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The Special Ring

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Gee and Monica shop for something they don't need.

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The dish mess was all cleaned when Monica emerged from the shower. She had dressed and was brushing through her long hair. "My, it's nice to know I'm marrying a man who can clean so well." she teased Gerard.
He looked at her and laughed, "Honey, if we can do this every morning I will happily clean up the mess." He kissed her hungrily. "I'm gonna jump in the shower and we'll take off."
"I hate to leave this place," she told him with a sigh. "This suite will always have a special place in my heart."
He kissed her again before heading for the shower. Monica crossed the room and entered the bedroom. She went to the bed and started scooping up the rose petals. Carefully she placed them in the envelope with the marriage proposal. These were mementos she would hold close to her heart always. Gee was such a romantic.
When he was finished he came out to see her sitting on the bed with tears in her eyes. "Monica, what's wrong?" At once he was at her side.
"Nothing is wrong, Gee. Everything is right." She sniffed.
"So you are crying cause everything is right?" Sometimes she confused him so much.
She nodded "Yep, I'm just so happy."
He pulled her into his arms. "Do you want to tell the girls about our engagement now or wait until you go home?"
"I've been thinking about that. I sort of would like to tell them in person but we have to make sure Bob doesn't tell Kara."
Gerard agreed, "Actually the guys didn't know I was going to ask you last night. I wanted to keep it to myself. Only Mikey knew I was going to ask you. I had to talk to someone I was just so fucking worried you would say no."
She caressed his face "How could I say no to you? What did Mikey say when you told him?"
Gerard smiled "He told me that you would say yes and not to worry. You know my little brother has an uncanny knack for reading peoples emotions. He told me that you love me so much there was no way you would turn me down."
"I just realized he is going to be my brother-in-law." She was still getting used to the whole idea of marrying into the Way family.
"Yea, you get him in the deal too. When do you think we should tell mom? I really want to tell her now but if you want to wait we can." He looked like a little boy with a secret he was bursting to tell.
Monica stood and walked over to the phone. "Lets call Donna now." His smile spoke volumes of thanks.
When Donna was on the line he couldn't contain his happiness. "Mom, Monica and I are gonna get married. I asked and she said yes."
They spoke several minutes and he explained to his mom about keeping it a secret from Kara and Kelly. They talked a bit more before he passed the phone to Monica. "Hi Donna.
Donna's voice was full of emotion, "So you agreed to marry my son. You have no idea how happy that makes me. I've known for a long time you two were meant to be together. You probably won't believe this but when I saw you in that grocery store, well there was something about you that made me think I needed to introduce you to him. Remember how he kept calling while we were standing there and I tried to hand you the phone?"
Monica giggled, "I remember. Donna I will never be able to thank you for all you've done for me."
"Just make my son happy, that's all I want. Now you two take care of each other and I will see you soon."
Monica replaced the receiver, "I love your mom," she told him truthfully. What about your dad?"
They called him with their news. He wasn't surprised al all.
The calls completed they walked down to the lobby with their bags to wait for the taxi that had been called. It arrived within minutes and they were on their way. Gerard had given the driver an address. "Where are we going?"
He looked like a Cheshire Cat "You'll see" He sat back and put his arm around her. Monica glanced up at the driver who was smiling knowingly at them. Obviously he knew. The ride didn't take very long. When the taxi pulled up in front of Tiffany and Co. Monica gasped.
"Tiffany?" she asked
"Well I didn't have time to get you an engagement ring so I thought we could pick one out together." He opened the door and helped her out. He asked the driver to wait.
Monica was surprised "But Gee, Tiffany is so expensive" she sputtered.
He grinned "Monica you aren't marrying a poor man. I can buy my future wife a nice engagement ring." He put his arm around her and propelled her towards the entrance to the lavish jewelry store.
They were immedialty greeted by a saleswoman. "Welcome to Tiffany. My name is Amber. What can I do for you today?"
Gerard answered, "This beautiful woman is my fiancé and she needs a ring. Something as special as she is."
Monica looked around the opulent store. She felt very out of place but smiled not wanting to ruin Gee's excitement. Amber led them to a display area where they were seated. She excused herself and went to get several trays of rings for Monica to view.
"Gee, this it way too expensive." She whispered to him.
"Just take a look, O.K? Maybe you will see something you like. I just want the best for you." He smiled at Amber as she returned.
The rings that were displayed for Monica to look out were dazzling. Monica looked at each one trying not to think of the cost. Some of these rings cost more than she would earn in a year working for Brian.
Gerard watched her carefully as she looked at yet another 2 carrot platinum ring. Suddenly he realized she was trying to please him. This place was so not him and it wasn't Monica either. He excused himself telling her he had to make a phone call. She looked up at him and smiled slightly. Amber was showing her another tray of rings more elaborate than the last.
When he returned 15 minutes later, Monica was looking even more overwhelmed than before. "Honey I'm sorry but I've got a meeting I've got to get to." He turned on the charm for Amber. "We'll have to come back"
"Oh of course Mr. Way. I understand."
Gerard took Monica's hand and led her out of the store. Once outside she smiled, a genuine smile. He opened the taxi door for her. When they were seated he asked the driver to take them to his favorite Mexican restaurant. The driver looked surprised. He wasn't used to his fares asking his opinion. Gerard told him that since this was his town he trusted his opinion. The driver smiled and pulled out into traffic.
"So there is no meeting?" Monica asked.
"Nope just had to think of something to get us out of there. I could tell you weren't comfortable with all the expensive bling."
Monica nodded "It was just so not me, I'm sorry Gee." She hoped she hadn't hurt his feelings.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic bubble container from a gumball machine. He handed it to her with a smile. "Open this"
She pried off the lid to find a plastic ring with a large fake stone. She looked at him waiting for an explanation.
"This is your temporary ring. I realized as I watched you look at all those rings that none of them was right for you. Then I remembered something and had to call mom." He placed the plastic ring on her finger. "Monica, back home my grandma's engagement ring is waiting for you. She left it to mom who told me that she wouldn't want anyone else to have it but you."
Monica was so touched "Thank you Gee. If it belonged to your grandma than I know how much meaning comes with it. I'm sure it will be perfect." She reached up to touch Elena's locket that she always wore. Leaning over she kissed him tenderly.
When they pulled in front of a small, shabby restaurant their driver explained that while it didn't look like much it had the best authentic Mexican food in Denver. They assured him it would be just perfect and it was. The food was excellent. They even took Carl, the driver three tacos.
Arriving at the bus they saw that the others were already there. Carl had realized who Gerard was spoke "Hey man I just want to tell you I think your music is real. It's cool that you are such an average guy and your lady is so pretty and nice. It's been great driving you two around all day."
They both thanked him and Gerard gave him a huge tip. Before closing the door he also gave him an autograph for his daughter.
As they walked across the lot towards the bus Gerard had an idea. "Want to mess with the guys?" he asked with a wicked smile. "Just follow my lead."
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