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Gee messes with the guys, happiness is in order.

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They were nearing the bus as Gerard told Monica about his plan. "Ok by now Mikey is starting to doubt his prediction that he made that you would say yes. It's stupid of him cause he is almost always right but little bro is like that. Since I didn't call him he's gonna be afraid that you said no. So he will have told the rest of the guys that I was gonna purpose. He will know that if you had turned me down I would have needed them all to help me through it."
Monica glanced over at him. "So what are you thinking?"
"I'm gonna put on my best performance. Look very sad and upset so they will think you turned me down."
"That's evil. Why do you want to do that?" she questioned.
"Cause I want to surprise them" He didn't smile in case they were watching them cross the parking lot. "You know like when you have the most wonderful news in the world but you pretend not to so you can suddenly go "surprise". He was almost giddy. "I'm just so fucking happy."
"She tried no to laugh but it was hard. "Gerard you are so goofy sometimes." She looked at him trying not to smile because of his plan. "That's one of the things I love best about you."
"Man, if you love my goofiness than you gotta love my nerdyness too. People just don't realize how weird I am."
She shook her head. "Not weird. You are the best person I've ever known and yes, I love your nerdyness too. And by the way, to quote someone very dear to me. I'm just so fucking happy too."
They had reached the bus. Monica went in first trying not to look directly at anyone. Gerard followed her on with a frown on his face. The guys all looked at him without saying anything. Mikey actually signed, "Did you two have a good time?"
"Yea, it was nice to get away for awhile." Gerard said with no emotion in his voice.
"So how was the Burnsley? Was it a nice?" Frank asked. Monica noticed all of the guys were looking unhappy.
Gerard looked over at him, "Yea the hotel was nice"
Monica was impressed with this acting ability. He really sounded and looked sad.
"Uh, that's great". Mikey was at a loss for words.
Gerard decided to put them out of their misery. "Yea, I mean for a place to get engaged it was pretty rad" He looked at them with a huge smile.
Suddenly they were all talking at once, "Gee you are such a shit. I thought she had turned you down." Mikey walked over to his brother and threw his arms around him.
"Man, our little Gee all grown up and getting married." Ray said then turned to Monica. "I have no idea what you see in this guy."
Monica grinned, "Well he is kind of cute."
When Mikey stepped back Frank charged Gerard knocking him to the ground. They were both laughing. "Frank get off. A simple handshake would have done."
Frank reached up and ruffled his hair. "Hell no, it's not everyday our Uncle Jiggy gets engaged. Gerard married, I'm pretty sure that is one of the signs of the apocalypse."
Gerard was still pinned under him trying to push him off "Very funny Iero. What, you didn't think anyone would ever want to marry me?"
"Well, now that you mention it, hey Monica what are you thinking?"
She smiled, "Oh I took pity on him. I figured someone had to marry him so why not?"
Gerard had finally escaped from under Frank and was smiling at her with that adorable lop-sided grin.
Monica suddenly realized that the only person not saying anything was Bob. She looked over at him and he seemed to be deep in thought. Gerard followed her gaze. "Hey, what's wrong Bobsan?"
He frowned, "Well if you are going to marry Monica, shit you are going to be my fucking father-in-law one day."
The whole bus erupted in laugher. "Shit that's right." Gerard stood and took his place at Monica's side. "Hell you're gonna have to get my permission to marry Kara. Mine and Monica's that is" he added.
Bob glared at him but only for a moment. He walked over to Monica and kissed her cheek. "Congratulations and you have my deepest sympathy. I'm so sorry you couldn't find someone nice to marry."
She hugged him "Thanks Bob."
Gerard looked at him and smiled 'Better be nice Bobsan."
Bob just rolled his eyes then reached over to give Gerard a hug. "Congratulations shithead." He said with affection.
All too soon it was time for the bus to pull out. The trip to Salt Lake City would take about ten hours with all the stops. That would get them there early in the morning. A big day was planned for the band with several interviews, a kickball game for charity and a signing. Jerry ordered Pizza to be delivered and they all sat around eating and laughing. Afterwards they decided to make it a movie night.
Gerard wanted to watch his favorite "Labyrinth". The guys all groaned, he was always choosing that movie. However Monica loved the idea. David Bowie was one of her favorite singer/actors. No one could say no to Gerard cause he was just so happy. She changed into her sweats before the movie started. When Gerard showed up for the movie he was wearing the most adorable pair of Star Wars pajama pants.
Before the movie ended Frank and Mikey wandered off to tell their fiancés the news. Monica reminded them to tell Jamia and Alicia not to mention the news to anyone just yet. She didn't want it getting back to Kara and Kelly until she told them herself. Bob and Ray disappeared as soon as the movie was over.
Gerard flipped off the set as soon as the credits started to roll. He sat back down next to Monica and she snuggled up next to him. They sat in a comfortable, content silence. Monica had her head resting on his chest. She had just started to nod off to sleep when Gerard spoke. "Monica?"
"Yes Gee"
"Tell me you will always love me."
She sat up so she could look into his face. He looked so serious "Gerard Author Way I will love you always". She took his face in her hands "Always"
He gazed into her eyes "When I sang the line "I'm not afraid to walk this earth alone" I meant it. I really thought I would always be alone, and then you came into my life. I don't ever want to walk this earth without you."
She kissed his lips tenderly, "I thought I would always be alone too. When you came into my life I was so scared. I started falling in love with you the night before Thanksgiving. Remember we were talking about Star Wars and we both said the first line to the movie together. You were so damn cute I wanted to kiss you so much but I was so afraid to have feelings for you. I didn't ever want to love again."
He smiled "Well, I did kiss you that night. I carried you downstairs, put you to bed and kissed your forehead. I couldn't help myself. I had never met anyone who I felt so comfortable with. I realized you were so right for me. I just had to make you realize it too."
For the next hour they simply sat holding each other not speaking. It was a comfortable silence, a content silence. When Monica's eyes started to drift closed Gee took her hand and led her to his bunk. They lay together both dreaming about their future together.

Authors note - Bobsan is Bob's nickname from the band, really! Also "Labyrinth" is the movie Gerard has said "Labyrinth the movie is actually kind of a security blanket for me. I bring it everywhere I go, on tour I bring it to watch it, it makes me feel like a kid, makes me not miss home so much."
Oh and the Burnsley is really a very nice hotel, for real!
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