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Snow-Covered Disaster

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Justin finds out Rachel is there.

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Justin's room was beautiful. It had an amazing view of all the excitment outside. The bodyguards set his suitcase leaning against the wall and true to their word, they nodded at Justin and left. As soon as the door closed, Justin heaved a sigh. The guys were there to "protect" him but still, they made him nervous. He collasped on the bed. Hmmm the ceiling was blue. The phone in his room rang. Justin sighed and answered it.
"Hello this is snowboarding and skiing rental service."
"Um ok."
"Our service is right outside the Grand Bear Lodge. Stop by when you feel ready to have a day full of skiing."
"Right. Now bye!"
Ugg. This vacation was not starting out well.

After a while, Justin nodded off to sleep. The knocking on the door made him jump. Trace, a tired looking Mrs. Harless, and 3 bodyguards stood at the door. Upon seeing him, the bodyguards left. "Dude, I'm so happy to be on sturdy ground again." Trace complained, rubbing his back. Justin's mom frowned at him. Trace smiled innocently. "Not that Mrs. Harless's driving wasn't perfectly perfect." Lynn laughed. After giving Justin a hug, she looked out the window. "I remember when your father used to take me here." She said to seemingly no one in particular. She sighed and smiled. "Anyway I'm gonna be downstairs and you call when you need me k?"

"So you wanna hit the slopes right away?" Trace asked, twirling a hat around on his fingers. Justin picked up a pair of goggles. "Sure, why not?"

As they passed the information desk the same girl gaped at them. Trace frowned. "She-?" He didn't finish his sentence. He didn't need to. Justin nodded. He waved at her on their way out. The girl excitedly waved back. It was cold. Very cold. Justin headed over to the Snowboarding and Skiing Rental Services. A man with gloves and a hat greeted them. A girl with brown alburn hair stood in line ahead of them. She gave the man the ticket needed and got a snowboard. It was blue. She turned around. Justin's mouth dropped open. It was Rachel Watson.
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