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Chapter Five

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Lexi has loved. Lexi has lost. The three musketeers became the two musketeers in a matter of seconds. Then Patrick shows up. Can Patrick teach Lexi to love again? A short chapter story. Not qu...

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Izzy and I watched as Patrick scooted into the booth next to Izzy. The drummer hesitated, then sat down next to me. We were holding our breath.

"Hey," Patrick began, "Do you mind if we sit with you guys?"

I shivered. Izzy shook her head, wide eyed. Patrick smiled warmly.

"I'm Patrick, and this is Andy, but I bet you guys already knew that."

"Um," Izzy squeaked, "Actually, I won tickets to your show. We didn't even know Andy's name 'till just now, still don't know the other two guys' names..."

Patrick looked pleased;

"So, you guys were enjoying yourselves even though you didn't even know who the hell we were?"

"Dance, dance annoys Lexi." Izzy replied.

I glared at her; Patrick would think we were fucking nuts now. But Patrick and Andy laughed.

"Lexi, huh?" Patrick smiled at me, and then turned back to Izzy, "And who are you?"

"Izzy." She whispered. She was beginning to resemble an anime character, her eyes were so wide.

Patrick laughed again, and the waitress brought Patrick a slice of pepperoni pizza, and Andy a slice of vegan.

"I noticed you guys in the crowd." He said indifferently.

Izzy and I giggled nervously.

"So you saw us seeing you, then?" I asked. What was wrong with me? Where was Cass?

Patrick raised his eyebrows;

"You could say that."

Izzy was cowering next to Patrick; her shoulders were hunched, her head down, yet she still peered up at Patrick with awe. Patrick kept glancing over at me, and I would pretend not to notice each time.

"So, ah, what made Izzy and I...stand out?" I squeaked.

Patrick glanced up at the ceiling, chewing thoughtfully on his pizza.

"Mmm...I dunno. You guys are older than most people who come to our shows, and you both seemed to be enjoying yourselves."

"Everyone was enjoying themselves." I pointed out.

"Yeah, but you two didn't scream, "PETE, HAVE MY BABIES!" every five minutes." He grinned, his eyes twinkling, and Andy snorted.

Izzy and I laughed nervously.

"Um, who's Pete?" Izzy asked.

Patrick and Andy found this hilarious. After they had calmed down, Andy replied;

"The asshole bassist. You guys really had no clue!"

"Is that a bad thing?" I mumbled.

"No, actually, it's good. A nice change. People tend to be a bit fanatical 'bout us. It's annoying sometimes."

A dreamy smiled crossed Izzy's face; we were starting to feel at ease. I took another bite of my pizza. Patrick glanced up at me, and half-smiled;

"There's some sauce on your chin."

See. Told you.

"Eh...right." I murmured, and I quickly wiped my hand across my chin.

Izzy threw me a wide-eyed, paranoid gaze and wiped her chin, as well. Patrick laughed;

"Actually, you have it on your cheek."

Izzy wiped her right cheek.

"No...the left one." Patrick lifted his hand and wiped her cheek for her. Izzy glanced at me; score!

"So, do you guys live in Chicago?" Patrick asked conversationally, ignoring the fact that he had just touched Izzy's face.

"New York." I answered.

"Oh..." Patrick looked a little disappointed, "So are you guys here for a holiday?"


"How long are you staying?"

Izzy and I shrugged, and she replied;

"It's kind of an infinite holiday. We'll go home whenever we feel like it."

Patrick smiled;

"That's cool...'cause I'd love to show you guys the city."

A million butterflies were suddenly stirred in my stomach. Izzy sat up a little straighter.

"That would be wonderful."

Patrick grinned, and took another bite of his pizza; now he had sauce on his chin. Izzy and I tried to muffle our giggles, and Patrick looked mildly alarmed.


I tapped my chin;

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