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Future Mrs Way

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Monica and Gee have their first "engaged" breakfact.

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"Monica honey, wake up. Our breakfast is here." Gerard was leaning over her. She opened her eyes to see his beautiful smile. "Good morning future Mrs. Way."
She smiled "I like the sound of that. Say it again." She reached up and pulled him down on the bed.
"Oh no you don't" he laughed, "Breakfast first then you can have your way with me." He rolled off the bed and pulled her up. "Wait until you see what room service brought. I told them I wanted the best breakfast they had." His boyish glee was contagious.
"What did they bring?" They walked into the living room. The table by the balcony was covered with dishes. "Gee who is going to eat all this food?"
"I am, I need my strength. My fiancée is a wild woman who wears me out." He pulled out her chair and waited for her to be seated. He took his seat across from her watching her eye all the dishes. He laughed when the first thing she chose was a red, ripe strawberry. She put the juicy fruit to her lips. "Wait there is whipped cream to dip it in."
She giggled, "I just love whipped cream don't you?" Dunking the strawberry as she asked.
Gerard's thoughts went back to the night at Mikey and Alicia's when whipped cream had made their night so special. He felt that familiar tingling begin. "Shit, Monica I'm not gonna get through breakfast at this rate."
Her throaty laugh didn't help at all. "Really Gee?" she teased. Taking another strawberry she dipped it in the topping and held it out for him to bite. His mouth opened and slowly bit into the fruit. Watching him she understood what he was feeling. The man had such a sexy mouth.
Gerard grabbed another strawberry and after dunking it in the sweet topping held it out to her, his hand slightly shaking. Monica put her lips around it but didn't bite instead she let it slip out of her mouth letting her tongue dart out to lick the white topping. Her tongue swirled around the red fruit and once it was gone she once more put her lips around the berry and sucked it into her mouth. Shit, she had made him hard just watching her eat.
"Monica, you do know what you are doing to me don't you?" His voice was deep and rough.
She looked at him innocently, "I was just enjoying my breakfast, Gee" Her half smile let him know she knew quite well what she was doing. When she reached for a banana he moaned.
"You wouldn't" he watched her slowly unpeel the fruit. "Oh shit you would" he couldn't keep his eyes off her.
Monica looked into his eyes as she raised the banana to her lips. She slid it between her lips taking in a small amount before sliding it back out. Her pulse raced as she watched his eyes narrow with passion. She put the fruit back to her lips this time sliding in more before pulling it out slowly.
"My fiancée is a tease," His voice sounded sexy as hell and the game was now taking its toll on Monica.
She placed the banana on the table and slowly stood. Moving over towards him he pushed his chair back and started to stand. She gently pushed him back down. Her hands parted the plush hotel robe he had donned to answer room services knock. Looking down her breath caught, he hadn't bothered with any other clothing. She parted the robe and swung her leg over the chair straddling him. Beneath her gown she wore nothing. He was so hard and ready she had no trouble burying him deep within her. His head fell back and she kissed his exposed neck. Her lips sucking the tender flesh.
"Sugar, what you do to me," He moaned while his hands began to kneed the soft flesh of her ass.
Monica moaned into his neck and began to move on him. It was good but not good enough.
Gerard stood and she wrapped her legs around him keeping him inside her. With one swift swoop he knocked the dishes off the table. The clattering dishes couldn't drown out the roar of passion in his ears. He lowered her onto the table just enough so that her legs were still around him. His hands could now caress her breasts. She saw him reach behind her and grab something that had survived the table sweep.
Opening the lid he poured the thick, sweet honey onto her nipples. Monica sucked in her breath as the cold substance hit her skin. It was cold only a moment. Gee lowered his head and his mouth began to slowly suck the honey from her nipples. His teeth gently nipping and pulling. She tossed her head from side to side uttering his name.
He began to thrust into her. Monica cried out urging, " Harder Gee. Fuck me harder."
A simple word he knew he used too often when uttered from her lips was sexy as hell. "Say it again, Monica. Tell me what you want," He continued the rhythm.
Monica was so close, "Fuck me, Gee." She cried out.
He thrust faster and harder. When she reached her breaking point he let himself go. They came together in a hot fury. After a moment he took her in his arms and collapsed back into the chair taking her with him. When he could speak again he shook his head "Shit we made a mess." The dishes were on the floor but as luck would have it most of the food dishes had lids that has stayed tight.
Monica was still catching her breath, "Yea, you did. Better clean that up, mister."
Her head against his chest heard the low rumble of his laugh, "Oh so that's how it's gonna be when we're married, is it?"
A slow smile covered her face. Married, that was what she and Gee were going to be. This all seemed like a dream.
He looked down at her, "What are you smiling about?" his tone was now gentle.
"Being married to you," she told him honestly.
His smile matched hers. "Yea, to tell you the truth I never thought I would marry. Couldn't imagine it. Man, have you changed my life."
She snuggled into him. His hand absently stroked her hair, "We need to get dressed we have somewhere we need to go."
"Where?" she really didn't want to leave this place. It has become heaven to her.
He hugged her, "You'll see" He swatted her bare behind "Now get moving woman. You shower and I'll clean up this mess. Wouldn't want them to think one of those decadent rock stars had stayed here."
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