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I Could Feel Something Different From the First Time

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Brendon seeks Courtney's advice in relationships. Some of Lacey's history is revealed.

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ok, first off thank you to who all reviewed. i usually give personal thanks, but my computer is being an ass and wont let me open more than 1 window.

i'm 99% sure i have the name of the tour they were on wrong. i think i put truckstops & satelites or something like that. oh and i guess during this tour, ryan was dating jac vanek and brendon was dating audrey kitching, but in respect for those two women, and the fact that i don't really know anything about them, i wont use them in this story. i just dont feel comfortable doing that. also, i know brent was in the band during this tour, minus one show, but i just thought it'd be easier to have jon.

please please please excuse all mistakes. i wanted to get this posted as soon as possible. i will edit this later tonight or tomorrow though. i know there's something else i wanted to say, but i forgot. haha thank you for reading this! =)

Chapter Three: I Could Feel Something Different From the First Time

Lacey tried keeping up with Spencer's fast pace as they walked down the sidewalk. He had gotten a sudden craving for a McFlurry from McDonalds, and Lacey had offered to go with him. She was starting to regret that decision when his pace got even faster, but then gave a sigh of relief as she saw the tall yellow arch. Spencer held the door opened for Lacey before walking in. .

"This has got to be the most Starbucks-like McDonalds I have ever seen," Lacey commented as they stood in line and glanced around

"I know. Since when did McDonalds have computers and lounge chairs in them?" Spencer questioned. It had obviously been too long since he was inside one. Usually they just got drive through, or they gave Courtney their order, and she went and picked it up; they would eat it on the bus when she got back.

"Do you want anything?" Spencer asked as they approached the end of the velvet roping.

"I didn't bring my wallet," Lacey replied, checking her pockets for any kind of change.

"Don't worry about it. I brought you here with me, the least I could do is get you something."

"I'll have a Dr. Pepper. I'm not really hungry or anything."

"Ok, Dr. Pepper it is," Spencer said as he walked up to the counter. Lacey stood next to Spencer as he watched the McDonalds worker make his McFlurry as another one handed him the medium Dr. Pepper. He handed it to Lacey who smiled a thanks. She held the door open for him as they walked out, him already eating the vanilla goodness of his treat.

"This is like heaven in a cup," he stated, twirling the spoon in the cup to mix the ice cream and M&Ms around.

"I have never heard it described like that before," Lacey chuckled as she watched him eat another spoonful. This time they walked slowly back to the hotel they were staying at tonight. They had a day off and checked themselves into a hotel earlier this morning. Everyone seemed refreshed after taking a real shower and napping in a real bed.

"Are you going to come to the club or where ever it is we're going to tonight?" Spencer asked. Pete from Fall Out Boy was in town and decided to take the guys, along with the other bands on the Truckstops & Satelites tour, out for the night.

"Yeah probably. Wait, can Court even get into clubs at 17?"

"We've gotten her in before, but usually she doesn't go. She'll probably stay at the hotel and do school work or call our parents. She's a very laid back kinda person. I think most of it has to do with her age."

"That must suck. I'd hate if I was 17 and couldn't do anything. Actually, I did hate when I was 17 and couldn't do anything," Lacey laughed thinking about how she'd have to sneak out on weekends to go to parties or hang out with her friends.

"Why? Were you like some hardcore partier or something?" Spencer asked becomming interested in her past.

"No, well not hardcore. I did party, had my fair share of drunk times, but my parents, they didn't want me to end up like them. My dad's a crazy work-a-holic. He has his own law firm in downtown San Diego and my mom was the typical All-American stay at home mom. She wasn't happy doing that so she went back to school when I was around 13, and now she's a doctor at Kaiser. They tried to make it so that when they were both home at the same time, it would be family time. Me being me, I didn't want that. I knew my parents had a very rocky relationship with their schedules, and I just wanted to rebel on any kind of rules they were going to lay on me in hopes that it would make us be a family again."

"Ah, quite the rebellious one I see. How is it like now?"

"They're divorced. My dad lives in a condo by the beach and my mom lives in a nice house with her new boyfriend. Don't get me wrong though, I still love them both a lot and appreciate everything they've done for me. I think they mostly just want me to go to college, get some degree that would help me make millions, marry someone successful, and live the lives they're leading now. Sometimes I just wish...I don't know. Sometimes I wish I could go back to when I was 5 and having that perfect little family. Where my dad would come home and he'd play with me while my mom cooked dinner, watching us through the kitchen window. Those were good times."

"Yeah, that would probably be nice," Spencer said not really knowing what to say, but wanting to say something to let her know he was there if she ever needed him. They had arrived back at the hotel and took the elevator up to the eighth floor. They walked into room 814, which was the room Courtney and Lacey were sharing. Courtney, Brendon, and Pete were laying on Court's bed, their backs propped up against the headboard, watching a video on Courtney's laptop that sat on her stretched out legs.

"What was going on in here?" Lacey asked as she looked at the three people.

"Nothing, just showing Pete our Plan A before we put Plan B into the making," Courtney said slyly as she set her MacBook down in front of her legs.

"Are you guys ready to go or what? We were going to get dinner before we head over to the club," Pete said as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

"Yeah, I need to grab a jacket before we leave," Brendon said as he stood up.

"Have fun guys. Call me if something good happens," Courtney said as she too stood up to give Brendon and Pete hugs.

"You're not comming?" Pete asked as they broke apart.

"Naw, I'm gonna stay in and do a little school work, maybe watch a movie. You know there's not much I can do anyway," she sighed. Sometimes she didn't like being this young.

"Ok, well you can guarentee yourself a call later tonight then," he said before he walked out of the room to go get the others with Brendon.

"We'll be back later. No parties while we're gone, no strange guys in here, if someone knocks on the door ask who it is before you open it, remember stranger danger," Spencer said as he hugged Courtney.

"Damn, I already called the male escort service and asked for a hot fire fighter," she said jokingly.

"Oh God, yeah, don't even want to think about that. We'll be back later, bye!" he said as he pulled Lacey out the door by her arm. Courtney laughed to herself as she grabbed her Economics book out of her backpack. Last night Jon had finally decided to give her books back, but left her alone when it came to uploading songs and videos onto her iPod. Something she definitely wasn't very happy about that. After finding her Econ binder, she hopped back onto the bed, her back propped up against the headboard and clicked open iTunes. Brand New's Deja Entendu began playing as she opened her book.

Eleven o'clock had come quickly when Courtney's ringtone, The Used's "The Taste of Ink", started playing loudly, waking her up in the process. She grabbed it from the nightstand and clicked a button.

"Hello?" she asked groggily into it.

"Court! It's me, it's Lacey! Dude, wait, what was I supposed to tell you? Hold on let me think," a very drunk Lacey said into the phone. Loud music played in the background with laughter was mixed in. "Oh, I remember. Ryan said to call you and tell you to meet Brendon in the hotel lobby. Something happened, I don't really know what, but I just know that you have to meet Brendon in the lobby."

"Ok, what time?" Lacey said sitting up, concern taking over the tiredness she still felt.

"At 11:10. He's taking a taxi back. I think that's all I'm supposed to tell you," Lacey shouted into the phone as the music in the background grew louder.

"Ok, I'll talk to you later then, bye Lace," Courtney said before hanging up. She slipped on her charcoal and black checkered Vans and grabbed the room key from the table. She took the elevator to the lobby and when the doors opened saw Brendon walking in the main doors. She gave him a small smile when he got closer and pushed the button to go to their rooms. Silence had settled between them; silence that, under a normal circumstance, would have never settled between them. This was no normal circumstance though, and Courtney had already known that since Lacey told her to meet him in the lobby. The doors opened and Brendon quickly walked out of the elevator and down the hall, swiping his card in the lock before opening the door and slaming it shut.

"Well, that went fantastic," Courtney spoke to herself as she walked back to her room. She had put her school stuff back in her backpack and was now laying in her bed, That Thing You Do! playing on the tv. The lights were off and she was tucked comfortably under the sheets, that was untill her phone started ringing again.

"What?" she asked not even bothering to check the caller id. She hated to be interrupted when she was watching her favourite movie.

"Hi to you too dear sister. Did Brendon make it back and what crawled up your ass and died?" Spencer asked from the other end.

"Oh, hi sorry. Yeah, he just marched to his room and slamed the door shut and sorry for snapping, I'm watching That Thing You Do!" she replied, grabbing the DVD remote and pausing it.

"He didn't say a word?"

"Nope nothing. It was really wierd. That has probably been the only time I've ever been scared of him."

"I have no idea what happened. I just know Ryan helped him get a cab and then he told Lacey to call you because he couldn't find his phone."

"Well that makes two of us then. Where are you guys at now?"

"We are on our way to some other place. I guess Joe is in town too, and he called Pete and told him to bring us to this other club, so that's where we're headed right now. How are you?"

"I'm fine did some school shit and now i'm trying to go to sleep while watching a movie. Well guys have fun, be quiet when you come in though."

"We will, love you,"

"Love you too Spence, bye."

"Bye." she hung up and placed her phone next to her on the bed, picking up the remote to hit play but was interrupted by a knock on the door. She gave a groan before getting up and walking to the door, looking down at her gray and red plaid pajama pants and black The Starting Line shirt she had changed into before watching the movie. She opened the door and was met with Brendon, a very confused, upset looking Brendon.

"Hi," he whispered.

"Hi," she replied in a calm voice. Her heart went out to him, she had no idea what happened but her heart already went out to him.

"I, um...., can I hang out with you?" he asked like a little boy who was asking his parents if it was alright if he slept with them after having a nightmare.

"Yeah, come in. I'm watching a movie," she said, opening the door wider and ushering him in. He walked in, removing his forest green blazer as he did so. Courtney closed the door and climbed back into her bed. Brendon kicked off his shoes and followed suit.

"I interrupted your favourite movie and I'm not dead, that's a first," he said as she hit the play button.

"Don't think you'll be that lucky all the time," she said as she laid back down, trying to get comfortable once again. They watched the movie in silence, something that had never been done before. Usually they would recite the words and sing along when the performance shots came on, but not this time.

"She was there tonight," Brendon said, breaking the silence as the credits began rolling.

"She?" Courtney asked as she looked up at him. He was laying a little higher on the bed that she was.

"Val, she was at the club tonight. Her and some of her friends," he said.

"Oh, her." Valerie was Brendon's ex-girlfriend. They were one of those couples who you knew were going to be together forever. Courtney didn't think she had ever seen a couple soo adorable, so in love, that was until they broke up a few months ago. No one really knew why, and they knew not to push the issue.

"We talked, suprisingly. We talked for a long time. It was nice you know, just talking, feeling llike we were us again. We started kissing and then she just stopped. She said she didn't love me anymore and that, even though it's just as hard for her, we can't be friends either. She said she needed a break because school was beginning to be too much for her to handle and the idea of not having a boyfriend was less stress. I understood, I mean how can I not with touring, you know. We talked every night, she didn't tell me that she was going to be here though. I just, I thought it was something real you know, something that I would always have," he said as he played with a string on the comforter.

"She's not worth it," Courtney commented.

"You're one of my best friends, you're supposed to tell me that."

"No, best friends are supposed to tell you that she's a whore who probably was in it for the sex. A true friend will tell the truth, and the truth is, if someone can't handle their significant other's lifestyle, then they obviously aren't worth it. Don't get into something if you know you're going to put more effort in it than she will. You deserve more than that Bren, and you know it," Courtney replied, moving to lay on her side so she could see him better.

"It just hurts you know. Knowing that you loved someone for that long and then having it end, just like that. I hate this feeling."

"I can't say I know what it's like, because I haven't experienced anything like that, but think of this as a bump in your adventure to find Mrs. Right. You know she's still out there because Val isn't the one. Half the fun in life is its adventures, and if you don't do the adventures, then you're missing out on a great deal of life."

"Stop sounding smarter than me, it makes me look bad," Brendon laughed.

"Oh yeah, I bet the TV is just laughing at how retarded you are," Courtney said sarcasticly. They both laughed, something that was right between them for the first time this late evening.

"Are you okay now?" she asked as the laughter died down.

"Right now? No, but I will be. I just need time, because eventually I'll get over her."

"Ok, you know I'm always here."

"I know, thanks Court," he smiled as he looked over at her. She smiled as she brushed some hair out of his eyes.

"Can we watch the movie again? I want to sing along this time," he asked. She smiled and nodded her head and she went back to the main menu and pressed play. They had got about forty-five minutes into the movie before the both fell asleep.

The next morning they all had to wake up early to get back on the bus and start driving to Florida. Courtney had woken Brendon up earlier, telling him to go take a shower and to pack his stuff. She had already showered and was finishing straightening her hair when Lacey had finally woken up. Her hair was in all different directions, and still wearing the clothes from last night.

"You look like you had sex," Courtney commented, leaning on the bathroom door jam. Lacey groaned, flipping Courtney off before rubbing her eyes.

"I did not have sex, I just had way too much to drink. Remind me to never party with Pete, the kid's a straightedge, but he wouldn't stop buying me drinks," Lacey said as she stood up, grabbing some clothes out of her suitcase before walking into the bathroom. Courtney laughed as she moved out of Lacey's way, going to her own suitcase to pick out her clothes. She grabbed a pair of straight legged, dark blue jeans and her white Mae is for lovers shirt. After getting dressed she had packed all of her belongings and dragged the rolling Ogio suitcase near the door. Her black Ogio backpack sitting on top of it. She heard the shower start to run and decided to go to Ryan and Spencer's room to make sure they were up and ready. Ryan opened the door and placed his finger over his lips, signaling for her to be quiet. She nodded and walked in, seeing Spencer laying on the foot of the bed talking into his cell phone, "No Mom.. - Yes Mom, I'll tell her to call you later today. - Ok, I love you too, bye."

"How was your night?" Ryan asked as he saw the coast was clear for them to talk.

"Fine, school and That Thing You Do! with a sad Brendon, something I'd prefer not to expierence again," she said as she looked around their room. Spencer's clothes were laying in about four different piles with his suitcase being in the middle, while Ryan's things were already packed and almost ready to go.

"What the hell happened to your shit?" Lacey asked looking at Spencer's mess again.

"No clean clothes is what happened. Well actually, I just lost track of what was clean and dirty," he said sitting up and looking at his clothes.

"Shove it all back in and when we get to Florida, I'll try and find a laundry mat so you can wash your clothes," Lacey said as she looked at her phone, "You need to be in the lobby in half an hour."

"Did you ever figure out what happened with Brendon?" Ryan asked as he zipped up his suitcase.

"Val was there last night. Shit went down and he just got bummed out. He's fine now though, so it's no biggie," she replied not wanting to say to much; it wasn't her place. Brendon would eventually tell the guys when he wanted to. Courtney stayed in there for a few more minutes before leaving and taking her things down to the lobby. Some of the crew members were already waiting down there and had already claimed a section of the lobby to place their suitcases. Lacey had come down to the lobby and after placing her suitcases next to Courtney's, they decided to go to the Starbucks across the street and get the guys some coffees.

"You're a God," Ryan said as he came behind Courtney at the front desk and kissed her cheek.

"Yes, I know. You reminding me just makes it so much nicer though," she said as she swiped the credit card the label gave her to pay for hotel accomidations through the machine.

"ID please," the lady asked. Courtney folded back her wallet to show her drivers license and the lady nodded.

"Is everyone down here?" she asked as she glanced at Ryan who was watching her sign her signature on the reciept.

"Yeah, can we start loading into the bus?"

"Yeah, we're checked out and stuff," she said as she placed her credit card back into the file of her wallet and snapped it shut. She watched as he walked off towards the guys and the crew.

"Here you go Miss Smith," the lady said as she handed Courtney the reciept. Courtney smiled and looked it over before placing it in her purse. She walked over to the pile and grabbed her backpack and suitcase before walking through the doors and loading her suitcase on the bottom of the bus.


The screams grew louder as the lights dimmed. The band's into started playing as they walked out onto the stage. Courtney and Lacey watched from the side of the stage along with some other crew members. She had seen them perform countless times, the same set list, the same jokes, the same movements, but she had never gotten tired of it. Butterflies still floated in her stomach as she watched them perform. She saw most of the kids in the audience singing along and she gave a big smile. This was only their third tour, but they acted like they had done it a million times before. For some reason, she knew they'd always be her old's brother's band that played in their grandparent's livingroom. They had come a long way since then in a short amount of time. Half hour later their set was over and their started moving their equipment so the next band could set theirs up. Courtney walked back to the merch booth, letting Lacey have a night off to see the show. She went behind the counter and started helping all the fans.

"Oh my God! It's Ryan!" she heard a girl say before everyone started screaming. She laughed as she watched him come by the merch booth but not making it all the way from the kids who surrounded him asking for pictures and an autograph. He didn't mind though, giving a smile and saying thank you to everyone he met.

"I think he just stole all your business," Jon said as he stood next to Courtney.

"I know! What a bitch!" she laughed. They helped a few more stray costumers that would come to them before going to Ryan and now Brendon who had joined him and Jon. A couple hours later the show had ended and the venue was silent except for the talking between crew members and the venue staff.

"I have a new found love for The Academy Is...," Lacey said as she helped Courtney carry the boxes to the semi. Courtney laughed as they started walking back to the venue.

"Court! Court!" she heard someone yell. She looked around and saw three teenage girls standing by the baracade yelling her name.

"Go, I'll go grab the last box," Lacey said as she walked back inside.

"Hi, did you guys like the show?" Courtney asked as she approached the baracade.

"Yeah, it was awesome," one of the girls said, a smile from ear to ear on her face.

"Can we get a picture with you?" another one asked shyly.

"Um, yeah of course," she smiled. It still amazed her when fans would ask for her autograph or a picture with her. She didn't really understand why they did it, she was only the tour manager. She posed for the pictures and by the time they were done, more and more kids had started waiting by the baracade. She stayed and talked to the fans before the four members of Panic! came out and started signing and posing for pictures.

"COURT IT'S OUR SONG!" Lacey yelled as "Addicted" by Simple Plan started playing from someone's car.

"I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you," they sang loudly as they held hands and began dancing with each other.

"Oh my god," Spencer commented as he looked over at his sister and Lacey. He shook his head before focusing on the fans, "I don't know her."
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