took the mirror and looked into it. What he saw was himself, his face was much more feminine, his hear was long and girlie and his chest had female breast. He jumped out of bed in shock at his discovery. He stood out of bed and examine and poked around his body. His body was much curvier like a female, his hips where wider, his butt was a little bigger, his waist was slimmer, his legs were much more slender, he was missing some male parts in the body and his clothes did not fit him right. Robin was in total shock of what happened to him, he was now a she. Robin suddenly started to break in tears after looking at her body and ran off to her room. "Robin!" Starfire cryed out to Robin. She begin to go after Robin then Raven cut her off "Leave him I mean her be" Raven commanded. "Why Raven?" asked Starfire. "I can sense a lot of trama with Robin, she needs time alone to figure things" answered Raven. "But..." Starfire said and Raven only shock her head no. Starfire then drifed sadly away.

Robin got to her room still crying to herself of what happened to her. "Why did this had to happen to me?" said Robin tearfully. "This ruins everything with me and Starfire now!" continues Robin, "I don't even deserve this at all and I was sooo close." Robin mopped at herself more with those thought. The door opened to Robin's room and Starfire came though and flew toward Robin. "What is wrong me friend?" Starfire asked Robin. Robin was just silent and walked a little away from Starfire. Starfire kept asking Robin question to get her to respond. Finally Robin could not take it anymore and bursted out "You have not a clue why I feel this way!" Starfire got a little scarred at how mad Robin was. "What do I not get?" asked Starfire. Robin grubbled to herself then continue "The relationship is over Starfire now that I am a girl". Starfire puzzled asked "What relationship?" "The love relationship Starfire where it began in Tokyo" continued Robin. "But I still love you even as a girl Robin" responded Starfire. "That's not the point Starfire, we are both girls now, we can't kiss each other, we can't, we can't..." Robin started to sniff, "We can't even marry each other!" cryed out Robin. "There, there Robin, everything will be alright no matter what" said Starfire trying to calm Robin. "No it won't" said Robin tearfully. "Yes it well Robin, I will try to make you feel better tommorow and I think I will call you Robyn with a Y" answered starfire with cheerfulness. Robyn was not so sure about this and she just sulked into bed.

Morning came to the Titan tower. Robyn woke up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When Robyn was taking a shower it was strange to see her naked female body. Robyn walked out of the shower and then Starfire burst through the door with a bunch of feminine stuff. Robyn was embrassed to have someone see her naked and quickly covered a tower over herself. Starfire comfort Robyn that is was alright to be seen naked by Starfire since both a girls. Starfire helped used feminine products to clean up Robyn, then she had Robyn put on some undies and woman's clothes to fit her. Then Starfire taught Robyn how to apply make-up. Robyn did not care much for it, but tryed not to mind too much. Both went out of the Bathroom to the kichen. All the other Titans tryed to act normal for Robyn to make it like nothing happen the pervious night. When Robyn got her food for some reason she felt digusted of seeing the fatty foods. "Possibly a side effect of being a female" Robyn thought to herself. After Robyn finished her breakfast she notice Beast Boy eyeing her with lustful eyes. This really creeped out Robyn and kept a lot of distance from Beast Boy as much as possible. After a while Starfire and Robyn exited out the tower to go have fun and shopping.

So they went out to various places around the city. Robyn did not like the idea that males were looking at her at all. They did a bunch of feminine shopping for clothes, feminine products, shoes, etc and other fun things. But no matter what Robyn just felt very depressed of being a girl. He know that Starfire means well, but he thought that their friendship would never work out.

That night Robyn snuck out of the Tower and left a message behind. Starfire came to Robyn's room to check on her that night. Then she found the message and hurried to the other heroes. The message was the Robyn felt like she is not part of the Titans anymore since the event of what happen to her. The note also mention that it was for the best not to be with Starfire and lastly she said that she would never be seen again. Starfire felt bad that Robyn left. Then the alert sounded of in the Tower. They all checked the viewscreen and saw that the main fresh water supply plant was in trouble. The Titans headed out the tower.

When they got inside the water plant they saw the same villan they fought last night. The villain was holding a big container of pink stuff in her hands,"I see you came to stop my plans eh?" The villian laughed out loud knowing that they could not stop her, but see played around with them anyways. The Titans started to fight her, but did no better then the last battle. She dodged all their attacks with ease and also protected the pink liquid with no trouble. But this time she did attack all the Titans with unimaginable force. In no time at all flatten all the heroes. All seemed to be lost.

Then a dark female figure came though, it was Robyn! Robyn heard of the trouble and thought to herself to at least stop at least one more crime before leaving the city. "So, my new sister came to join me" said the villian. "Well, there is nothing you can do, once I release the liquid in the water, everyone in the city, then the world will be freed females permently just like you Robyn" said the villian. Robyn was shocked that she will be a female forever. Robyn became depressed and started to walk away, seeing no point to fight on since there is no way to cure her. Then Starfire aching in her body caught up with Robyn. "Robyn, don't go" cryed Starfire. Robyn continued to walk on, "You maybe a girl forever, but I still love you, you are still the same Robin I know and we can still be best of friends" Starfire trying to encourge Robyn, then gave her a small kiss to the cheek. Robyn felt a really nice warm in her body, she remember the times she was a man with Starfire and thought maybe it not a waste to love her, Starfire was right, they are still bestfriends no matter what happen and did not matter what gender she is and also knew she needed to help her friends and keep the villian having her way. This gave Robyn a lot of emotional power.

Robyn then focused on the villian and quick snatched away the liquid from her. The villian was so shocked that someone would be quick as her. Then Robyn started to fight her with little trouble with all with her emotion strengh from starfire. After a while, the villain could not keep up with Robyn and was knocked down aching all over her body. "This can't be, I should be the master, what is this power?" asked the villian with fear. "This power is called love and it comes in any form and you had none to back you up, so you lose" replied Robyn.

The heroes took the villain out of the plant and the police arrived and took the villain to prison. Robyn appogize to everyone what she had and everyone said it was OK and glad the Robyn is still part of the Teen Titans and the leader as well. Robyn then walked out to a bench thinking that it will take time to get use to being a female. Then Beast Boy walks up to Robyn and sits next to her. "uh...sorry about the look I gave you this morning" said Beast Boy in a guilty way. "It's ok Beast Boy, I understand that I am a girl and I look very pretty" said Robyn. "Oh, that's good, uh Robyn could I uh ask you uh question?" asked Beast Boy. "Sure" answered Robyn. "Well... would you as uh...girl find me uh...handsome?" asked BeastBoy sheepishly. "Yeah I believe you look very handsome my sweet prince", said Robyn and gave a quick kiss on Beast Boy's cheek. Then Robyn was a little embrassed what she said and did. Beast Boy shooted out how happy he was that he still had hope to getting a girlfriend. Robyn laughed shyly of how Beast Boy was acting. She then thought, maybe having Beast Boy as a boyfriend would not be bad, after all she has know him for a long time and sometime his jokes are funny, then she went into a dreamly look.
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