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I Don't Believe This.....

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Justin and Rachel don't exactly "hit it off right away". Justin finds a surprise.

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"Rachel Watson?" Trace's mouth fell too. Rachel froze. Obviously she recongnized them. "Oh, this is great. Not only have you infested L.A with your pathetic so-called "talent", you're gonna try Alaska too?" Rachel sneered, glaring at them. "Still haven't given up on your popstar campaign thing?" Justin asked, shaking his head. Rachel put her hands on her hips. "I'm so sorry if I care about homless, starved people in the world more than "bringing sexy back"." she retorted "Hey, I do things for charity too, ok?" Justin said, bewildered. Rachel moved her ski to another hand. "Don't bother with the innocence thing." she replied. "You're not good at it."

Rachel was a year younger than Justin. She was the daughter of a rich lawyer in California. Yet, she cared about helping others in need more than being pampered like the other rich ladies her age. She and Justin's path had crossed more than once. Becuase her father was rich and well known for his service, he often went to red carpet events and hired famous celebrities for his use. Simply because she could. Rachel on the other hand, rallied against all this "nonsense" and had been successful in more than one donation program. In other words, Justin and Rachel couldn't stand each other.

"For your information, I'm not here for my "popstar campaign thing". She looked towards the mountains behind them. "I'm here on vacation with my dad." With that, she turned and left for the hills.

Justin bit his lips. I don't beleive she's here. I don't believe it!" Trace snorted. "You shouldn't be surprised. Her father is the lawyer of California after all." Justin stomped through the snow. "I wanted to get away from all the fans to a perfect winter wonderland. Now I get to deal with somebody who hates my guts." He grumbled. "Hell, she dosen't even know me!" Trace shook his head. "You know women; unpredictable."

It took some warming-up, but finally Justin was able to snowboard like he used to. He loved feeling the wind rush past his face, loved swerving past the obstacles and feeling free. He thought a few people recognized him but thankfully, they didn't stop to question. By the end of the day, Justin felt like everything was back to normal again.

Returning to the lodge, Justin heard My Love playing softly on the loud speakers. It was playing on KDWB. He groaned. Trace laughed. The girl behind the info counter waved at him, blushing. He waved back before getting into the elevator to get ready for dinner. The lodge not only had great service but amazing food too. Soon he was able to forget the meeting with Rachel and enjoy the vacation that hadn't started so well.

A few close friends from back home in Memphis joined them for dinner. They chatted until well past midnight. It was only a few hours though, before the subject of Cameron Diaz was brought up.
"So...?" asked Cindy, a woman with which Justin had spent his high school years.
"So what?" Justin replied, tinkering with his glass.
"What's up with you and Cameron?"
Justin sighed.
"Havn't you been reading the tabloids?"
"Why bother when we can get it straight for the source?" Another friend from home asked.

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