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Through the Eyes of Hope, Something Good Will Appear

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Spencer and the guys tell how they really feel about Courtney touring with them. Plot thickens a tad bit more.

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ok, so i probably should've said this in the first chapter, but i don't know if spencer has a sister or not. so yeah, this is a work of fiction, therefor he does now. i apologize for any mistakes there is. i haven't edited it yet. also, i realised i spelt zack's name wrong in the first chapter. my bad.

huge thanks to laughlikeyoumeanit for being the first reviewer. oh and geets, yes i LOVE saved by the bell. zach was my ultimate crush when i was about 3 years old haha.

Chapter Two: Through the Eyes of Hope, Something Good Will Appear

The piercing screech from the microphone caused everyone around to cover their ears as Brendon apologized into it, making sure not to have the same result. They were playing in West Virginia today at a club-like venue. It was around 11am and the soundboard was not working correctly for any band. Aggravation kicked in and soon the sound technician told the guys to go ahead and do what they wanted, this was going to take a few hours. Back in the front of the lobby, Courtney and Lacey were busy dealing with the merch. It was almost Tuesday, which meant that Courtney had to fax Lisa at Fueled By Ramen the current merch sales and order some more designs that were going low.

"Box 4 has two hundred and four left," Lacey said as Courtney wrote the number down on the clipboard that lay beside her out stretched leg. For it only being her third day on the tour, Lacey had caught on quickly, a huge relief on Courtney's conscience. She was somewhat worried on Lacey's first official day about how she would handle everything, but she did it like a champ. Courtney was very impressed with her approach to the fans that came up that night and bought merch, a smile on her face as she helped everyone who came to the booth.

Courtney's trance on the floor was broken when a body sat next to her; a Monster appearing in front of her face.

"It amazes me how you always know when I'm craving one," she smiled as she grabbed it from Spencer's hand and popped the tab, taking a long gulp.

"It doesn't take a genius to know that you're always craving one," he replied sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I take it sound check is not going so good?" she said as she placed the can in between the two and began writing on the clip board.

"Ugh, no. The stupid sound thing is screwed up and right when we think it's going good, something happens. I hope they figure out what's wrong soon, because I really want to go lay down before we do the interview this afternoon," he groaned, placing his head on top of his arm.

"Do you still have that cold? Have you been taking the medicine I got you?" Courtney replied, her sisterly duties kicking in. She put the pen she was holding in her mouth and raised her arm, checking Spencer's forehead with the inside of her forearm. He did feel a little warm and was looking a tad pale. It seemed everyone was getting sick. Brendon had been puking earlier this morning and had only come out of his bunk to do sound check.

"Yeah I have, but I don't think it's helped all that much. I think I'm just gonna go lay down. Will you wake me when we have the interview?" he asked as he started to lift himself off the ground.

"Yeah, I'll make you some soup later too,"

"Thanks, bye guys," Spencer said before turning and walking down the hallway and through the doors that lead backstage.

"I hope I don't get sick," Lacey said as she looked over at Courtney.

"Oh I know, I hate being sick. It's the most god-awful feeling ever," she said as she grabbed her Monster taking another sip before her and Lacey began hanging up the different tee-shirt designs on the wall.


It was a clear day out with a slight breeze. Behind the venue was a little shaded area with an old, worn out, wooden picnic table in the middle of a grassy patch. Courtney and Ryan were sitting on one of the benches, heads resting on their folded arms, facing one another. Ryan's iPod lay just above their heads, Emery spilling out of the headphones.

"Do you think Jon would join the band if we asked him?" Ryan said quietly, trying to not break the mood that had enveloped them.

"Yeah why? Have you guys been talking about it?" Courtney asked bringing her hand up to the side of her face to push some hair that had fallen in front of it.

"Yeah, I mean we've been friends with him for a few months and he fits in. I think we're going to ask him soon though."

"I think he'll accept. He's a good guy and he really likes playing bass. Don't worry too much about it; everything will work out in the end." Courtney sat up to pull her black Just Surrender hoodie tighter over her body as a breeze came by, before Ryan pulled her closer towards him and wrapped an arm around her waist as she rested her head on her arms once again. They had a strange relationship these two. Age had no influence in it though, seeing as he was two years older than her. If a complete stranger had approached these two, it would look pretty obvious that they were a couple, but the truth was they had never pursued anything. The closest they got to remotely showing their feelings were kisses on the cheek and hugs they exchanged. It's not like anything could happen though; Ryan had a girlfriend of four months, Jamie.

"Remember when Spencer told your parents about him wanting you to come on tour?" Ryan asked as he opened his eyes to be met with Courtney's closed ones. Ryan studied her features, noticing the tiny bump near the middle of her nose, a result of her breaking it after trying to copy some skateboard move Spencer was trying to do. She had a few freckles along her jaw line and her cheeks. Her brown eye shadow blended in nicely with her tanned skin.

"Oh God, they freaked out. I thought for sure he had been dropped on his head one too many times," Courtney laughed, opening her eyes to look at Ryan.

"Spencer Smith she is only sixteen years old! Her job is going to be taking care of four adults when she'll be the youngest one! I do not think so!" Ryan said, trying his best to imitate Mrs. Smith. They both laughed, looking into each others eyes.

"I was so surprised when they told me I could come out in January. I know it broke their hearts, but Spencer is a great convincer," she said. A sudden vibration scared them for a second before they both looked at their Sidekicks. Ryan shook his a little to indicate that it was his.

"Hello? - Yeah ok. - No she's right here. - Ok we'll be there in a few." He sighed slightly in frustration for their time being interrupted, slightly in just the fact that he knew he needed to go back to work.

"The interviewer is here. She's waiting in the dressing room for us. We gotta get back and Brendon said you had to go wake Spencer up," Ryan said as he grabbed his iPod, turning the music off before wrapping the headphone cord around the device.

"Ugh, ok. I should make his soup while you guys are doing the interview then," she replied as she sat up, grabbed her Sidekick and stood up. She stretched her arms above her head and Ryan took the opportunity to slap her stomach playfully.

"Hey! That was uncalled for," she said, bringing her arms down and readjusting her hoodie.

"Yeah and what are you going to do about it?" he asked as they began walking. A few seconds later he gave a yelp as Courtney jumped on his back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I'm going to make you carry me back."

The lady had thick black framed glasses perched upon the tip of her nose as she read questions from a paper that was resting in her lap, a tape recorder being held up in the air. She was from Chart Attack and was definitely on the older side of the people who usually interviewed them.

"So Spencer, your sister is your guys' tour manager. What's that like having her on the road? Do you guys fight a lot?" she asked looking at him then glancing over at Courtney who was sitting at a table, her white MacBook in front of her. She had heard the question but pretended not to.

"Yeah, she's our tour manager. I actually love having her out on the road with me. It gets lonely touring sometimes, and after a while you start getting homesick and being like I'd really love to pick on my little brother or sister right now. So the fact that I can do that whenever I want and just knowing that she's out here with me makes missing home a lot easier to handle," Spencer replied.

"So, there aren't any huge blow out fights between you guys or anything? How are the rest of you affected by it?"

"We're all fine with it. She's been there since day one, when we first decided to make this band, and she's always supported us. Sometimes it's weird knowing that someone younger than us is like our care taker, but she's wise beyond her years," Brendon said.

"We don't really fight all that much actually. I think I fight more with Ryan than I do her," Spencer laughed.

"Yeah, she's one of my best friends besides these guys, so having another best friend out touring with you makes things a little easier," Ryan replied.

"She's younger than you all?" the interview asked surprised.

"Yeah, she just turned 17, so she's about a year and a half younger than us," Spencer chuckled.

"Oh wow. I would've never guessed. So she just packed up and left then I assume?" the interviewer asked as she looked at Courtney. She was certainly surprised a girl of such integrity and poise was younger than the four gentlemen sitting in front of her.

"Yeah. Our previous tour manager quit due to family issues. His wife was going to have a kid, and he wanted to do the family thing, which we totally respect. We were desperately searching for a new tour manager when I thought of her, and the other guys and our label were fine with it. It took about a week of straight convincing from me, Ryan, and Brendon, and Courtney before my parents finally agreed to it. Three days later she started being out tour manager," Spencer stated.

"So she just dropped everything?" the interviewer asked.

"Yeah pretty much. She's finishing her senior year of high school through an independent study program, which is what Spencer did also when we started the band. We're all grateful beyond belief to have her with us," Ryan said. A single tear fell down her cheek as she listened to what was being said. The guys had always made it known how they loved having her out with them, but for some reason hearing them tell it to a complete stranger had really let her know how much they meant it. The topic in the interview changed as Spencer looked over his shoulder at his sister. She really had given up her life to help him succeed in his band, and no words of any kind could ever amount to the thanks he possessed. Courtney saw him looking at her through the corner of her eye and looked at him. She mouthed "You're welcome" to the smile he had on his face, his way of saying thank you.


"Is it working?" Courtney asked as she looked into the camera she was holding out before her.

"The red light is on, that usually means it's recording," Lacey pointed out in a "duh" tone.

"Hey, hush," Courtney replied before adjusting the LCD screen so she could see herself.

"Ok, hello all Panic! fans out there in the internet world. It's Court and I thought you would all like to see my revenge on Jon's little antic he pulled on me this morning, but first I'm going to introduce you to my new assistant. Now some of you may be like, 'Why does she have an assistant, she's only a tour manager. What could she possibly need an assistant for?' Well, now that tours are getting longer, shows are getting bigger, I need help running the merch booth and dealing with some of the paperwork and SoundScan. So without further introduction I bring you Lacey Collins!" The camera was turned and now focused on the brunette wearing a pale yellow girl Volcom Polo.

"Hi!" she said in a perky tone as she waved into the camera.

"So," Courtney said as she stepped next to Lacey and focused the camera on both of them, "Earlier today, Jon decided he was such a jokester and all that and deleted all the songs off my iPod, which is some ungodly amount of songs and videos, then he decided to be funny and hide some of my school books, and then he squirted my crotch with a squirt gun, which resulted in me walking around the little shopping center we went to, looking like I pissed me pants. In return to his scheme, I have not yet uploaded anything to my iPod, haven't finished my economics homework, and I'm feeling in the revengeful mood today. So, this brings me to Plan A. The venue we're at tonight is located right across the street from a Target and Lacey and I went over there earlier and bought some fucking badass Super Soakers. Yeah, we're talking about top of the line, 'if the military used water guns, they would have these kind' Super Soakers. No pussy shit for us. The guys are getting ready for their show tonight right now if I'm correct. So our Plan A is to just douse Jon with our kickass Super Soakers during the last song of their set, but Lacey, being the caring person she is, asked what would happen if his bass got wet. So that has made me think of a Plan B. What is Plan B you might ask? Well my friends, I'm sorry to say but I can't reveal that information yet," Courtney spoke into the camera as her and Lacey walked back into the venue and walked through the backstage halls.

"Ok, we need someone to hold the camera while we do this, who should we get Lace?" Courtney asked, turning the camera so it focused on Lacey.

"I have no idea. about him? He looks like a good camera holder," she replied as she pointed to Corey, the guitar tech.

"Yes, Corey will do. Hey Corey, we have a business proposition for you," Courtney said as they walked up to him, turning the camera off.

A black screen appeared as voices were heard in the background. "You have the lens cap on moron," Courtney's voice was heard.

"Oh, just kidding. Calm down, it's all good," Brendon said as he took the lens cap off the camera. He adjusted the strap on his hand before following Courtney.

"So, Plan A was a success my friends, a very big success. Corey, instead of being the camera holder like we propositioned him to, turned into the bass stealer. Lacey and I then ambushed Jon from both sides of the stage, soaking him completely. Once we were all out of water, we gave him back his bass and left like nothing happened. Now, Brendon and I are going to take you to the dressing room where Jon is." Courtney said as she opened the dressing room door, only to be met with Jon holding her Super Soaker.

"Payback's a bitch," he said as he walked towards them, pumping the Uper Soaker as he went.

"Ok, scratch that, Brendon and I won't be taking you to the dressing room where Jon is because -BRENDON RUN HE'S COMMING!"

"HOLY FUCK! RUN COURT RUN FASTER!" The picture started shaking before the screen went black once more.
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